20 Weird Sex Laws Around the World

So when Nigerian law makers lit the fires of underage marriage, its embers burned furiously across the nation as a nationwide outrage hit everywhere. Yours truly was not left out and almost did a video about it until I had second thoughts due to a busy schedule.

Well, we were fighting against a law governing underage marriage. Some other nations don't seem to have it this good with their weird sex laws.
Well...at least that's what the gathered facts below claim. I don't know how true they are but they are downright funny and ridiculous.

                                   Strange Sex Laws

I'm still wondering...are these laws for real? Or somebody's playing comedy central with our minds. Since today's world is full of weird creepy stuff, I'll say this may be true.

Or what do you think? 

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Funny: Fan Receives Anointing From Beyonce [Photo + Video]

According to scriptures, Its very possible to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit through the laying on of hands - that is, if another person who has the Holy Spirit within them lays hands on someone who doesn't and wants it, there's a spiritual duplication in the receiver.


So what did Beyonce just do to this guy? Because the moment she touched him the dude went into a fit as if he was slain in the spirit; like he was receiving special impartation at a church concert service. 'Prophet' Beyonce then went on to make matters worse by giving the dude a hug and he received a full blast that made him crash to the ground.

Yep...it looked like an impartation...of an evil spirit maybe...

I'm just saying!

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Was The Accident That Claimed Patience Jonathan's Mum Real?

Everywhere on the news we are hearing of this accident that was said to have claimed the life of the mother of Nigeria's first lady, Patience Jonathan.

While it is a sad thing for a life to be lost via an accident, there are some issues that raises questions about this bit of news.

The said photo reported to be the crash scene

First of all, word is also going around that the woman, Madam Charity Obah, is not the first lady's biological mother. So why were we getting information that it was her mum?

Okay, maybe that can pass as a slip.

Secondly, there's no known photo of this Madam Charity Obah. 

Thirdly, I hope this is not a hoaxed news meant to distract Nigerians from raging over the underage marriage fiasco and exonerate the first lady from receiving questionable bashing like Stella Damasus did in her video (see the previous entry).

You know how it is - instead of getting a reason to ask why she's saying nothing about the matter, you'll end up sympathizing instead.

Fourthly, if that photo is of the accident, who's body is that in the driver's seat? According to reports, the car contained four people of which the driver and one other person are said to be receiving treatment while only Madam Obah and a 14 year old girl were said to have died in the accident.

Or is that another car involved in the accident? If it is, why show it instead of that of Madam Obah and co.?


I wonder if there'll ever be answers.

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Underage Marriage: Stella Damasus Spits Fire

Lord! I have never seen Stella Damasus as genuinely angry as this! And she spits the venom very well! In this video she expresses her disgust over the underage marriage fiasco being purported by Yerima and his senate cohorts.

She raises some valid points that are very strong; points such as WHERE ON EARTH IS PATIENCE JONATHAN IN THIS MATTER? WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN IN THE SENATE? Do we really have a first lady in this country at all or she's just a figurehead?

Its time to stand and fight against this rubbish coming from the knuckleheads in the senate. I have a four year old daughter and I can't imagine her being married off as a baby to some ignorant pedophile aboki...Never.

In fact, I just had an idea for a video which I'll shoot and ipload on youtube and this blog soon...

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35 Senators Have No Bills To Show in 2 Years After Earning Over N13 Billion...

I heard this news being mentioned on newspaper headline report this morning on radio and was shocked at the nature of the Nigerian senate.

How can 35 senators sit their asses in the Senate and be collecting fat over-bloated earnings for two years yet have not passed a single bill since? What are they doing there? Of what use are they to their constituency?

According to a report from The Nigerian Telegraph:

Despite receiving more than N13 billion in salaries, allowances and benefits that clearly positions members of the Nigerian Senate as the world’s best paid lawmakers, at least 35 serving senators have not listed a single Bill in their name since taking office in 2011, an investigation by The Nigerian Telegraph has shown.

