Randoms: Anti-rape Gun and Panties,Nse Ikpe's Nudity, Darey & Kelly Rowland, Thelma's Bleaching and more


I've been on a hiatus and guilty as charged! I've been trying to run away from doing another random as I have other stuff I so want to write about. But with the gaps in days I've left behind, a random post seems apt.

So here we go....

Rape is becoming a serious issue today and people are adopting a siddon look attitude at all! Now there's a gun designed for women for defense against tape. 

Sometime last year, a video came out advertising an anti-rape underwear. The odd contraption was so amusing I wanted to do a whole post on it but never got the time to do it. Trust fellow blogger, Verastic to have written something about it; she likes those kain things. 

'Pata' of protection....the anti-rape underwear
But i like the discussion The Young Turks did on it on Youtube.

So we heard of the anti-rape underwear, next we hear of a gun designed for women as defense against rape.  
According to a report:
Named after gang rape victim Nirbhaya, the Nirbheek is a small, lightweight revolver being marketed to Indian women.
The Nirbheek is a .32-caliber handgun made of titanium alloy.
Weighing in at just over a pound, it’s the smallest revolver made in India, and “ideal to fit a purse or a small hand bag,” according to the Times of India newspaper, which first reported the story.
The gun was designed to be a hybrid of a Smith & Wesson and a Webley & Scott and will come packaged in a maroon velvet case.
Hmmm....well, I guess that applies to indian women. I don't think you'll find Naija women carrying out that kind of precaution. Its either 3 things - 1.) They get 'odechi' (jazz) 3.) They are just not security conscious and don't even think about it.


Julius Agwu snapped a photo with Ciara at the grammys!


At least that's the news everybody is getting on the recently circulating picture of Julius Awgu and Ciara at the Grammys.
But nobody would have told us that Julius didn't actually pose with Ciara but was just lucky to have paprazzied her along 
with his cheeky smiling face while she performed.

Oh...and it happened at the Grammy's after party. I had to mention that before people started getting the idea that it happened 
at the awards ceremony.

And then what's the big deal about having Ciara appear in you photo? If Kenny Ogunbe and Dayo Adeneye could get Ciara to 
chat with them on camera on Primetime Entertainment then I guess we can say this photo is just...duh!


Actress Nse Ikpe Etim will be seen in another Nollywood movie titled Devil in Detail (set for release on Februuary 14). What's making news about this particular upcoming flick in relation to Nse, is the fact that she goes nude in a scene in the movie. 

This has got to be a body double jo!
While I came across blogs and websites sensationalizing the claim that Nse goes nude in a new movie, there's nothing to prove that it is actually Nse that we see in the so-called nude scene picture circulating the net. Nobody seems to be considering the fact that it might be a body double. One site even goes on to say it wasn't a body double but Nse herself. How do you prove that? At least if Nse had looked sideways and we had seen her face profile, we would have believed. I don't think I buy it sha...

But I'll still say that there's a reason to believe - the fact that it was produced by Shirley Frimpong-Manso along with Chris Attoh; Ghanaian producers/Actor; and also the fact that many Ghanaian producers today are known to be uninhibited in shooting flicks with nudity in them. 

The Nse I know would doesn't do such kind of scenarios but if she eventually did...hmmm

Darey Art Alade is out to do another Valentine's day concert like he did last year where he invited Kim Kardashian to just come and show face, greet people for 15 minutes and waka for some ridiculously high millions of naira.
Well...he's inviting Kelly Rowland this time to be part of the event. Its reported that Kelly will join Darey in playing host to guests on the red carpet at the concert. 

Errm....wait, she's playing host? Is she not singing? 

I'm not sure having her just host is a fruitful use of Kelly...the babe sabi sing nah...why he no let her perform? Abi the money no reach?
Bringing Kardashian wey no get any talent was a waste of kudi but bringing a Kelly that can sing to just come and greet people and talk no make sense oh.

Darey abeg oh, no let money enter voicemail!


Thelma Okhaz is a fair complexioned Naija actress that's recently gaining popularity for extreme bleaching.

Before then, I have never heard of her.

Thelma...Before and After...

As for the bleaching saga...I'm still trying to figure out why someone who is already 'yellow' would decide to bleach some more.
I saw her 'before' pics and she looked sweet but after she underwent another round of bleaching, she went from looking fair and cute to white and scary. 
Even if you wan bleach (which I don't even support in the first instance) must you need to go as far as wanting to look like oyinbo? Instead of actually looking white, she looks like a frigging albino.

She looks so much like an albino in this flick...
And when people registered their displeasure over her extreme bleaching, she went ahead and tweeted:

Hmmm...is she claiming that she was inspired by Michael Jackson? 

Too bad if she thinks Michael actually bleached his skin deliberately.

Well, even if the skin 'photoshopping' doesn't do her good with people's views, at least, its making her more popular and obvious in dark places.



Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida must seriously be in deep deep love oh!

The couple was reported to have celebrated their 2 weeks anniversary of getting married.

Errr....okay cool.

