Shop named after Dictator - Costly Ignorance

It sounded like an insult when I first heard that saying that 'If you want to hide anything from a black man, put it in a book'. I would have kicked against it being that there are black people who read and even write books if not that the statement holds some truth. Then after coming across the story of Rajesh Shah, I'm also convinced that you can hide knowledge from some Indians too by simply putting it in a book.

I seriously can't fathom the rationale behind Rajesh naming his clothing shop after the infamous German dictator, Adolf Hitler.

He claims that he was not aware of the extent of the Furhrer's atrocities and had decided to name the stor 'Hitler' because it was the nickname of his business partner's grandfather! The name of the shop sparked an outrage with members of the community especially the Jewish community. Not only did this guy name the shop 'Hitler', he also put the infamous Nazi swastika logo on the letter 'I' within the name. He also had a business card in like manner. 

Unless he's compensated, the dude is adamant about changing the name because it cost him money to register it and brand the shop. According to him, he had only heard that Hitler was a strict man until i found out more about him on the internet. 
Well, thank God for the internet! At least that's a good thing to hear - that people are learning from it and not just surfing for porn. 

Not knowing diddlysquat about Hitler is some costly ignorance that reveals a lot more about this businessman - that he probably isn't someone who does any research before embarking on something. It also  gets me wondering how that would affect his business. One sure thingHe definitely won't be having Jewish customers for sure.

So I guess this reveals that if you hide the knowledge from some people in books, they'll find it on the internet!

Notice I did not say black man or Indian because on second thought I just realized that there are also white people who don't read!

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Boy Wrapped by Python - Did you gawk it?

This picture of a Python wrapped round a boy seems to making a lot of rounds on some Nigerian sites and people have condemned the scenario saying its inhuman and flagrant child abuse. This means that they all had a bias towards what they saw.

Of course that's what the photography was meant to shock people who view it into believing that  National Geographic catches wildlife scenes live.

But what if this photo was faked?

Most people didn't think about that on these sites.

This photo looks obviousl staged on a number of counts:

  • The Python could have been a dead one wrapped round the boy's leg
  • Notice the way the boy is holding onto the looks more like he's supporting it rather than struggling with it,
  • There were two cameramen - the one filming the boy and the one that took the photo. The cameraman seems to be deliberately kept out of view.
  • The picture is no doubt an Ad that applies the use of photography which speaks for the National Geographic brand. If you visit sites like, you'll come across a lot of photography staged for the shock and attention value. 

So if you think this was the capturing of child abuse in action...take a look again!

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Butt-Kicking LASTMA in Action (Photos)

I've watched many American reality live footage that showcase the drama between an erring motorist and the cop that pulled them over. It's usually tense and we have cases where the offender tries to drive off or even descend to a level of aggravated assault against the officer. 
Compared to what happens in Nigeria, particularly on the streets of Lagos, its a  totally insane and different drama. This is one of the things that make Naija scenarios interesting to watch. 

Photo Source

Photo Source

In this case its a LASTMA official ( a traffic compliance enforcer) trying to apprehend a bus driver. Commercial bus drivers in Lagos are known to be unruly with blatant disregard for traffic laws; they drive their buses as if they are above the law. They find it easy committing these offenses but when they get caught, its a whole serious drama. I did a post on an incident last year where an erring driver went nuts because his bus was about to be towed. The dude took off his clothes and began protesting butt-naked!

This is not to say that LASTMA officials don't have their own misgivings at times. There have been cases where corrupt officials abuse their powers. I'm not sure what ensued before the scuffle in these pictures. But from the look of it, the driver seems helpless while the LASTMA official doesn't seem comfortable with his picture being taken. Also there seems to be a third person in the scuffle...a conductor maybe? 

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'Amala' Kills Family of 5

Two of the victims

It’s sad stories like this that eventually get caught up by panic mongers who will start claiming that it has been recently discovered that 'Amala' (yam flour) is killing people…or that Boko Haram has started poisoning Amala and other ‘swallow’ meals to get at people in the South.