Between 2011 and June 2013, each senator drew about N400 million in salaries, allowances, and self-allocated bonuses, according to details of lawmakers’ allowances, as well as listed earnings for federal lawmakers stipulated by the Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

The National Assembly is seen in some quarters as a huge drain to the nation’s finances.
For the 35 members, the sum for two years totals N13.2 billion, and N41 billion for all 109 members.

But while a majority of the lawmakers have made fair efforts at delivering in their primary lawmaking duties, sponsoring at least one Bill between June 2011 and June 2013, 35 of them have posted not one.

In that duration, 74 senators, an impressive figure relative to past years, sponsored and followed through with a minimum of at least one legislation apiece. A few presented more than a dozen Bills, with the Senate Majority Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba(PDP, Cross River), sponsoring the highest number, 25.

Other Senators, each with a minimum of 10 Bills are Ben Ayade (PDP Cross Rivers state) – 18 Bills; Ita Enang, (PDP Akwa Ibom) – 13 Bills; Dominic Obende, (ACN Edo) – 12 Bills; Smart Adeyemi, (PDP Kogi) – 11 Bills; and Ifeanyi Okowa, (PDP Delta) – 11 Bills.

At the bottom of the ranking are two states – Zamfara and Borno – with none of their Senators presenting a single Bill in two years.


Even Senator Yerima, who is at the centre of the Child’s Rights Act controversy has not presented a Bill since he became a Senator.

Each Senator, according to RMAFC, is entitled to N8.2 million annually or N683,000 monthly as salaries. This salaries are exclusive of allowances such as estacodes, cars and furniture.

But the comprehensive compensation runs far higher into several millions per quarter of a year, as the legislators also approve what they call “running cost” to themselves. For “running cost”, each senator currently draws N45 million quarterly – about N180 million annually, in addition to the “meagre” salary.

Lawmakers, weary of the public’s outrage over their pay, are often quick to cite the few hundreds of thousands monthly as nothing exceptional or deserving of the aggressive attention they receive.

But despite the huge pay, quite little has been delivered on legislation since 2011, according to the Business and Rules committee.

Those without Bills in two years, as analysed by The Nigerian Telegraph, based on figures from the Senate committee on Business and Rules are:

Isn't it even amazing that David Mark former Senate 'Oga patapata' has also never raised a bill too? I also noticed there seems to be more northerners on this list. Yet the our Senate is ranked as the most expensive in the world...SMH

In the same voice of that famous sticker for lawyers I say; Wetin Senators Dey Do Sef?

You can read more on the story here.

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Pedophiles in the Nigerian Senate

I'm sick and tired of our stupid law-makers who go about masquerading as though they have the interest of their people when they are their to enrich their pockets and guard their own asses. Its also good to see that Nigerians are waking up from the stupor of some mysterious 'kool aid' that must have made us blind to such matters. I say this because this thing had been in the constitution before and no one saw or noticed it until Senator Yerima started the fracas that suspiciously looked like something intended to save his own ass. 

Yep...save his own ass should the law now make underage marriage illegal, he would automatically become an offender, not so?

And a group of nincompoops have the tenacity to back up that rubbish bill? Now I know where the Pedophiles of Naija are hiding - in the Senate!

Just look at their faces...all looking as guilty as sin; they look like a casting line-up for a sick pedo-flick.
How did we end up having this crop of perverts in the Senate?

Senator Yerima was generating furor in support of a law that encouraged under-aged marriage simply because of his own religious interests (remember his sharia saga back in the days?) and also because of personal interest - that's what I believe.

And he has the tenacity to open his mouth and justify himself...

According to an article I came across on www.informationng.com:

...a post seen on former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode’s Facebook wall, revealed that Senator Yerima is unshaken by the public display of anger towards him as he purportedly stated, ”Nigeria has many uncountable problems and none of them is early marriage. As a matter of fact early marriage is the solution to about half of our problems.”

According to the Facebook post, Yerima is quoted as saying that as a true Muslim, he can give out any of his daughters out in marriage at the age of 9 or 13, even as young as six and he warns, “Its not your business.”

He argues further, “In Islam, a girl can be given out in marriage as early as six years old, but consummation of the marriage can only be done when the girl becomes physically mature and she gives her consent to it because unlike English law, it is not permissible for a man to r*pe his wife in Shari’ah Law.”