But I pray their marriage lasts oh...because getting married is not living in fantasy but living in reality.
Marriage in the first few months or years can be rosy until you begin to see things you never knew your partner had or was capable of.
Instead of learning to cope and deal with the situation, many couples today end up getting divorced.
Celebrities are worst hit on this and being in the public eye does not make matters any better.

Reports say that Toke was cautioned to keep her marital life out of the public eye but she's not bothered at all by that. So its not a surprise that she's celebrating 2 weeks anniversary of wedded bliss...I pray she celebrates 10 years in time to come and more. Marriage is not an institution for the weak and easily deterred.


And so Dana airways has resumed flights again.

I still wonder how people still find it easy to continue to patronize the embattled airline.

It has over the years since the June 2012 crash generated all kinds of negative news. With the constant bad publicity, I would have expected the airline do do some serious damage control or rebranding to save face or renew the public's perception of them.

Instead, they are still there, operating as the same Dana air with controversy rooted all about them and doing almost nothing about it.

The only thing seemed to have been done is the acquisition of two Boeing 737-500 planes and the phasing out the old McDonnell Douglas aircraft that became infamous following the 2012 plane crash.

The planes are not brand new but not as old as the McDonnell Douglas they had before.

Okay oh...I hope they can gather trust from the doubtful public sha.


And that's the random for the week....what a way to end the month.
Have a nice Weekend y'all!

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Photos of the Day: Controversial Letters For Sale

Nigerians can cash in on any opportunity to make money oh!

I remember listening to a radio broadcast one morning last week and the anchor of the show in the middle of reviewing papers and news for that morning stated that we are in the 'season of letters' - she was referring to the controversial letters written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo and also by his daughter Iyabo Obasanjo. The damning letters created a furor all ober the media, both electronic, press and social; debates sparked up over the matter, response letters where written adding to the influx of the 'season of open

But I guess nobody was prepared for how far this open letter phenomena would go. Before you knew it, they were being peddled on the streets! After the 'Oga at the top' saga, Naija hustlers have come to cash in on any opportunity to make money from scandals and buzzes from news and social media. The letters where bonded and titled - both for Obasanjo's letter and Iyabo's letter.

What can I say? Anything to make some small change...shey?  

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Signs of the times 8: Weird Naija Church Banners [Photos]

 We are definitely in the end times and it is not only determined by the amount of perverted stuff going on in the entertainment industry or political arena but also by what's happening in today's churches.

In the wake of this I think it would make sense to read blogger Atilola's interesting post titled '10 signs that your church is actually a cult'. Its an eye opener for those who may not easily notice the signs. 

That's the creepy aspect. The funny aspect is the nature of crusades or services being advertised  on banners these days....it makes one wonder if its a joke or if its for real. 

Check out these collection of banners from different local ministries.

Reader reader on my blog wall...which is the weirdest of them all?

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Randoms: Skuki's nonsense video, The Magnus Abe Deception, Afrocandy's movie flop, Kola Boof goofs, Phyno's baby mama wahala, MTN's issues

That sick duo called Skuki have come out with a rotten music video titled 'Silifa' which is nothing but a 'bakassi' shake-fest.

Lyrics nko? Dirty explicitly suggestive lyrics that ref nothing but sex all through. Apparently these guys have nothing to sing about anymore.

Yes...that's a woman's behind not a piece of rock.
I don't want to imagine how the camera was positioned!

They carried themselves off to South Africa to go and gather a bunch of ladies (or was it just one lady?) with big behinds - one of which look like it has been enhanced with numerous butt injections - to come frolick about in their video. 

Unless NBC is as blind as a bat, it is something that must end up getting banned.

Skuki and video vixen...using nyansh to market tasteless music with lewd lyrics

Ahn ahn! There was just nothing but 'nyansh' all over the place. Clarence Peters who directed the video had the tenacity to film a massive shaking butt in slow-mo. That was just plain heartless and tasteless.

It seems Skuki is struggling to stay relevant on the music scene and are desperate about it...even if it meant shooting risque videos and singing filthy songs. 

Unfortuantely it only proves one thing - they won't last; they will soon fade...like Bigiano.

Err...Please don't ask me who Bigiano is...


We heard the news of Police firing rubber bullets at a rally and Senator Magnus Ibe getting shot.
The news carried videos of the senator lying on a bed recieving treatment at the Kelsey Harrison Hospital, Port Harcourt after the incident.
He looked more like someone recieving treatment for malaria rather than the victim of a gunshot wound. I was skeptical about the report; it sounded bogus and exaggerated and got me doubting the level of seriousness of the incident.

Then we hear of the senator being flown abroad for treatment....


For common rubber bullet injury? This people must think all Nigerians are downright stupid. According to an interesting report;
There was also no physical injury or scratch suggesting a bullet hit. Caught in their own web of self-deceit and precarious falsehood, the propaganda stunt changed to sustaining serious internal injury which required cardiac operation to clear the clot of blood in one of his heart's ventricles.The state government is yet to disclose its reasons for disregarding a specialist hospital of Kesley Harrison status that has earned so much praises for Gov Amaechi as one of its kind in Africa yet it could not attend to  a mere 'rubber bullet' hit victim as claimed by same government.
There are many loopholes in the story sef...the police are claiming that its a lie, that they never fired any rubber bullets at anyone.
This is no doubt a propaganda or a dramatised event...for what purpose was this?