Meanwhile, this could have been the handiwork of some diabolic person who despised this family or yet just a case of fatal food poisoning.
The incident happened in a village in Ondo State after the father, Michael Onoja 56, returned from his farm and instructed his daughter, Patience to prepare Amala (yam flour) for the family to eat.

The first person to start showing signs of stomach pain and eventually giving up the ghost was Joy, Onoja’s eight year old granddaughter.

It was not till the following day that the rest of the family started having the same stomach pains and had to be rushed to the hospital. They all died one after the other; father, mother, children and grandchild.

What a tragedy.

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Michael Jackson - It's your Birthday!

I grew up listening to Jackson as a kid. It still feels just like it was yesterday or just last year he passed on. I always liked Jackson for his musical prowess but what I admire him for the most is his bravery in trying by all means to expose the devilish machinations behind the music industry which had a sinister connection to his death. His estranged sister Latoya knew this truth.

You were an unforgettable part of my childhood....

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The Day Labi Stole the Show on Entertainment Splash

Imagine you’re a guest on a call-in show being interviewed about your latest effort in waxing an album, song or producing a video. You’re expectant that viewers and fans will call in and appreciate you after you’ve dished out tales of how you ventured into the music, the segregation of womenfolk in the industry and stories of your struggle that are structured to endear the audience to you.

Then the calls start coming in…and instead of them focusing on you, they begin to focus on the hostess of the show and almost totally forget that the it’s you, the guest, that they should be calling to speak with.
This was the case of a call-in entertainment show I saw on TVC (Television Continental) some days ago. The name of the show is Entertainment Splash and it’s hosted by this cute anchor simply called ‘Labi’.

Either Labi apparently has a good make-up artiste, style person or she’s just a cutie that knows how to look good in front of the camera, I’ll never know. But one unbeatable fact was that she look marvelous on screen; even her mannerisms seemed to have earned her fans and admirers from the viewers.

The guests on the show were artiste Essence (Remember her? She sang ‘Facebook Love’ with Jaywon) and an upcoming act called ‘Ink’. The two had done a collabo and were featuring on the show to talk about themselves, their song and the video production as well as share views on the industry.
Later viewers began to call in and Labi in all fairness tried to direct them to focus more on Essence and Ink, but the naughty viewers kept talking about how good Labi looked and handled the show on air. One feisty dude almost asked to meet her but Labi was smart enough to divert his attention and change the subject to the matter of the moment – the neglected guests on the show. Some viewers still managed to appreciate Essence and Ink for their work but not after pestering Labi with serious admiration.

Essence on her part looked cute too in her short flowery gown while Ink just maintained the urban leathery feel but Labi just stole the show with her richly done hair, nicely fitted and fluttery lashes, flashing dimples, side-toothed gaps and sweet demeanor. I sort of felt for Essence. She had actually been in the industry for a long time but didn't seem to be making enough waves to gather enough attention. She really does have a lovely voice; unfortunately she doesn't have the good songs. Maybe she has to find a way to hook up with the right people to make the desired impact and get good songwriters to do collabos with. Her voice is the one that sings the theme song for the popular TV drama called ‘Super Story’. 

As for Labi, the lady is just something. At the end of the show as she bids viewers goodbye, flutters her eyes sensually and blows a loving kiss at the screen – a sight that is sure to keep viewers glued to the next episode of Entertainment Splash; not because of the guest who’ll be featuring, but because of her.

I usually don't stick around to watch shows like these but I couldn't resist watching the drama between the hostess, her guests and the viewers. And if you also are not a stickler for shows like these, maybe Labi might one day get you glued to the screen with her charm.

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MTN Ultimate Wonder or Wayo?

If you happen to have been in touch with programming in Nigerian TV stations, then you might have seen the numerous TV commercials where all manner of promos offering freebies pervade the screens at almost any commercial break. Its so rampant that promos are fast becoming cliches on TV today.
So, in order to get the attention of viewers which seems to be dying out, the advertising brands are making efforts to sound refreshing in the nature of their promo campaigns.

