The Sex You Thought You Knew

Hey y’all!!
I’m so sorry for the break in blog-mission. It was due to some things that are putting me in full gear in terms of preparation.

I’ve been wanting to blog about something very important that affects everyone of us. You know what it is? It SEX. I know a topic like these interests many peeps.

I was surfing the ever loaded channels of Youtube in search of both useful and useless information; useful information because of its usefulness, useless information because you can get sense out of nonsense.

In my search I came across this channel of some dude who did a four-part tribute to dead Porn Stars. I thought it was rather absurd. That’s my opinion anyway ‘cause who knows, maybe porn stars have dead serious devoted fans out there. But since I’m not a stickler for porn, it remains absurd.

I would have actually skipped the channel and gone on to something else but something caught my attention. It gave away a scary revelation that I felt I should share. What I’m about to tell you all aint new. Some of you might be aware of it but you may not be aware that you are actually aware that you are aware of it. They usually say what you don’t know won’t hurt you but the truth is that what you don’t know could kill you.

Sex is the highest level of emotion that any living being gets to attain; it’s more than just two bodies cavorting ecstatically between the sheets. But most of us don’t know anything beyond that and think there’s nothing more than that. But like I said, what you don’t know could kill you.  Am I talking about STDs? No. Its way more than that because STDs you can arm yourself against but this one, you can't. 

To be continued....

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Parakeet said...

Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrst! Finally. Na wa me wan hear am o. I once heard a message by a pastor that when you have sex with a person, its so spiritual to the point that you both share each other's spritual challenges. Dont know if that is true but that scared the shyte outta am really wondering wot more you got to say abt sex.

Afrobabe said...

Hmmm…wonder what that could be…????

archiwiz said...

Thats a very descriptive pic about what one could be getting himself or herself into with sex.

BTW, forgive me for not yet answering your tag. I've been "busy" compiling the list...:D. Plus, its also one of my quirks.

I am waiting.

archiwiz said...

Hey... Where u don run go? :)

I've replied your tag ohh.

Charizard said...

amwith double O on this one we are waiting...impatiently...

OluwaDee said...

oooooooooooooooo, u sld av finished it now.

D pix is just weird.

Hmmmmm come and finish this oooo.