The Truth Behind the Sunshade?

I once wrote a post a couple of years back on the bandwagon trend of Nigerian artistes sporting sunshades all the time such that majority of them have accidentally made it part of their look. It's supposedly an accessory to give you the cool look, no doubt. But I feel it may have made every artiste that wears it look no different from any other artiste. I also feel it's the laziest way to brand yourself. No wonder it's become a bandwagon affair; not many want to go through the trouble of standing out.


But then I keep asking why are most artistes so obsessed with wearing shades all the time? Even if the environment is a dark one that requires your natural eyes alone to focus?
I even discovered that foreign artistes don't sport shades that much; if you saw any of them without it, you'd know it was the same person. But here in Nigeria, our artistes wear shades so often that the day they 'accidentally' remove them, you hardly recognize them. So why are majority of Naija artistes always face-decked in shades? I went a-searching to find answers but still hit the conclusion I hit in my earlier article

 I still clung to that conclusion until I came across the picture below of Dbanj and Wande Coal - without their shades chilling in some vehicle. The picture was taken a couple of years ago but says quite a lot - that these guys are definitely high. Take a look at their eyes; dim, strained, bloodshot and in a perplexed or dazed state. This is the type of face you see on the streets; the type of eyes ogogoro and weed smokers sport in Lagos bus garages and bus stops. 

So...could this be another strong reason that some of our artistes sport sunshades? Well, this is a good opportunity to find out whenever you come across any of them. Imagine running into Dbanj or any other artiste one day and asking for an autograph as a 'fan' then begging him to remove his shades so you can see his full, that should work.

Any other reasons why they sport the shades? Let's hear it!



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How To Catch a Housegirl That Has Yapa!

I was reading one of Sisi Yemi's blog entries titled 'How to tell when your housegirl is about to Yapa!' (For those of you who don't what 'Yapa' means, it means 'Go haywire' or 'dominate the whole place' ) and I suddenly remembered a video one of my colleagues showed me at work.

It was a video taken by her brother who suspected that his trusted housemaid was actually stealing stuff around the house. What he did was to hide a camera somewhere about the room before he and his wife went on an outing. From the result in the video below it sure was a good idea!

So for you who's thinking of risking having a house maid, get a hidden camera stuffed around the house. Getting back from work, just grab a popcorn and sit down to watch how the day went. You might want to keep her or sack her depending on what you see.

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That's Myne!

And I felt bored at work and didn't want to get online.
And I picked up this popular Naija news magazine
to read in my office; inquisitive to know what pot of luck
they claimed our 'puppet presido' had...

And I reached page 10 of the magazine and who do I see on the page?
OMG! It's Myne Whitman in an interesting exclusive interview
on her work and Naijastories! It was an encouraging interview
that rang one bell in my mind -She's definitely going a long way
sticking to doing what she loves best. 
 With another novel out not long after her first,
(which gathered impressive reviews) no doubt about it,
she's gathering momentum as a force to reckon with. 

Click to view larger and read.

Its hard being encouraged to be a writer here in Naija,
I have friends who stopped writing because they were just plain discouraged.
I had stopped writing for a while until I met Myne online
and she encouraged me to start again (Hence 'The Chronicles X' series).
Then I joined Naija Stories and the dead writer in me ressurected totally.
All of a sudden, everything around me had a story to tell
and I had to write or I would run crazy!

Keep doing what you're doing Myne! We're proud of you!

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Out with the former...In with the Next

Say bye bye to Red, my faithful Nissan Primera.
She has served me well. I'll never forget those times we shared; the travelling trips we made, the small safaris we embarked, my little girl playing ruff on her seats and soiling them with food.
I'll never forget the days she broke down and I got her fixed and running at some times. She was rugged. I hope the new owner enjoys her.
Wifey nearly shed a tear when she was driven away...amazing how emotions get attached to a car.


Say hello to Ruffler, my freshly acquired Mercury Villager.
I look forward to new adventures with her. Driving her is a whole new experience for me; controlling a bigger vehicle shows a lot of difference. I'm getting along fine with her and discovering more everyday. It's a miracle how I got her - that's a testimony I've never stopped sharing.

I still refuse to keep with joneses. I just get the ride suitable for me for the moment. Right now, its for my family that's getting bigger - me, wifey, little Timi and the little fella we're expecting.

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