Among the telecom giants; Airtel, Globacom, MTN and Etisalat, its now evident that the competition is hot as they gone into a frenzy of dashing their customers freebies in form of free airtime once you load a certain amount of airtime. (Wait a minute...did I mention Glo? Scratch that! They are not giving free credit!) The craze was actually preempted by Etisalat who gave so much freebies that subscribers (including yours truly) rushed to acquire their lines.

So it was to my utter flabbergastment when I saw this insane MTN promo called 'MTN Ultimate Wonder' which is currently running on air - they claim first prize is an aircraft!

Either this is some intelligent 419 move or MTN is just playing smart with Nigerians. With all the available brand of cool rides that one can parade as grand prizes, these guys called the bluff and went on to offer an aircraft! Wetin person wan take aircraft do? And we see On-Air Celebrity/Comedian Yaw alongside some unknown dude charting the course and telling us how cool this offer is...yeah right! Though there is the claim that you can take the money of the cost of the aircraft rather than collect the aircraft, but really, that is a lot of money and from what I've seen from the business scenario in Naija, there's no such thing as 'free money'...they've gotta take something back.

But seriously, how many Nigerians will fall 'mugu' to this promo? I'm even wondering how this commercial managed to pass through APCON and other vetting bodies to make it to the screen. I know how these vetting bodies seriously scrutinize Ads before they get aired.

Anyhow...this Ultimate Wonder Wayo is just too much to stomach; Ads may have tricked us into patronizing a lot of brands over time but this one is just too much to stomach. And many viewers can clearly see the deceit under the lining.

I love the comment someone made over the commercial on youtube:
"All lies! MTN we are not fools. Use all this money to improve your network!"

MTN, please come up with a more believable promo that can REALLY offer what is being promised; take a cue from etisalat, a network that's gives away a lot of believable freebies!

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Boko Idiots Bomb Themselsves

One of the major prayer points that's boiling up-front in churches presently is that God's wrath should descend on Boko Haram and any other terrorist sect operative in Nigeria. 
I remember this prayer point being raised in my church that these terrorists should perish by their own machinations.

God definitely answers prayers.

Two Boko Haram idiots were on errand hours ago to bomb innocent citizens in Kaduna and ended up bombing themselves.

Praise God!

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Belle Pass Swagg

Remember an entry I did last month titled 'Overdon Swagg?' where I wrote about the show's anchor, Bisola, and her exaggerated swagg whenever she's presenting the billboard chart?
Well...a recent episode aired on STV last week and my subordinate drew my attention to it.

'Hey Afro...your friend is on air again oh' She said, eyes fixed on the screen. 

'Hahaha...she don come with her overcooked swagg again...' I replied.

'Come oh...what is this? Is this chick pregnant?'

I peered closely and watched as the chick moved on the screen.

Yes. There was an obvious extra bulge to the lower part of her stomach.

No doubt about it, she was pregnant...and I also noticed that the intensity of her swagg had reduced. Good idea...all that dancing about all in the name of 'representing' might not go down well with the baby.

It's amazing how pregnancy can change you totally...check out the difference between her last month and this month. The transformation and swagg reduction is amazing as you can see from the pictures. Pregnancy dey humble be small thing 

On the whole I still commend her for still looking fabulous even with pregnancy. I just wonder whether the pregnancy had been there since that July pic. All the best to her. I hope the swagg will still be there in the next  6 months...its amusing watching her do it...

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Maheeda Gives Her Life to Christ

Her real name is Caroline Sam and she goes by the name Maheeda. She sings songs that seem to cover from  Afro pop to Dancehall. She may not be the best of known singers but some of her videos were on many of these music hour shows. 

This video was too sensual for me
and did I hear 'Sugar Stick' in the lyrics?

She seems to have some potential but I don't like watching her videos because she's just too sexy in them and I no wan pollute my seriously churched mind. She just loves to provoke bad things in men.

This one was just toooo naughty!

She was like a stripper in this home made one.

So I was wowed when the news broke that she has given her life to Christ, is now born-again and has decided to retire from secular music and switch over to gospel full time. She currently has two gospel songs out now. 

Now this is a nicer looking Maheeda!

