The Sex You Thought You Knew 3


I probably would have gone on to say more but I think I better conclude it here since the subject is becoming unbearable for some folks. But no matter what we think, the truth will always be there. And it can be damn bitter

I don't think porn stars always lived happy lives. They were plagued by guilt demons and besides the sex pre-occupated profession (which is a wrong thing that society has embraced) isn't a honorable thing to be proud of. Linda Lovelace, a former porn star who dropped the profession and campaigned against it was a typical example.

Picture this:
A Dude or girl who always has sex with someone they’re not married to. After each act, they get this guilt trip and smoke a cigarette – which is an act well known to take place after it’s done. Whenever it bugs them, a ciggy calms 'em down. (Cancer)

From time to time, self-worth depreciates with each sex they have and they take alcohol and drugs to keep ‘body and soul’ together. (Drug overdose)

If the drugs don’t kill them, probably the alcohol will – in a car crash; driving under the influence. (Automobile accident)

If an accident doesn’t do the job, depression will. Depression as a result of self condemnation which comes from loosing self worth. The urge to end it all gets strong and very attractive. (Suicide)

It may not happen in any of these ways but whatever the case may be, there’s always a price to pay when you abuse what nature or better still God, has given us. Every machine comes with a manual and once you don’t get it right you’re bound to destroy it.

Some lies you'll hear about sex and Porn:
  • Sexual freedom = happiness
  • Perverted sex (homosexual sex, incest, BDSM, etc) is more enjoyable than "normal" heterosexual sex
  • There are no consequences to sexual promiscuity
  • Sexual expression is a right, not a God-given or God-defined gift
  • You can live a healthy life with the porn images floating around in your mind
  • Porn doesn't harm anyone
  • Sex is something to be done primarily for self gratification
  • The porn stars are the happiest people on earth
  • Adults can view porn without any lasting side effects
  • Porn will help your sex life
  • Porn is just a harmless thing that everybody looks at

If you agree with me check out this link. If you don't just leave it alone and keep living life the way you want it. -->
Lies & Truths About Sex

There's also the spiritual aspect of Sex that has to do with sex spirits (i discovered this out of experience and research as well as through scripture) but I wont go into that. Unless by popular request. Its quite scary and revealing.
** Remember...What you don't know can harm you

Like I said earlier, you might arm yourself against STDs but nothing can save you from this one unless…


Okay, let the crucifiction begin...

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The Sex You Thought You Knew 2

Sorry once again for another long break. I just came thru an episode which I promise to share in the following post next to this. But for now I want tocontinue on the the last post entry about SEX.

Like I said in the last post, you might arm yourself against STDs but nothing can save you from this one unless…(I’ll fill in the blank later).

I was surfing Youtube and I came across this absurd compilation of a tribute to dead porn stars. I was baffled that porn could have highly devoted fanship (if there’s ever a word like that!). Out of curiosity I decided to check out the dead stars and what killed them as chronicled in the movie slideshow. I realized something startling…

Toggle this: Each time you have a sexcapade, remember that feeling you get after the whole show?
For guys, it’s probably that feeling that makes you wanna get rid of the lady quickly because all of a sudden you get this pang of guilt for what you’ve done. We all go through it but some folks have gotten used to it.
For ladies its that feeling that makes you feel cheap and used and at some point afraid that you might have lost hold of something important to you. You question yourself as to why it happened.

And funny enough, after time passes, you feel like having that sex with that person again or anyone else. It goes with the same principle of the lion that gets to taste human flesh by accident. Once a lion that’s been used to eating antelopes, gazelles etc, gets a taste of human flesh, it becomes a human eater and will always long for human flesh. That’s how it is with sex. When you get to do it once, after time passed you’ll want to do it again, most especially with the person you did it with.

One thing most people don’t realize is that SOMETHING MORE THAN JUST AN ORGASM happens when you have sex with another person. After the sex, you get a certain feeling which many may refer to a pricking conscience, most especially if it was sex out of wedlock. For some, this feeling is totally ignored because they’ve turned the sex into a routine act and a need that must be met.

From time memorial, nature has presented us with its numerous gifts but as humans we have destroyed these gifts by abusing them and the consequences are drastic. Global warming, extinction of animals, nasty floods, storms, tsunamis, the appearance of crazy kinds of diseases to mention a few are the end results of our abuse of nature. The abuse of Sexual intercourse also has its own deadly rewards.

Out of 123 Porn stars listed between the 80s and 2000s;
43 died of AIDS,
20 of suicide,
16 of different types of cancer,
13 of automobile accidents,
12 of drug overdose,
7 of heart failure,
4 of brain illnesses.

Now heres my observation...

To be finally concluded...

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The Sex You Thought You Knew

Hey y’all!!
I’m so sorry for the break in blog-mission. It was due to some things that are putting me in full gear in terms of preparation.

I’ve been wanting to blog about something very important that affects everyone of us. You know what it is? It SEX. I know a topic like these interests many peeps.

I was surfing the ever loaded channels of Youtube in search of both useful and useless information; useful information because of its usefulness, useless information because you can get sense out of nonsense.

In my search I came across this channel of some dude who did a four-part tribute to dead Porn Stars. I thought it was rather absurd. That’s my opinion anyway ‘cause who knows, maybe porn stars have dead serious devoted fans out there. But since I’m not a stickler for porn, it remains absurd.

I would have actually skipped the channel and gone on to something else but something caught my attention. It gave away a scary revelation that I felt I should share. What I’m about to tell you all aint new. Some of you might be aware of it but you may not be aware that you are actually aware that you are aware of it. They usually say what you don’t know won’t hurt you but the truth is that what you don’t know could kill you.

Sex is the highest level of emotion that any living being gets to attain; it’s more than just two bodies cavorting ecstatically between the sheets. But most of us don’t know anything beyond that and think there’s nothing more than that. But like I said, what you don’t know could kill you.  Am I talking about STDs? No. Its way more than that because STDs you can arm yourself against but this one, you can't. 

To be continued....

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