The 11 CopyCat Scenarios of Burna Boy's 'Rockstar' Video

I was in my office some days back discussing with one of my music producers, Timothy, about opportunities in the industry and ideas that could make real impact when the TV on the editing suit table broadcasting a music program on Silverbird Television, suddenly lit up with Burna Boy's video for the song, 'Rockstar'. Timothy as usual always kept tabs on things like this being a part of the industry. He always had some deep first hand information on the going-ons behind the scenes.

And boy did he have a sharp memory at picking things

One look at the Burna Boy video and Timothy scoffed at it and said it was a rip off of P.Diidy's 2010 Video for the song 'Bad Boys For Life'.


And so I went a searching for the facts because you know me on this blog...I x-ray every fact and make sure its valid before I blurt it out on my pages. On my search, analysis and comaprism, i had to agree with Timothy; yep it was a glaring rip off...just like the ones I blogged about way back.

Check out the visual expose of 11 sceanrios that prove Burna Boy's video was a total copycat:

The Opening scene from the Bad Boys video (above) shows us a fictional town
while the Burna Boy opening scene opens on a fictional avenue named after the artiste.
Not convinced? Continue... 

The first picture above is from the Bad Boy's video and shows this dude
cutting his garden who later removes his shades to view the visitors.
The second and third pictures from the Burna Boy video show a woman instead
cutting her garden while another guy mowing his lawn removes his glasses to view the visitors 

Bad Boy's Video above shows P.Diddy's crew getting off the bus.
Burna Boy's video below shows his crew getting off the bus too.

P.Diddy raps his lines on the rooftop of his home.
Burna Boy sings on the rooftop of his own home

Bad Boy's crew ride around town on scooters.
Burna Boy's crew ride around on more modern scooters

P.Diddy performs in a whitescreen studio with band
Burna Boy does the same.

And the neon lights speak for themselves who's who.
This is so glaring that its a copycat.

Another glaring proof...Bad boy crew wheel in a barrow with Alcohol
Burna crew does exactly the same!

The detail in copycatting is so amazing...P.Diddy above plays golf on his roof which send his ball into another compound.
Burna Boy plays a soccer ball which flies into a neighboring compound. Maybe he can't play golf...abi? 

Two runners appear in Bad Boy's video.
One runner appears in Burna's video.
Budget cuts that couldn't afford an additional runner?

Did I mention a guy mowing the lawn earlier in Burna's video?
Well, apparently, he's also a copycat of a guy mowing the lawn in the Bad Boy video above.

And those are my 11 copycat scenarios I picked out of the Burna Boy video. I may have missed some parts but here are the videos for you to take a look yourself and see what I'm talking about.

Big ups to my guy Timothy for putting me on notice about this!

Have a nice week!

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Happy 100th Birthday to My Grandpa!

Yes! My one and only surviving grandpa just clocked a 100 years old on two days ago!

When my Mum called a month ago from the UK and told me to have a meet with my siblings and decide what we were gonna do for grandpa (who's also a great-grandpa to our kids - all my siblings, except the last born who isn't married yet have kids) since he was clocking 100 years, 

I was like 'Mum are you for REAL?? Grandpa is now 100?' Boy! That's a century old! And the man is as fit as a fiddle....I tap into that longevity anointing. 

Why I dey worry sef? It runs in the family - like my Dad who's seated next to Grandpa who would be clocking 70 this year and still drives himself, and moves and travels around a lot. When we walk side by side, I can't even keep up with him! Boy, I need to reduce my intake of pounded yam or

I've not been blogging as I should thanks to many matters arising but I couldn't let this one pass by...oh I should have even posted it on Monday and today is wednesday...aaargh! Well, its the big 100 we're talking about here; even if I posted it next week its still a big deal...abi?

Happy Birthday once again and Many Happy returns to my awesome grandpa!

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STLA - Something To Laff About [Photos]

You've seen my different funny photo series collected over the internet, whether its the 'Only in Naija' series, 'Nollywood Gbagaun' series, 'Signs of the Times' series and so on. I realized there were some funny photos I come across that I couldn't place under any of these already existing categories, so I decided to start this new one which I hope could feature as often as possible...So allow me to introduce the series - Something to Laff About (STLA). 

LOL...No mind me, always forming some concept or the other.

This deflating 'gbagaun' made by PDP on GEJ's electoral campaign can be
found in many places about Lagos. I first saw it on a massive billboard along
third mainland bridge. Thank God I sabi English, I thought I didn't when I saw it

These are the type of community projects that our elected honorables collect millions for.

This bus must be a local chief...oh, its a makeshift wiper.

I know its fake...its just the thought thats funny.

After this kind  'deliverance', his head...oh sorry I meant his life
will never be the same.

Either the owner is a South African who's playing words with his country's currency
and the car name or na person wey no sabi spell and forgot to add 'Y' to the first word.

Only in Naija will you see a wedding car in traditional dress...
soon it will become aso-ebi for all cars involved

Apparently, bleaching has also become 'aso-ebi'

Next time you lie to us with photoshop , please include your shadow

So Manequins now have swag abi?...interesting.

And some Mannequins are just plain goofy buck-toothed nerds abi?