In a chat with PM News, she said, "I want use this medium to inform all my fans out there and those who love  me that I am now a changed person and no longer the old person I used to be. God has finally taken over my life and I will continue to sing his praise"

Well, that's good news. Let's pray for her that she fares well and for God to be her strength because it takes the grace of God to stay saved. There are celebrities who have said they'd gotten saved and later on went wrong.

Congrats Maheeda...may God's grace shine upon you.

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Another Common Man Sex Scandal

Gone are the days where all we hear about an act of infidelity is just a a verbal report. Thanks to technology, camera phones and social media are going further in spilling the beans.

For this man, its another day of 'one day for the owner' as he was caught pants down (or should we say 'pants up' since he had managed to put on his trousers?) in a hotel room where he was having sex with his friend's wife.

Unfortunately for the woman there was no time to put on anything so she managed to cover herself with a towel. Trust those at the scene to go a-snapping. Thus these pictures ended up on the internet and on BB broadcasts.

The 'paparazzi' did not even spare the exhibit of the act - a set of condoms; one of them which was already opened.

Thanks to cameras, phones and social media, scandals are no longer relegated to only word of mouth, tabloids or celebrities. Even laymen who think they can do their thing in secret end up becoming exposed across the globe. This guy can at least count himself lucky that there was no 'Jazz' on the woman like the case of the Kenyan man who got stuck in his friend's wife which was all over the net back in May (see video below: Viewers discretion advised)

He should also count himself lucky that nobody recorded a video of him being embarrassed and paraded like the case of a randy UNIBEN lecturer caught on Camera by students trying to sleep with a student. (see video below.) 

Well...for anybody else who's boinking another person's wife, committing some scandalous sex move or contemplating it, these examples should be a warning!

You can read the full story of the man caught with his friend's wife here.

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Wear No Red? Seriously??

Those jobless goons who go about spreading stupid broadcasts to create public panic are at it again. The latest balderdash being broadcast now is that nobody should wear any form of red in their clothing today because some individuals are up to some diabolic act of using anyone sporting red for rituals.

Say whaat??!!

While I must commend the creators of this propaganda for being so creative in coming up with such an idea, I'll also say that is the most ridiculous bullshit (excuse my language) I've ever heard!

Unfortunately, many Nigerians are gawking it and going ahead to avoid wearing red while those who know a propaganda when they see one are even vowing to sporting red today. Wait a minute...why am I even calling it a propaganda? It still doesn't achieve any useful objective except make ignorant people exhibit their ignorance.

All over twitter, people gawked it but then the sensible ones also bashed and ridiculed it.

It was rumored that the message came from Redeem Camp but the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor E.A. Adeboye denied the claim in a twitter message and urged all to ignore the stupid brodcast.

So, are you still afriad of red, or you know spam when you see it?

Oh...and I came to work today in red checked shirt, I have a red face towel and my eyes are red after dirt blew in them this morning!


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The Trending Art of Fakery

The video below was uploaded way back in May from a news report from Kenya's NTV. It focuses on butt enhancement which is seriously trending over there. Though I've heard a thing or two about the same phenomenon in Naija but there hasn't been any report that actually documents this weird trend.

This butt enhancement doesn't have anything to do with injections or surgery, rather it has to do with padded underwear and its really not a new thing because its been the in-thing for a few years now. While it sounds like a safer and wiser alternative to the dangerous enhancement that has to do with injections or surgery, it just got me wondering on the long run that there's a lot of artificiality out there much pretense...what we see may not be what we get.

There's a lot of fallacious perception that when men go after women, they like to deceive the women into falling for them and that women love being fed with lies but looking at this video and adding to it the other numerous 'fakeries' that women employ to make themselves look dashingly beautiful (artificial hair, nails, eyelashes, body magic suits, etc.), I'm wondering who actually is being deceived. It seems men are the ones being deceived the more.

Somehow all this physiognomy 'repackaging' is working otherwise it wouldn't be trending. In the video, the shop that sold the padded underwear recorded a boost in sales.

And so life goes on...we keep fooling each other; men with their sweet tongue and false impresarios and women with all the good looking fakery.


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