Pedophile Commander in Chief - Yerima
The highly controversial Senator goes on to list a plethora of evils associated with not allowing girls marry at a much younger age saying he lives in a city where girls as young as 12 have already become “serial fornicators” and cannot count the number of men they have slept with. He adds that not allowing early child marriage is one of the causes of prostitution, teenage pregnancies and illegal abortions among teenage girls.

And as if to indict public office holders, Yerima reveals that government officials pick undergraduates from University car parks with Coastal Buses to attend their wild immoral parties.

These evils, he concluded, are a general problem not his own; as none of his daughters are involved. “So ask me again why I support early marriage and I will slap the Jinn out of your head”, Senator Yerima warns.

I have never wished death on anyone but when I think of the little girls in northern muslim homes that are suffering and would later suffer if this kind of law should get passed, then I so much want to see Yerima and his cohorts perish in the worst possible manner.

We've had enough of military dictatorship and coups but these pedophiles in the senate and making me think we need a fresh and bloody revolution - one that would look like what Jerry Rawlings did with Ghana back in the days where he executed all corrupt government officials and wiped a generation of corrupt leaders off the slate of Ghanaian government.

Images courtesy Facebook

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Trend: Show Me Ya Bobbi & Show Me Ya Nipples [Photos]

Rukky Nipples...sorry  I mean't 'Rukky Sanda'

Check out every red carpet event or movie premiere taking place anywhere across Naija with special focus on Lagos; you're most definitely sure to come across one thing in the midst of the ladies out there for show - 'bobbi.' (Breasts).

Bobbi for show enthusiasts - Genevieve, Funke, Osas & Karen 


I remember the first time I mentioned the word and this scandal-oriented chick looked at my mouth in wonder that I could say such. Of course I can say it, it sounds funny and more decent than some other words that can make you look like you committed sacrilege.

Yes...exposure of cleavage is something that will always feature at any event. If its not an adventurous celebrity scandalously showing off the 'goods', it is some unknown chick parading her 'market'.

Rukky parades the goods for the Jara crew

Rukky with Yvonne - a contrast.
She might have as well come with no blouse.
But it seems the bar has been raised as it is no longer a case of 'show me ya bobbi' but 'show me ya nipples' as exemplified recently by Rukky Sanda at Yvonne Nelson's movie premiere 'House of Gold'.
Please don't say the infamous Cossy has done it. She doesn't count in this case for certain reasons.

What is she hiding? No be for show?
I ask one question; in the quest to pollute our minds (especially that of good men) do they feel very comfortable in those outfits? I doubted it when I noticed that Rukky got too conscious of her exposed nipple. The photo didn't lie, she made to cover it - why cover it when you intended to expose it? Why am I even asking this question sef? 

Yep...dignity is definitely going into extinction. So you are not a celeb until you show your boobs or show your nipples. 

Oh wait...it doesn't stop there...there are other honorable mentions that fall in the category of- 'Show say you no wear pant' (which I wrote about months ago about the trend of 'pantless' women) and the most blantant one which our female celebrities don't have the liver to attempt - 'Show me where you no wear pant' 
*Shivers in dread*

God forbid bad thing that we ever reach that level!

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The Chronicles X - Sleeping Beauty

‘Abeokuta-ifo! I’ve told you oh! Enter with your change otherwise you will marry yourselves oh!’ barked the hoarse-voiced conductor in Yoruba; his taut neck pulsating in sequence with his yelling.
He pranced about to and fro, his sagging faded jeans exposing dirty boxers, bloodshot eyes seeking passengers whom his half-empty bus may devour for the afternoon trip. 

Kaycee sat at his corner in the bus watching him coerce people into boarding the vehicle. Occasionally he would stop to flirt with a young fair-complexioned banana seller whose tribal marked face was heavily amplified by cheap make-up. She looked uncomfortable in her tight sleeveless blouse and butt-hugging skinny jeans. The spindly stretch-marks and partial discolouration running along her arms was a pointer to the fact that she was never born with that complexion.