Is this really a hospital?

And was I pissed to see blogs reporting and pasting a picture of Tinubu's visit to Senator Magnus Abe at a Hospital in London as if it was a legit story.

For all I care the London hospital picture could also be a fake.

These politicians should stop screwing with us...haba!


And Afrocandy is angry because marketers are spoiling market for her 'mojo' titled 'Destructive Instinct'.


Somebody's prayer that her soft-porn production shouldn't circulate in Naija, is being answered!

But seriously, is it really because the marketers inflated the price from N300 to N500 or N1000 that the movie did not sell?

I don''t believe that.

There's more to it than that. She probably wouldn't know how Naija market moves...how many films she don shoot and successfully market for this country?

If you siddon for US come dey send Alaba or Idumota boys to sell your films, they will rip you off and cash in on your ignorance big time.

And then...maybe people are not buying the film because its crap and its dirty content of sex doesn't make a difference.


The first time I saw and listened to Kola Boof talk, only one thing came to my mind - She no normal at all.
And when I saw her barrage of tweets following the anti-gay law passed in Naija, I had to put of seal on it that she's totally loco...and dangerous.
Or how do you describe a woman who advocates genocide for anybody who's a Christian?
Check out these insane tweets...

I'm not sure where that tweet is but I think she must have insulted islam at one time and had a 'Fatwa' pronounced on her head.

Na wah oh...the liberty to write fit put person for trouble but this crazy woman doesn't give a hoot as she curses and blocks out people who do not agree with her sentiments. 

But seriously...wetin concern oyinbo man with our way of life? Them get law wey dey send person wey marry more than one wife to jail, we no talk. We pass law wey no allow homos to marry, dem blow kasala. They should leave us alone! Naija no be small pikin.

Wait oh...I said 'oyinbo' right? This woman is not even oyinbo...she's a migrant from Africa, an akata claiming to fight for black women, a black race advocate...but our black race culture for Naija does not condone man on man relationship nah.

She should stop sipping on pointless kool aid and quit insulting Nigerians abeg.

Is the act of becoming a celebrity's baby mama the latest fad now? 

Yes I think so.

But one chick refuses to 'join chorus' after getting pregnant for a celebrity.

Phyno...that yellow igbo boy that looks like an albino cockrel with that im hairstyle don give pesin belle and he's okay with it and wants the baby.
But the girl wey carry the belle, one upcoming artiste called Rita Edmond (?) does not want the pregnancy and wants to abort it.
The two are said to go far back as 6 years in Enugu. The girl feels the pregnancy will scatter her music career and doesn't want to keep it.

That's the story...but I'm not so sure how truthfully accurate it is.

Phyno wants to keep the baby without any marital committment as reported...oh yeah, he's in on the fad of keeping baby mamas. I wonder what his plans are on the number of illegal pikins he wants to scatter around.

He was with the chick for six years? And it was reported that she even helped him out when he was struggling? 

Why can't he marry the chick? Abi he's still a small boy? How old is he sef?

Please can somebody tell me if something is happening to MTN Nigeria...?

Okay, first I had a visit from a friend who works there and she tells me they are laying people off. 

Then some of my friends that use the network are pissed at MTN's 'stinginess' (This is actually derived from the fact that MTN is not giving freebies as much as the other networks - airtel, etisalat...I'm not sure of Glo though). Some (including wifey) are already contemplating porting to other networks.

Then again there is the issue of MTN recharge cards now costing more - for a N200 worth of recharge, you have to pay N220!

Is there something wrong with MTN?

Someone I know speculated that it must probably be because they had spent so much money during the anniversary that its affecting business afterwards.
But that's just a speculation, not the true story. I can't even see myself considering the thought of buying an MTN SIM package with all I'm seeing.

So MTN...please tell us...what happen???


I need to get off the randoms and start doing my proper writing...lol.

Nice week y'all!

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Photo of the Day: Exquisite Wedding IV

Wedding invitations are now getting creative in all manner of ways like the one in this picture which I got from my brother in-law. It was for a high profile wedding which included celebrities of all sorts from Political to entertainment. Funke Akindele was the MC of the event and it was all strictly by invitation. 

The IV came in a beautiful casing like the one used to hold exquisite necklaces.The wedding was between the daughter of a former Oga of Globacom; one of Mike Adenuga's right hand men and some guy from an equally wealthy family. (Sounds like arrangee wedding).

 Na wah oh...see money in action....my own wedding IV na pali we take do am. This one na glass!

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Flashback Fridays: Can You Figure out who these famous people are? [Photos]

Here are a bunch of old school photos of prominent Nigerians.
Can you figure out who's the are?
There's a gift for the first person who gets them all.

If you are in Naija, you get a gift of free airtime from me, if you're abroad, you'll get something else...

Pix 1

Pix 2

Pix 3

Pix 4

Pix 5

Pix 6

Pix 7

Pix 8

Don't forget to name them in the order which they appear!

I'll be giving the answers in the comment section later after I've given enough time.
Good luck!

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