Oh...its a place for relaxation....I thought it was
a ritual killers den with that kind of signboard

This sticker should be quarantined...the horrible grammar be screwing with my eyes

They are now issuing parachutes and canoes as Youth Corper uniforms?

Eerm....wetin concern helicopter with omnipresent power?

Louise Vuitton and Gucci, Aba branch, did a collabo to
manufacture this shirt. That's the only explanation I can give.

Always hang your over-sized undies in a private place...otherwise goons
like this dude will make us begin to wonder if human beings really wear stuff like that

Hmm...folks who don't know about Holy communion may misinterprete this oh

The disadvantages of sagging  101...

Okay...that about wraps it up for today. I got a bunch of other things to do.
I should have posted this for Monday but I didn't compile it on time.  

Have a nice week.

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Fifty Shades Of Grammar - How Bad Was It?

As a writer, there are certain resources I'll always find very useful; one of such is the website - a site designed and dedicated to constructing proper grammar in the construction of the English language.

Despite the fact that I write, I'm not a stickler for jumping on the bandwagon to read every bestseller because not every bestseller seems to have actually sold its best to me. So when the hullabaloo about the novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James was all over the place, I was just aloof....mainly because I didn't like checking out the romance (or sex bondage/fantasy?) genre.

But when came up with this interesting infographic and asked me to post it, I felt it was something that might interest other authors and fans of the novel.

Fifty Shades of Grey was said to have been panned by critics for its poor use of language. The Grammarly team reviewed the book and found mistakes similar to what could be found in some of the classics.

Check them out...

Grammarly: Fifty Shades of Grammar

Someone once told me that no matter how well a book is written, it can never escape having a mistake. I'm wondering if this actually proves it.

Doesn't it?

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White Washed [Funny Video]

Stan And Toheeb, the two goofballs at my office are it again with another funny video which features curvy clown Lolade. Its actually another vine but I just had to share it because the idea was hilarious. Oh wait...I did say I'd be sharing more these vids didn't I?

Yep, I did...and so here are Stan and Toheeb again getting caught 'white - handed', watch it and you'll understand what I mean. 

Guys in the office laughed their asses off watching this. Good way to lighten up a day that's bullied with work.
I'm having ideas again for another...

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Cars That Rocked Movie Sets In Hollywood in 2014

I've been getting mails lately from this Car sales site called Carmudi. I guess what must have attracted them to The Kush Chronicles is the post I wrote some time back about the different nicknames Nigerians give cars in Naija. I've received mails of articles to feature on the blog but I've been ruminating over whether to post it or not.

But didn't I say I'm welcoming the contributors?

And don't I love stuff about cars?

Abeg...lemme post this one jor! I should have posted this way earlier but hey, its still kinda fresh enough.

Read on ....

2014 was a fantastic year for movie producers and lovers. It was a year for speed, drama, romance, action, suspense, folk tales, super heroes and villains. Hollywood in 2014 had top actors and actresses on screen as well as designers clothes, exotic locations and very hot cars on display. Carmudi, Nigeria’s number 1 car site decided to put together a list of top action movies in 2014 and their really hot cars. 

Need For Speed

The story line of this movie centers on a street racer, fresh from prison, who was framed by a wealthy business associate and joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. There were a lot of fast cars on parade. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento which is a concept car designed for racing added not only class but super speed to this movie. For as low as 2.2 million US Dollars, this fast car could be yours.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Most Captain America movies feature space ships, aircrafts and definitely cars. The producers of  captain America 2014 decided to put on display and in action a car fit for such a super solider; The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This car costs 55,000 US dollars in the american market. This car is hot, mean and very fast.

The Interview

James Franco and Seth Rogen were at their best in this movie. For an action movie, this was a really entertaining watch. Paraded in this movie was the Porsche Panamera which costs about 78,000 US dollars. We believe there is no better combination of slick and fast.

John wick

If you are trying to track down a group of gangsters who took everything away from you then a 1969 Ford Mustang is a car you would definitely like to drive on your mission. In the movie John Wick, Keanu Reeves displayed action, style and his love for fast cars as the battles the villains. Been a classic fast machine, the 1969 Ford Mustang costs a whooping 47,000 US Dollars.
Need a fast hot car? Take advantage of the cars listed in and find that car of your dream.
About Carmudi
Carmudi was founded in 2013 and is currently available in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Zambia. The vehicle marketplace offers buyers, sellers and car dealers the ideal platform to find cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles online.

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Monday Vs Friday [Funny Video]

Its Monday morning again and what's on most people's mind is OGIM - 'Oh God It's Monday' and they just can't wait till the end of the week to start smiling as its TGIF - 'Thank God Its Friday'. And so a couple of funny guys in my office decided to play out the truth in a very short and funny video. 
Its a good way to make ourselves smile amidst the bleakness of work.

Its actually meant to be a vine (Come to think of it, Naija folks instagram like crazy but hardly do vines). It got about 600 view on Facebook in one day I think...We should do more of these often...after all, all work and no play fit kill pesin.

LOL...did the camera lie? I think not...Don't we all feel like this a lot of times?

Yeeesssss we do!

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