The conductor laughed at something she said to him, gave her a generous pat on the backside which exposed a small fraction of her over-bleached butt crack and ran off shouting for more passengers for his bus. She looked at him in mock-anger. But behind the fa├žade it was evident she enjoyed the attention.

Kaycee adjusted himself on his seat which was the row directly behind the driver and the nearest to the window. He looked at the empty seat spaces beside him and hoped people who were slim enough would sit on his row. The old and partially rickety Nissan Urvan bus was actually designed to sit just three people per row but the bus driver and his conductor were intent on breaking the rules by adding the usual extra; typical of any Lagos commercial transporter.

Lord please let a nice person sit beside me! 

The silent prayer echoed continually through his head. He knew how the fate of one’s comfort on any trip was sometimes determined by who sat next to you.

A rough looking man dressed in dirty danshiki stopped and looked into the corner where Kaycee sat as if trying to make up his mind on something.

Don’t look here! Don’t even think of sitting here!

The thoughts railed strongly through Kaycee’s mind that he almost spoke it out.

‘God bless you sir! Please sir helep me, I never see food chop since yesterday, God will bless you sir…’

The man was a beggar.

Kaycee sighed in relief, fished his pockets for some change and dropped it for the grateful destitute.
Five minutes later, a morbidly fat woman in heavily faded ankara blouse and wrapper stood looking into the place where he sat, juggling her mind to make a decision.

Aaw No! Father Lord discourage this one oh! Don’t let her…

But before he could finish laying out the prayer in his head she had climbed in.

The bus squeaked on its weakened shock absorbers. She sat down next to Kaycee, her massive butt hitting the worn-out upholstery made him bounce momentarily in his seat.

Kaycee covered his eyes in despair.

Next he found himself covering his nose.

He realised to his horror that the fat woman was responsible for a horrible stench of stale sweat that suddenly invaded the bus.

He looked at other passengers in the bus.

None of them covered their noses. Apparently the stink was angled at him since they didn’t perceive anything; or yet, maybe they were just ignoring it. But how do you ignore a stink this bad?

‘Woman, your extra load in the boot is extra money, I hope you know that!’ the conductor barked rudely in Yoruba through the window on Kaycee’s side showering spittle and sweat across Kaycee’s arm.

‘Two hundred for that small thing?’ the fat woman roared. She spoke according to her size.

‘You call two big full baskets of half-rotten tomatoes small thing? 

‘Stop insulting my market jo! I don’t always pay up to that amount! I’m paying hundred naira only.’

‘Oya come down! Go find another ‘mugu’ that will carry your load.’

The fat woman hissed and hurried out of the bus with such speed that rocked the bus more violently on its expired shock absorbers.

Thank you Jesus!

Kaycee heaved a heavy sigh of relief, closed his eyes briefly and took in fresh air to clear his lungs of stink.

The bus buckled slightly again on its shocks as someone climbed in to sit beside him again.

He refused to turn to get a glance at who was now seated beside him. Rather he starred out through his window at the variety of drama taking place within the park. It was better he didn’t get to see the repugnant person who probably had some unwholesome affinity for bad hygiene and reeked of elements of days past.

A draft of Perry Elis perfume caressed his nostrils.

It hadn't come from outside the bus.

It had come from inside…right next to him.

He was compelled to turn and he came face to face with the scent’s carrier - a casually dressed young lady who had also been trying to look through his window.

‘Oh…sorry!’ Kaycee apologized on realising that his face had almost collided with hers.

‘It’s okay.’ she replied with a smile and a thin yet pleasant voice.  She had a round face, slim nose and bright eyes that looked as if she could x-ray your thoughts.

Kaycee turned to face the window again. A smile lit his face. He was most definitely going to enjoy this trip.

Thank you Jesus…again!

She shifted to adjust her sitting position and he felt her curvy hip gently brush the side of his. Despite the fact that she was in jeans and he wore trousers, it sent weird shockwaves tearing through his insides to ignite some sweet hormonal reaction.

