The 'Alanta' Dance - An Evil Ritual or Ignorant Concpetion?


Please do not read this post if you’re a FAITHFUL fan of the group Artquake and if you don’t believe in the existence of the supernatural! You might be offended.


I’ve heard the song on radio and I was not all trippy about it, and that was mainly because I felt it was just another pointless song just urging people to dance to a new style that was equally the title of the song.

It was not until I got to see the video that I made up my mind that this song was a suspicious lot. With visuals on display and lyrics following the rhythm and my mind all set for serious scrutiny, I was able to see and hear more than just meets the eye and ears.

The song is ‘Alanta’ from the Nigerian duo known as Artquake. ‘Alanta’ refers to a dance style which I can’t be sure if Artquake are the actual originators. 


The dance style has to do with a patterned movement of the hands in which it looks like you’re fanning flames around you. Actually I wouldn’t have described it like this; not until I heard a part of the lyrics which sort of explained the movement sequence.


E be like fire, dey burn my body

Je kin fera, oru n mu mi


Translated this means:


It looks like fire is burning my body

Let me fan myself, I’m feeling hot


As a result you get to see shots of people doing the dance in frenzy with either trance-like or painful expressions on their faces.

There’s a particular lady who we see in a red outfit and at another time in black dinner gown seriously strutting the dance like she was some voodoo high priestess. She happens to be the most extreme about it.

In some scenes she wears scary expressions which you may not see because the scene quickly cuts away before it registers. Her eyes where painfully closed and she looked possessed.


And if all these quick passing scenes don’t register suspiciously with you, wait till you get to the church scene. This was the one that topped them all.

We see a pastor trying to cast out a demon from a lady (who happens to be our high priestess). The lady is dancing the ‘Alanta’ dance in a manner that reminds you of a scene from the exorcist, her hair hung down like some undead creature from a horror flick.


The pastor tries to cast out the demon but instead is suddenly possessed by it and starts the ‘Alanta’ dance with the same tranced expression on his face.


Someone was either downright ignorant about what he was doing when putting the song or video idea together, or he was just following some nasty evil instinct because the message this video eventually passes across is nothing but negative coupled with fact that its making blasphemic suggestions.

I don’t believe in the philosophy that what you don’t know can’t kill you. Actually, it’s the act of not knowing that can kill. Ever seen those horror flicks where somebody accidentally awakes a demon or creature or invokes a spell by accident or out of ignorance? If you do then you know what I'm getting at.

Let’s hope we’re not invoking curses on ourselves each time we hear this song and move in ritualistic ‘Alanta’ fashion to its beat. 

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Leonidas & Gideon - Striking Odds

I came to a realization recently while doing some meditation and study on two men.


King Leonidas and Gideon 


One was the King of Sparta.

The other was a common clansman from Isreal.


One had military training

The other was a rookie


One was a ‘somebody’

The other was a ‘nobody’


But they both had one thing in common.


They had 300 brave men to go with them into battle.


One lost the battle.

The other won the battle.


One lost all his men.

The other lost none of his men.


Strange isn’t it? Well it may not be strange to everyone. Some of you know the reason why. If you don’t know the reason why, check it up here.

Then check up their stories in the links below.


Gideon’s Story

Leonidas’ Story


Image sources:

300 movie


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52 Bad Places to Fart

Came across this funny list put together by Harry Leeds. Don't ask me who he is. He is obviously some funny dude on the internet who has a serious sense of humour. I laughed at this list and felt I should share it with you folks. I edited part of it though. So here are the 52 bad places to fart according to harry...LOL


1. In Santa's lap.


2. At the gym, in a row of treadmills (nobody can run away!)


3. During takeoff of a lunar space mission (you're stuck with these guys for months).


4. In American Apparel pants (so tight, the fart will get stuck like a bubble).


5. At a job interview (when they ask for your strongest skills).


4. At the Gyno.


5. On your grandmother's face.


6. On your grandmother's grave.


7. In a canoe with a rusty bottom (it's likely to sink).




8. While having a nice time with your dream girl for the first time.


9. While having a nice time with your dream girl for the last time.


10. When your wife asks you if she looks fat in her wedding dress.


11. When you have to take a shit.


12. In a rented car (if it's wet, they may charge you, as long as you leave as much fart in the car as when you picked it up).


13. While bending over to shake hands with an angry midget.


14. In a hot tub just after the jets power down. 


15. When you girlfriend demands to know why you love her, but you just can't stop the bubbling in your ass.


16. In an elevator with Jerry Seinfeld (because he'll write a "dirty" routine about it).


17. While meeting your biological parents for the first time.


18. When you're a baby and your parents ask each other, "What's he going to do when he grows up?"


19. In the ball pit at McDonald's.



20.  In a coffin, at your own wake.


21. In the spinning anti-gravity box at the carnival.


22. In the face of child with cancer who is also allergic to farts.


23. At the altar.


24. On the cat.


 25. In the dog.


26. On the rabbi.


27. On stage, while pretending to be dead.


28. In the MRI tube.


29. On live TV (the Real World is appropriate).


30. During a white power rally.


31. During your video personals ad.


32. On Scarlett Johansson.


33. In the lunch line in prison.


34. During a test at school.


35. During a ransom video when you're a terrorist's hostage.


36. On your kids


37. Under the covers with your significant other (Dutch Oven).


38. While leaning over someone at a computer in order to help her.


39. At church, while your nephew is baptised (possible splinters).


40. Just as you're being shoved into a jail cell and fall in the arms of an angry male prostitute.


41. In a crowded subway car.


42. When you're a human statue on the street.


43. Into somebody's tuba.


44. Over the intercom at Walmart.


45. In the voting booth.


46. During a four-legged potato sack race.


47. Into a zip-top bag for later use as a self defense weapon.


48. During Yoga class.


49. When the stop you at customs for some questionable items, and you're Arab.


50. At Auschwitz.


51. In the car by a garbage dump so you can't roll down the windows.


52. In Chuck Norris' face.



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