Refusing to keep up with the joneses

Have you ever been in the postion of watching other people cruise cars that are higher in terms of luxury, performance and model than yours and still felt good that you at least have a set of wheels to be proud despite not keeping with the joneses?

Well, thats how I've been feeling. I don't drive a high end BMW or a Super benz. I don't cruise a luxury lexus or a powerful VW toureg. Nope. I don't.

I move about in a humble 1995 Nissan Primera

But it wasn't until I came across this funny Ad that I further got to appreciate the kind of ride I cruise.

Just take a look at this Ad and you'll know what I mean...

LOL...Will somebody who's proud of the wheels he could readily afford (as of now) holla at whatamsayin'?

I just love my primera...

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Know the host that rocks and the host that sucks @ WebhostingGeeks

If you’re a regular surfer on the internet, chances are that you either have a blog or a website of your own. It’s cool when you’ve got such virtual locations which give you the feel of having your own personal office where you want it and how you want it. 

There’s nothing as good as having a good foundation to start on and what I mean by this is a good website host to hang your site on. So where on earth do you get a good host for your site? I found out that searching for a web host site on a search engine might be a pain because you’ll just get a load of random hosts that you just can’t be sure which you can trust.

But then, have no fear, because there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I came across this Website hosting site that showcases a directory of hosts and rates them accordingly. You get to choose the host of your choice after seeing the reviews, rating and weighing your options.

I’m talking about, the site that offers you Independent reviews of the best web hosting providers, cheap professional web hosting services under $10 a month, and also offer you the opportunity of deciding which one you feel is best for you as well as which you feel you can afford. They got different categories covered - Budget Hosting, Blog Hosting, Forum Hosting, Unix Hosting, Windows Hosting, PHP Hosting, Email Hosting, Ecommerce Hosting, Multiple Domain Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting…and the list goes on. There's also the webhosting geeks blog that gives you resourceful lowdown on technical stuff about your domain and site hosting. 

You also get to contribute: review your web host and let other webmasters know the best and the worst. The best are listed and given awards. Isn’t that a cool way to get credibility info? It sure is...and thats gonna be my first stop when I'm  looking for a host for a new website. – that’s the place to go when you’re looking for the best host providers; the place to go when you're not sure what hosting package suits your site, and finally, the place to go when you need info on which website host rocks and which one sucks!

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Butt Crack & Fashion

Each time I ‘accidentally’ watch a Fashion show, I’m always amused. 
Skinny chicks parading outrageous outfits and being applauded by an audience that seems to appreciate the bizarre.

Okay, I’ll honestly say that some designers have some real good stuff that get paraded but at the same time you need to check out the crazy stuff some designers come up with all in the name of making you look good. Check out the hilarious moments of fashion in the video below…

Modeling Show Funny Video - The funniest videos clips are here

There’s a pair of jeans and pant types that are either designed to sit on ladies hips and expose their G-strings in a rather supposedly ‘sexually appealing’ way or just expose the size of the cracks of their asses.


Okay, I’m beating about several bushes but what I mean to say is this: 
Have you noticed that a lot of clothes designed for women nowadays is meant to exploit their gender?  (I think this may be an interesting topic for Standtall!)

I once caught sight of a chick that must have ‘accidentally’ worn a low-hip jeans ‘cause the crack of her butt was smiling at everyone who accidentally looked in her direction. She was attending to me at an eatery and each time she turned round to pick stuff from a fridge I had to stifle the laughter that wanted to force itself out. Her butt cheeks were so nastily squeezed into a low-hip jeans, violently exposing a crack almost big enough to hold a small plastic bottle. 

What about the chick I saw riding on an okada. Her jeans was so low I could see the first half of her sanitary pad sticking out like it had come up for air.

Oh did I mention ladies only? What about the ‘sagging’ phenomenon? It seems we now have all manner of pants and jeans that are meant to sit on men’s hips and in most cases expose the boxers. And they are supposed to look cool right?


So, why would you show off your boxers or sag anyway? To look cool?

I think it’s a self-esteem perception issue.

I don’t believe you need to be all boxers-out for the society to think you’re all that.

And the society's becoming somewhat aware

Nope. I don’t believe so.

What you do, stand for, who you are should speak for you. masqueraded attitudes are just child’s play. But hey, we were all children once (I also once did all that ‘yanga’ too). However, there’s a time to grow up. Those who grow up on time turn out to be stars.

It’s a crazy world when we all dress up to impress people all at the expense of being comfortable. I see people do it a lot: 
A lady pulling down her top again and again to cover a partially exposed crack…
A lady watching her steps because of the orthopaedic monsters she’s wearing on her foot… 
A ‘saggingly’ dressed dude from time to time stylishly grabbing his crotch in a cool fashion when what he’s actually doing is drawing them up from getting under his shoes…
I could go on. But I leave the rest to your imagination.

Like I said…it’s a crazy world when we all dress up to impress people all at the expense of being comfortable. I don’t think I wanna do that anymore. If I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing, I’m not wearing it. 

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