The silky armless blouse she wore held her average bosoms in a manner which was amplified by fabric’s naughty design.  Each time she raised her hand to brush back a strand of the hair on her head, her smooth-looking slim arms caught the corner of Kaycee’s line of sight. He was still looking out through the window but he wasn’t seeing the park anymore. All he saw from the depth of his subconscious was the pleasant temptation sitting next to him. He wished so badly that he hadn’t been wearing a long-sleeved shirt. The opportunity to feel the caramel colored skin on her arms brushing against his would have been an utmost delight.

Minutes later, the bus was filled up; the driver started the vehicle and eased out of the park.
It was your average boring trip with bushes flashing by on both sides of the road as the bus sped through the worn-out tar of the expressway.

Caramel skin opened her small handbag, brought out a mobile smartphone with its earphones, flicked to the music menu, plugged the earphones to the phone and finally plugged her ears.

Kaycee glued his eyes to the window, watching bushes fly by and hoping to catch a scenario along the road that might be interesting. He lost track of time and felt his eyelids go heavy then slam shut.

He woke up minutes later and straightened his head. He had leaned against the window while drifting off into sleep.

He glanced briefly at her and noticed she was no longer listening to music but was also beginning to drift into sleep.

She was still sitting straight but her eyes were closed and her head was lolling to and fro.
Each gallop the bus went into sent her head lolling further towards his side until Kaycee felt her head resting fully on his shoulder.

A knightly feeling overwhelmed him; he was enjoying her sudden accidental dependency on him even when she wasn’t aware of it.

The bus shuddered as it sailed through more gallops but Caramel Skin’s head stayed firm on his shoulder. She seemed to be drifting deeper and deeper into the sleep. Some strands of her hair fell across her face.

Kaycee stifled the urge to remove them. He wanted to make her more comfortable but didn’t want to spoil the moment by doing something that would wake her.

The scent of her hair cream pervaded his nostrils opening a portal for imaginations of intimacy; his mind conjured romantic pictures like exaggerated scenarios from a Bollywood flick.

‘Bros you dey enjoy oh. See as fine gyal lie down for your body!’

The comment had come from the conductor. Apparently Kaycee was not the only one that had been checking her out.

He didn’t answer but just smiled in acknowledgement. Other passengers didn’t seem to have noticed what was happening; some had dozed off, a couple were doing stuff on their mobile phones while others watched the passing bushes with solemn boredom. Only one of them chuckled at the conductor’s retort.

Then Kaycee heard the snoring.

At first he didn’t take it serious until he felt his shoulder vibrating in sequence with the droning sound.
He looked at the pretty head resting on his shoulder and noticed her mouth had fallen ajar.

The deeper she drifted into sleep, the more her snoring gathered momentum.

And she snored like a beast. It became so loud that Kaycee wondered if she had an amplifier hooked up her mouth somewhere. He just couldn’t believe how a human being so petite in size and looks could let out such amount of noise in the middle of sleep.

She gave a sudden loud snort that startled one of the absent minded passengers.

‘Chei! This one go like sleep die!’ The conductor whispered looking at her in amazement.

Kaycee began to feel a bit uncomfortable. He racked his brain for what he could do to stop her from snoring. He couldn’t think of any. The only remedy he had ever given a snoring person, which in this case had been his obnoxious brother, was a small stinging slap across the face.

That was just out of the question in this situation.

The snoring suddenly changed octave into a harsh combo of snorting-rasping sounds. It was as if she had switched into some enhanced turbo-charged snoring.

Kaycee glared in alarm at her open mouth which refused to close despite a couple of slumber-swallows she did before ‘changing gear’.

Then he felt the wetness on his shoulder.

The first thought that had occurred to him was that she was sweating onto his shoulder but he looked down and saw the large wad of spittle drooling onto his shirt from her open mouth.

Kaycee gasped in mixed disgust.

She lifted a hand in the middle of slumber, stuck a finger up one of her nostrils scratching her nasal orifice judiciously.

All that feel-good moment of her absolute dependency on him dissipated fast. 

The bus suddenly braked abruptly as the driver tried to avoid a series of potholes scattered across the road the moment they came round a bend.

The halting jolted sleeping passengers out of their sleep, including Caramel Skin.

She raised her head, drowsy and mind-numbed as to circumstances around her. She felt the wetness on her cheek, grabbed a hankie from her bag to mop up the spittle. She stopped again on realizing where her head had lay. She saw the wet area on Kaycee’s shirt and hurriedly dug into her bag again to bring out sanitary wipes.

