The event took place on Sunday 20th. The venue was Eko Le meridien Hotel in Victoria Island.

The nominees and winners to the Orange Wall of Fame were selected through online voting. Its an event that celebrates brands that have made impact in the country.

The winners included, Indomie Noodles, MTN, 141 Worldwide, TBWA, Skye bank, GTBank, Coca Cola, Guinness, Insight Grey.

That's just some out of the many pics taken.

For more information on Orange Academy and the whole works, check out the site -->

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Blog Review for Today - Black James Bond

What actually attracted me to this blog was its name. ‘A Black James Bond’? I was like ‘what the heck?’ but still clicked the link to get a load of what was in store from this fellow claiming to be the negro version of one of the world’s most popular sleuths.

I didn’t regret clicking the link…at all.

Black Bond’s site got me hooked with the rich placement of colors and the powerful header visual which consisted of traditional African rendition of what a black James Bond would look like. The rich use and blend of black and bluish green spoke of a mastery that got me suspecting that black 007 is a real artist. A colleague of mine saw the site and was like, ‘Did this dude finish from Yabatech?’ (Most of the best artists in Lagos were products of Yabatech).

The artistry was evident in Black 007’s use of majorly just 3 colors alone and sticking to that scheme all through. The advantage of such a layout is that you your eyes get a pleasant view and are not confused with too many colors here and there. And I must add, it’s a neat blog, very tidy in every sense of the word, no scatterings to make you loose concentration.

And the content? Black James Bond can write! The dude is actually a cool storyteller. His entries on the series ‘Richard’s Battles’ tells it all. With fluid narration that keeps you toeing the line with him you take in every detail of the story he tells. The strong aspect of his storytelling is that it describes complex situations in a simple manner. You don’t get bored at all.

Babatunde a.k.a Black James Bond made it to my list because his site is unique- yeah, that’s the word.

Rating for Black James Bond
I’m loving it!

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This entry is a bit of a surprise to I myself but I just couldn’t but help noticing something quite alarming in the world of soccer sports. It all started when I came across an online footage of a tragic moment in football. A Hungrarian footballer collapsed suddenly on the field during a game and died on the spot.

His name was Miklós Fehér.

The footage was shocking. One moment the dude was smiling and the next he crashed to the ground. I watched as team players and officials tried to revive him. Then there was panic as the realization that he might be dead sent all his teammates into sorrowful fits as they began to cry…

I googled Miklós Fehér and found out what actually killed him was some kind of heart ailment with some big name. Fehér died from ventricular fibrillation brought on by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I guessed from the ‘bigness’ of the name it was some sort of nasty killer.

My search them led me to other footballers who had also died while playing on the field. I discovered shocking facts;

Almost everyone of them died of a heart problem!
They were mostly young fellows in their prime.
They died quicker without chance of survival.
With very minimal exceptions, it happened while they were on the field.
Nigeria and other African countries were not left out in the string of football deaths.

It made me ask the question, is soccer a jinxed sport? I’m really not a soccer enthusiast but I can’t help noticing some things which may be overlooked.

Here’s the shocking roll call of some recorded insidents;

Renato Curi - suffered a heart attack on October 30, 1977 while playing for Perugia in a Serie A match against Juventus. Perugia's ground is named after him.

Samuel Okwaraji - Okwaraji collapsed and died while playing for Nigeria against Angola in a World Cup Qualifier on August 12, 1989. An autopsy showed that the 24-year-old had an enlarged heart and high blood pressure.

David Longhurst - suffered a heart attack on the pitch while playing for York City against Lincoln on 8 September 1990. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. To honor his memory, York City named one of the stands at the Bootham Crescent stadium after him.

1997: Emmanuel Awanegbo, a Nigerian playing in Germany, died after only 12 minutes of play. The death was attributed to cardiac arrest.

1995: Amir Angwe, 29, a striker for the Julius Berger Club of Nigeria, collapsed a minute before the end of an African Cup Winner's Cup semi-final match with Maxaquene of Mozambique. Doctors believe he died of a heart attack.

February 2000: John Ikoroma, a 17-year-old Nigerian youth international, suffered a heart attack during a friendly match in the United Arab Emirates. He was in a trial match for Al-Wahda against Kazakh Club Astona when he collapsed 20 minutes before the final whistle. He died in hospital.

Eri Irianto -The Persebaya Surabaya's midfielder passed away at 1:45 AM on April 2, 2000 in Dr. Sutomo Hospital in Surabaya, East Java after heart failure. Eri was taken to the hospital during halftime of Persebaya's league match against PSIM Yogyakarta because he said that he was having trouble breathing. He had some treatment at the hospital but there was nothing the doctors could do to save his life.

Marc-Vivien Foé - collapsed while playing for Cameroon on June 26, 2003 whilst playing in the FIFA Confederations Cup semifinal between his country and Colombia, and died shortly afterward in hospital. An autopsy later revealed the cause of death was a heart attack caused by an enlarged right ventricle.

January 25, 2004: Benfica's Hungarian international striker Miklos Feher, 24, collapsed during a Portuguese league match against Vitoria Guimaraes and never regained consciousness. The autopsy revealed he had suffered from a heart malformation.
In memory of him, Benfica have retired the number 29 shirt which he wore during his time at the club.

