Crazy Thinking

When you think out of the box, you come up with real interesting stuff. 

People who think out of the box usually revolutionize things and give us another view of things like we've never seen them before. Its called creativity. But not all ideas are easily acceptable, yet no idea is totally useless. Check out these out-of-the-box ideas and creations...

A door handle that's friendly...get a handshake as you come in. this idea is waay crazy! A door handle made to look like shit...the idea was to give the rest room an identity that makes it easy for visistors to locate...Ha!

It looks like someone chopped off that cable but actually that's a 2 Gig USB flash storage drive! Interesting.

For the cooks and bakers in the house, you dont need to use scales anymore. This scale-spoon does just that for you. so you can be sure of your measurements.

The Japanese are so wierd! Designer sanitary pads? To cheer the women up when they're flying the red flag?

Two in one shoes. A good way to save you the hassles of spending money on two shoes.

My oh my! Breast Puddings from Japan! The Japenese are definitely crazy. What wierd way to get creative with edibles. 

Now this really cracked me up. Wigs for Pets!

This one's called the 'Yappy Hour' and comes in different hair colors.

The Pin-Up wig

Joe The Bartender wig

The Afro wig

And here's the Rastaman, Marley Dreadlocks wig.

Standtall will like these series...

The Pink passion wig

Bashful blonde wig

The Electric blue wig


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archiwiz said...


And may I say the toilet one...

Buttercup said...

my 1st time here!

interestin stuff u got there...the door handle wit the hand looks creepy, funny tho!

the shit door handle...ewwwwww

lol @ the usb storage device n them pet wigs..gosh, oyinbos shaaaaa!

i like the scale spoon!

lol @ the japanese creations......2 in 1 shoes???

u crack me up.

I think your blog doesnt like me! Iv not missed a single post of yours, but whenever I try to leave a comment, it keeps giving me error messages! Hope this one actually posts!
I seriously digggg that scale spoon. That is brilliant. I need that.
So many things have been pushing me to think outside the box the past few days. Must be a sign!!

Elle Woods said...

lmao at breast pudding and wigs for dogs.
I will be honest tho..that toilet door handle looked like something totally different to me.

Afronuts said...


@Buttercup...welcome to my site powerpuff brat!

@NaijadramaQ...abeg no vex sweetie. Na becuz of u I even changed the comment format. Remember the tutorial i gave way back? Pls bear wit me eh?

@Elle woods...same here. A shit door handle was the last thing i thot of till I read wot it was

Afronuts said...

@ someoneelse...Glad to apeal to ur sense of humour lol

Iyalode said...

lmao......the wigs are kinda cute

OluwaDee said...

Lol! Love d designer sanitary pads. I need 1 of those, @ least I'll fly a posh red flag.