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Well, I warned folks not to read my last post if they don’t have an open mind and unfortunately someone who didn’t have an open mind read it. And so I have to go further to showcase what all the stuff I've been saying is all about.


Many of us don't know that there’s a reason subliminal messages are being put into the music we hear. We shouldn't just take everything we hear hook line and sinker and go with the flow. 

If you say sex sells, should we in the first place be selling sex? Don’t forget that violence sells too and we see it being sold everywhere too. Its because people don’t stop to think that they feel its normal to sensationalize stuff like sex on the media.


Haven’t you noticed that most mainstream music is either talking about sex, perversion or violence? People think mainstream music is harmless and are more concerned with the fact that women are being portrayed as whores in the music videos. Well, to understand the genesis of that, you need to get to the root of it; and the root is far deeper than we think it is.


The truth is the music industry is becoming or has become FRATERNAL. Once you become a celebrity, there are people waiting to buy you off with delicious deals and all you have to do is do as they say.


Many famous artistes today don’t write the music they sing. SOMEBODY else does it for them. If you doubt me, check it out. Many artistes have dark secrets and some of them are hiding it in their music (try playing Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ backwards!), while others are letting it all out in what they say in their music (listen carefully to recent lyrics from rappers like Eminem, 50 cent, Lil Wayne). Still, people don’t seem to hear jack in what they say. The only thing they hear is the rhythm and melody.


‘Nuff said. Watch the following videos carefully to get a lowdown on what I mean. And please be warned that what you’re about to watch may not be pleasing to you who is a fan of just ‘anything that sounds good and danceable’. So unless you’ve got an OPEN mind, just save yourself the hassle! I have over a hundred videos from different sources that explored the subject, so understand that I’m not only basing my conclusions on one video or article.











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Shine your eyes...and your ears!! 1

I thought it didn't go as far as what I said in my last post until a friend of mine read what I wrote and referred me to a site called Vigilant Citizen. When I got to the site I was shocked at the amount and level of truth and secrets of the music industry that was exposed. What I saw further cemented the fact that 'what you don't know can kill you'.

Some of the music we listen to are actually more than meets the ears. I went through this website and read so many shocking articles on some artistes with strong damning evidences. There was just so much being revealed on that site which was not limited to music alone that I wasn't surprised when the next day I tried to log onto the site and it never came up again. obviously some of the powers that be had gotten hold of the site and prevented it from ever surfacing on the web again. However, I went there today and it was back on. 

Click on the following links below to get the low down on some of the well known artistes.

Warning: Please do not read these articles if you don't have an open mind because the truth may be too bitter for you to stomach all at once. And for those of you who can swallow it well, good luck knowing the bitter truth! 

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Omarion case study 

Lady Gaga case study

MTV's VMA case study

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