‘I...I’m so...sorry!’ She stammered apologetically as she nervously wiped the spittle off Kaycee’s shoulder.

Her vulnerable and embarrassed state struck a sympathetic chord in Kaycee.

‘It’s okay’ he said trying to stop her but she insisted on cleaning the mess she had made.

‘Please let me. I shouldn’t have fallen asleep like that...I’m so sorry’

‘Don’t be. You even look like you needed the sleep.’

She stopped cleaning and threw the wipe in a bin attached behind the driver’s seat.

‘But why didn’t you wake me?’

‘Because you looked cute in your sleep?’

It was meant to be a compliment but it sounded like a question.

She blushed vividly and smiled.

‘You’re welcome!’ Kaycee replied to her expression.

She leaned forward towards him.

‘Eerrm..Did I snore a lot?’


Her face became flushed again with embarrassment.

‘And you even picked your nose.’

She gasped and gave him a look of despair.

‘But you still looked very cute.’

She blinked rapidly suddenly flushed with mixed emotions.

Kaycee realized that` he had judged her too quickly through the incident. Despite her good looks, she was bound to have certain flaws. After all, he too had his own snags – like farting several times in his sleep.

‘My name’s Kaycee.’ He said offering a handshake.

She took his hand gratefully.

‘I’m Tina’ She replied, a warm smile lighting up her face, ‘and I’m very pleased to meet you.’

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Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage...SMH

I sat down at my computer reading this news totally horrified to my wits end...


According to a report from Vanguardngr.com:

Britain legalised gay marriage on Wednesday after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal assent to a bill approved by lawmakers, the culture ministry said.

Same-sex couples will be able to marry from next year after Prime Minister David Cameron pushed the legislation through against the will of dozens of his own Conservative lawmakers.

Members of parliament cheered as they were told the historic bill, pushed through by Prime Minister David Cameron despite opposition within his own party, had passed into law.

Did someone threaten Cameron about pushing this bill? There was serious opposition against the act but he went with it.

The Queen & Cameron

“This is a historic moment that will resonate in many people’s lives,” said Culture Minister Maria Miller, whose department was responsible for the bill.
“I am proud that we have made it happen, and I look forward to the first same sex wedding by next summer.”

Lawmakers in parliament’s lower House of Commons formally approved the bill on Tuesday night, a day after the upper House of Lords gave it the nod. 

The queen’s assent, given in her capacity as head of state, was then announced in both chambers of parliament on Wednesday, at which point it became law. 

This makes one suspicious of many of those folks in power like Miller...are they secretly gay? Is Prime Minister Cameron secretly gay too?

And then I read this part towards the end of the report:

The cheers that greeted the news belied the stormy passage that the bill had through parliament, during which many of Cameron’s Conservative lawmakers opposed it. 

Cheers? Who were those that cheered? The same people that kicked against it? This is confusing.
In the next few months or year to follow, I know a lot of wierd stuff will start happening as a result of this bill.

I had always said UK was probably a no go area for me to ever visit. Now I'm scared shitless to ever holiday there...someday they might pass a bill to allow whites to shoot blacks because some cabinet member is freaking racist.

What's the world coming to? There's definitely a spirit of gayness all over the place with Obama crusading for their rights and factions across the world protesting for sodomy values...uurrgh...can't stand the thought of it.

This must never happen in Naija...it must never!

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The Suspicious Info on Funke Akindele Oloyede's Reported Break-up

The entertainment circuit will never be void of sensational rumors and news. The present buzz going on is that Funke Akindele Oloyede and her hubby
have called it quits after barely a year of married life. My reaction on seeing this was to yell, 'They have come again oh!' Nigerian blogs and entertainment sites all over the internet picked up the news and made a razzmatazz show of it.

The whole furor started after it was reported that her husband Kehinde Oloyede placed a message on his facebook page stating the following:
 “It’s with heavy heart that am announcing the separation of me nd ma wife Mrs Olufunke Akindele, we’ve both agreed to go our separate ways coz of irreconcilable differences. we still best of friends nd we 4ever remain gud friends.”

