Simply For Size-Plus Sisters

I remember way back I used to dislike plus-sized women and thought they were what a woman would be if she wasn’t pretty. That was my fallacious and outrageous thinking until I met one and fell in love with her. That moment, I knew I was a moron to have had beef for big boned ladies. 
And when I questioned myself – how did I end up liking what I initially despised, I found out that she was very confident and happy with the way she looked and as a result took time to package her looks with striking make-up and outstanding couture. Yeah…she knew how to dress not just to kill but to hack your heart to pieces. And I followed her like a dog on a leash; totally love-struck and wanting every piece of her. 

Time to time I come across plus-sized beauties who remind me of this old flame and I appreciate them more than ever. Black celebrity Monique has redefined what it means to be ‘flabulous’ with projects like the movie ‘Phat Girls’; Oyin of blogsville has showcased her lifestyle with such adventure and glamour, you can’t help liking her – with her combination of smartness, pretty looks with outgoing nature plus the fact that she knows how to look real good (thanks for those photos!). 
I won’t be surprised if she’s seen the site or patronized the outfit called Simply Be. (click on the link to go there). 

If you’re a plus-sized lady on blogsville, you need to check out the fabulous stuff on this site which encourages you to ‘simply be’ your true glamourous self. From dresses, tops, jeans, jackets, trousers, lingerie to sports wears and foot wears, they’ve got some amazing stuff; cool clothing catalogue and collections. 
Check out the ‘Animal Instinct’ collection, browse the ‘Sci-Fi' range, get a load of the ‘Salon Girl’ get-up. I’ve seen some of these on a plus-size lady and she looked so cool I had to remind myself that I was married.

Okay, it’s not like I’m gonna try fatten up my wife to transform her into the plus-sized category ‘cause she doesn’t have a body structure for that. But hey, I think other sized women will also get some good stuff on there. 

So if you’re flabulous and phat in the house, show them how sweet and sultry you can look by simply being yourself!

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Foto Caption Friday

Take a good look at these funny pictures and caption them.

The funniest caption will win a.....okay, I'll keep that a secret. Lets see who wins first!

I'll try to do this every friday.

Foto 1

Foto 2

Foto 3

Image source: The Chive

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Can you judge a future by it's present?

Today, each time I come across a little kid, I just shiver, trying to imagine whether he or she is going to turn out into a positive outcome of their generation. Sometimes its hard to believe that innocent and cute looking kids could turn into societal wrecks or examples of what you're thankful your life isn't.

It's just amazing how each person turns out at the end. I guess this brings to light the truth in the quote that goes: 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. In this case, would it be right to say 'don't judge a kid's future by it's present'?
Let the pictures below speak. Who would have believed these girls are what they are today?

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The Critters beneath your sheets

I’ll never forget one cool breezy night on campus, I couldn’t get into my room in one of the halls of residence because a roommate had accidentally made off to an overnight outing with the room key leaving me without a place to lay my head for the night. I hated the idea of asking guys in neighboring rooms to let me crash with them so I decided to go sleep on one of the big sofas in one of the lounges. 

The lounge had many sofas lined up for students who wanted to chill out and watch the TV or just hand around. I picked a neat one, dusted it with my hankie and lay down to savour the sweetness of sleep beckoning to me.

I woke up quite earlier than I usually would…then my body began to itch. I scratched and scratched. Then I noticed the small swellings all over my body. They didn’t look like mosquito bites. I knew they weren’t. And besides, there were no mosquitoes in the lounge. I looked at where I slept. There seemed to be nothing crawling on the sofa. Then where on earth did these bites come from?

Later I checked up on them and discovered they were everyone’s nightmare when you least expect.

You hardly get to see them but they are there, lurking in the great chasm that serves as the final resting place for your weary head after a hard days work or when you just retire for the night.

They come unnoticed and they attack without warning. They turn some skins into bloody spotted designs, others into swollen welts scattered across the surface. 

They make you begin to dread lying on the most comfortable furniture in your home because they seem to love residing deep within anything comfortable. 
And boy, do their bites itch like crazy!

Welcome to the world of those tiny critters known as BED BUGS.

So how do you stop that itching, and get rid of these venomous cretins? Bed bugs can really be a pain in the ass- as tiny as these buggers are, they can make life a nightmare for you.

But thanks to the internet, you can always get info that’ll help. 
I’ll recommend The Bed Bugs guide site. There you’ll get all the info you need to know about You can never tell if these critters have begun breeding in your home. The only way they’ll announce their arrival is after you received a welcome message a bites scattered all over your skinsies. So it really makes a whole lot of sense to be ready to stop them before they decide to camp in your home. 

The Bed Bugs guide site is loaded with all the info you need and also pictures and accounts of how other people dealt with the menace. I’ve taken their tips in handy and I’m keeping clear of those little devils.

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