Crazy stuff people say - The Lion & the Warthog

I happen to come across this funny video which is also on youtube and didn't only laugh at its content but at the kind of comments that followed. I just couldn't resist putting it up.

Imagine the hilarious comments!

"Thats not a warthog,it's my wife."

"Poor Pumba, he stinks so much not even the lioness wants to eat him."

"The "pig" scared the stripes right off that "tiger"."

"the lıon ıs muslım....muslıms dont eat pork"

"even the lion knows how dangerous it is to eat pork, coz warthogs eat shit"

"what the hell wrong wth you lion dont you want to eat me?"

"The lioness was having an off day"

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Car Wars - Attack of the Clones

'Is this original or Taiwan?’

The above statement is a regular parlance in market places in Nigeria. The name Taiwan’ in question actually refers most times to the fact that the product being inquired is an Asian version of an original. In the past Taiwan products were so plenty in contrast to originals in Nigeria, that the name stuck, even when other Asian products that impersonated products began to enter the market.

Today, Asian technology has become notorious for ‘cloning’ original products and no matter how hard they try to hide it, it’s downright obvious. Initially, it was electronics that were being cloned, but they’ve gone way further – they now clone cars! Though this is not a new development, but here in Nigeria, the Asian car makers seem to being enjoying patronage as their vehicles are flooding the Nigerian auto market, and we are beginning to see all manner of attempts to copy originally existing cars.

Recently, I came across an article online about cars that attempt to clone well established brands. A Chinese automobile company, Zhejiang Jonway, some time ago introduced a car called ‘UFO’ which was nothing but a copycat of Toyota’s ‘Rav 4’.

Toyota Rav4 - The Original

Zhejiang Jonway UFO - The Clone

Shuanghuan Automobile, another Chinese auto manufacturer also introduced the ‘CEO’ a vehicle that bore a striking resemblance to BMW’s X5.

BMW X5 - The Original

Shuanghuan CEO - The Clone

You’d think cloning high – range vehicles known for crafted performance was where it stopped but what would you say about the new Geely GE luxury sedan that was unveiled recently at a Shanghai Motor Show? This was a serious copycat of the famous Rolls Royce phantom! 

Rolls Royce Phantom - The Original

Geely GE - The Clone

I  rummaged the internet more and got more shockers. Apparently, original brands have more than one clone culprits. I discovered that the GE wasn't the only one that 'copycat-ed' the rolls royce. The clones are almost countless!

Hongqi HQD (Another Clone) and Rolls-Royce Phantom (The Original)

Chevrolet Spark (The Original) and Chery QQ (The Clone)

Now this was way too much alike. They're almost like the same thing! CMEC City Smart (Clone) and DaimlerChrysler Smart Car (Original)

Are these clones an attempt to create cars that look very much like originals but happen to be cheaper? If I know the Asian market well, they’ve been known for that in all their inventions. Anything that is cloned has always been a cheaper version of an original – and cars are not left out. That’s seems to be the benefit of buying a clone; owning something close to the expensive real thing. 

But while that may be a benefit to some, it’s an obstacle to makers of the original models.

The development hasn’t been sitting well with them. The Germans automobile manufacturer of BMW is pursuing legal action against the Chinese manufacturer. Rolls-Royce officials promptly got on the horn to their lawyers after clapping their eyes on the GE. 
Why won’t they? Imagine the price difference of similar looking cars - an estimated £30,000 – around $44k USD – for the Geely GE versus £250,000/$365k for the Phantom! And the likeness is so strong that few are likely to confuse the two vehicles. Also a brand like the GE may negatively affect the perception of the Phantom brand.

For me, I don’t think I’d like to own a cloned car. I prefer to own an original. If I can’t get a brand new original (without a car loan, ‘cause I hate loans!), I’ll go for a fairly used one.

To see more shocking lookalikes, click here.


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Nikola Tesla - Happy Birthday to a forgotten genius

Many people may not think of today as a day to remember except if its someone's personal birthday.

I choose to remember today and mark it on my blog because it's the day an unsung hero, the man who invented the 21st century was born.

I'm talking of Nikola Tesla.

Each time you switch on that light, fix a fluorescent bulb, do an X-ray, listen to a radio, use any wireless equipment and so many other things, you are enjoying the legacies of this extra-ordinary man.

Tesla saw ahead of his contemporaries, he had so many inventions that would have changed history if the likes of Thomas edison, J.P. Morgan and the scientific community had not stifled his efforts. There are many inventions that Tesla wanted to embark on that would change the way we harness electricity and use it that never saw the light of day. 

Tesla was a scientific wizard, an extra-ordinary genius. His discovery of the AC current made Edison's DC current almost unreliable. The AC current proved more superior and is what the world uses today to generate electricity.

If you don't know about this man, you need to. Almost every technology we use today has a reference point to a Tesla invention. Today, Tesla appears on the Serbian currency despite the fact that he died in poverty, forgotten by an ungrateful and wicked world.

Just watch this short touching clip below to get a quick knowledge of the man whom the world tried to steal his efforts but truth can never be hidden for long. You'll be shocked at what this man has really done.

Happy Birthday to a great man, Nikola Tesla!

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Fatherhood Blues

The first time that strange feeling hit me was when I realized I was going to be married. Wow, so I’m gonna become a mister with a missus to bear my name; I’m about to become somebody’s hubby.

I felt like a Jambite who had just gained admission into the University of matrimony. Like every newbie, I got to learn what is and what’s not. And I did fine, I blended into the mix like milk blends into a hot cuppa coffee.

Next, I move from being a Hubby to being a Daddy and I’m excited and at the same time kinda scared – that strange feeling again. What kind of Dad am I gonna end up becoming? I started reading books, listening to messages and grasping anything that talks about fatherhood just to be all ready.
But it’s my babygirl who ends up calming my fears. 
Each time I carry her, all of a sudden I’m emotional. She gives me her wide eyed baby stare and seemed to say to me “Don’t worry Daddy, it’s gonna be alright”.
And I smile and hold her closer.

Today, she’s the reason I make sure I close on time at work, she’s the reason I look forward to going home, she’s the reason I look forward to going to see her grandparents (my parents), she’s also a reason I want to drive the car even when I normally wouldn’t feel like ‘cause I love to watch her in her car seat. She’s the reason for a lot of things.

I still can’t understand why some Dads end up abusing or destroying the life of their children. 
It’s one thing to be a Dad, its another thing to be a Father (Note that they are twoThat child sees you as a role model, as a small god to look up to. If she’s a girl, you’ll be the first date she’ll ever have and its what she sees in you that will inform the kind of men she’ll look out for (provided you bring her up well). If he’s a boy, you’ll be the first best friend and mentor in what it takes to be a real man (provided you are one).

Children are a gift. Ever since I watched my wife grow in size in pregnancy till those powerful moments in the delivery room and the first glimpse of little Timi, I have come to appreciate children more than ever. Each time I see a little child, my heart skips a beat and I’m drawn to relate with them more than I used to before. And I know its because I’m now a different person; I’m a father.  

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