The so-called message has somehow disappeared from the facebook page.

Tabloids don't seem to be sure as to the veracity and truth of this message and as a result have questioning headlines like:

Funke Akindele’s one year marriage ends? (Vanguard)

Funke Akindele Separated From Husband? (Osun Defender)

Linda Ikeji who reported the story was said to have stated that the matter was confirmed from Funke's publicist. However, Funke's publicist tweeted
a message to deny the allegation:

My attn’s just bn drawn to LIB claiming 2 ve spoken to Funke Akindele’s Publicist confirming her story.4 records Linda&I never spoke!
— NEECEE-Bosslady (@heywhyoh) July 15, 2013

Although there's no valid confirmation of the truth of the seperation, the only probable reason to doubt may be the fact that Funke's twitter account still carries her husband's surname.

But then, her Blackberry Messenger Id which used to bear the same name has been changed to just 'Jenifa'. Not probably enough to arrive at the conclusion that the couple has gone splitsville.

One can't also deny the fact that this is not the first time fake messages have appeared on facebook pages of celebrities, some which were hacked into, others which were created to impersonate for fraudulent purposes.

If Kehinde Akindele's message prove to be fake, the question would be, why and for what purpose was this done?

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Another 39 Weird Facts You Probably Never Knew

Okay, I would have said 40 facts if not for the fact that I added the last one late since its not on the list. Okay so lets say the first fact which is illustrated above is that your imagination is more alive when you read a book than when you watch TV. Okay...is that really weird? You be the judge. 

Thanks to Koier from www.memecenter.com who put them together.

If you never know. now you know!

Content Source: www.memecenter.com/koier
First image source: www.themetapicture.com

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Signs of the Times 6 [Photos]

I saw a documentary recently about Lagos Area boys and I couldn't resist laughing at some of the stuff  exposed about Nigerians, particularly Lagosians. Its not the first documentary based on Lagos; there have been several others which were produced either by Foreigners or Nigerians; like the one on fuel subsidy or 'Welcome to Lagos'. The ones by foreigners are usually funny because of the perspective. I then had this funny brainwave on what it would look like to do a documentary on the funny signage blunders about town in Naija.

Err...on second thought, probably not. Maybe as a small fun video on youtube sha! So here are more signs of the times about town...

In a city where commercial bus drivers cruise the streets 
like insane animals,we come across this very emotional dude; 
claims he's not a 'danfoman' yet he drives a danfo...lol

This was most definitely written by a drunk person..
after all it was written behind a local bar.

For those who need confirmation on who they are,
just piss in this spot

If you ever lived in Naija and watched local stations,
you'll know why this signboard is so amusing.

National disgrace of grammatical proportions!

Looks like the kind of church where you get 
possessed rather than delivered

Even local governments have their own share 
in the national cake of grammatical shotguns.

Naija people like drama too much...even on paper.

I want to believe this is not real...seriously!

Sometimes filling a form feels like answering 
stupid JAMB questions...like the case of 
this Nigerian Customs Service form

English language the Naija way...no wonder
we have one of the sexiest accents worldwide...

I'm not a football fan but I know some of these teams' names
have suffered in the hands of an illiterate with a chalk.

Naija signboard and their curses...

Now that makes me feel my phone 
would actually get destroyed.

Need a spouse? Consult this garbage can....
not a good image sha!

This cake has suffered...gbagaun on ice 
must taste weird.

Reading this notice alone can make one feel cursed.

Husbands are now available...
miserable single ladies come take your pick!

Errn...what do they actually do in this station? 'Tap current'?

NSDC and their questionable tinz...
I bet Oga at the top can't even figure out what this designation means.

So how does America smell? Like fattening food from KFC? 
Anointing to whaat?

Cheap stuff is suspicious stuff. 
If you don't believe me, call those numbers!

Just looking at this signboard is enough 
to give you some of those diseases 

Even if the baby took her first shit, 
you'll find Nigerians who will celebrate it.

SMH...Na this kind of name dey spoil market...

A notice to add insult to the injury of taking a hard shit in the loo...

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