October 27, 2004: Brazilian Serginho, 30, collapsed during a Brazilian first division match between his club Sao Caetano and Sao Paulo and later died. His death caused a huge controversy after the autopsy revealed that his heart weighed 600 grams, twice the normal size. Sao Caetano, the club's president and the doctor were sanctioned by Brazil's sporting authorities.

Matt Gadsby of Hinckley United collapsed on the pitch on September 9, 2006, during a Conference North game against Harrogate Town and died soon afterwards in Harrogate District Hospital. Medical tests revealed he died from a heart condition known as Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy, an inherited condition that affects the muscle of the right ventricle of the heart.

Cristiano Junior collided with Mohun Bagan goalkeeper Subrata Paul in the 78th minute of the Federation Cup finals while scoring his second goal after chasing the ball into the box, staggered away, then collapsed. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. The game continued after Junior was taken off the field. He was dead on arrival at Hosmat Hospital. Dempo won the Cup, 2-0. He was the highest paid footballer in India

Antonio Puerta: 22 year old Sevilla FC player Puerta died on August 28, 2007 of multiple organ failure, stemming from prolonged cardiac arrest, three days after suffering from several heart attacks during a league game against Getafe CF on 25 August, 2007.

Chaswe Nsofwa: Zambia-born player signed by Hapoel Beersheba, died on August 29, 2007 from sudden heart failure during a training match against Maccabi Beersheba.





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Blog Review for Today

My blog review for the day is Ollay's blog.

‘The Parakeet’ as she’s nicknamed is true to her blog description as she plainly stated in her header;

“My blog promises to be honest, heart wrenching and a no holds barred to events in my life, that of my friends, families, acquaintances and perhaps colleagues. I am not a master of fanciful words but I could make you smile and most importantly make you think…”

I was referred to her site by someone else, either Oluwadee or someone whom I can’t remember right now.

Ollay’s blog is a what I’d call a Social Realist Blogger because her entries keep it real; she takes time to mirror or present the happenstances of our everyday society, be it in the western world or back home in Nigeria. From the entries I’ve read, I’ve seen how she discussed topics that touch issues that matter.

How else would I say it? Ollay’s blog is informative. She takes time to get into her details and carry you along. Ollay has a writer’s mien in her, no doubt about it. Her titles can be engaging enough to want you to check what its all about.

Another unmistakable fact about Ollay’s blog is that she keeps it neat enough for your eyes not to get distracted by some funny colors or images scattered all over the pages. In my years in advertising, I’ve come to know the importance of keeping layouts tidy and not too loaded with visuals that will be too busy for the eyes to enjoy scanning through. This makes Ollay’s page a pleasant read.

That’s why ‘The Parakeet’ made the list of the blogs that I view.

Good job Ollay.

Rating for Ollay's Blog
I'm Diggin' it!

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The Muses

WARNING: If you intend to answer with an insult because a point touched your nerve don't bother!

4 Questions
Give an answer if you think you have one

Why is it that majority of bloggers are females?

Why is it that it’s mostly in black music videos that half naked women are showcased rolling their bumbums?

Why do some people think being gangsta is cool?

What’s good about smoking a cigarette?

My Convictions
Agree, disagree, or state otherwise

I am convinced that;

>That black folks who play loud music and show off their blings are suffering from low self esteem

>That falling in love is just having a stupid crush. To Love is an act not an accident. You can choose to love or not.

>That condoms won’t protect you much longer. Sperm cells are mutating.

>That America has the nastiest case of obese people.

>If you wanna get in trouble at work open ............’s blog on full screen. (fill in the blanks)

>Decent people are extinct

>There’s hardly anything for kids to listen to anynmore. Too much adult trash on the airwaves.

>Too many idle folks in the western world.

>When you’re female and in your mid-20s, you are either confused, playing around or getting serious with life. Unfortunately the serious ones are very few.

>A copycat is just a lazy coward.

>Nollywood is a copycat

>It’s easier to commit suicide when you’re a white man than when you’re an African.

>Nigeria is changing and would soon become a nation to positively reckon with.

Each of these convictions can become a topic for an entry no doubt.

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Fooling Around

Just an April 1st happenstance I wanna share

Essy one of my colleagues came to work looking so smashing that I was forced to compliment her.
The effect of her good look must have been really very strong because when Neyo, a dude from our Media department stepped in to get some info, he just had to do the ridiculous by all means. He stepped up to Essy and the dialogue took place between them.

Neyo: Give me a hug. Today’s my birthday.
Essy: Today’s your birthday? So you’re a fool?
Neyo: Eh?
Essy: Today is april fools day now. E mean say you be fool.

Okay, I couldn't help but laugh but Neyo looked stupid when she told him that. I knew he just wanted to 'committ touchery' due to the unpalatable tetosterone rush that hit him after seeing the good looking Essy.


Racqwel nearly lost her mind I told her we had lost one of our prestigious clients to a rival agency.

She had worked her butt, lost a lot of sleep and apettite over the account and to hear of it being poached by another client was a serious nightmare happen in the daytime.

When I eventually told her she had been april fooled and that no such thing happened, she nearly tore my head off.

Happy April Fools day y'all! (If its worth celebrating)

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