The Obese and The Plus Sized

I burst into a fit of rabid laughter.
My mentor had just related something that’s so funny yet seriously shocking.

He said while he was in the US he had never in his life come across such massive and huge human beings as the variety of fat people you have in America. 

Why did he raise this point?
He was talking about trying to meet Naija’s needs. One of such needs is food. If the we can totally solve the problem of hunger in Nigeria then we’ll have fewer cases of poor nutrition and living below the poverty line in terms of feeding. The common man in Nigerian is struggling to put food on the table and feed a family - That’s a need that has to be met across the nation.

In comparism, the US has solved that problem. In fact, the need has been met too much such that it’s become a problem.

The proof? Obese people all over the place!


According to Ron Taylor in his article, Obesity - an American Epidemic:  

An epidemic of obesity and its health related complications are sweeping America.
Unfortunately, one out of three of us are part of this plague, and the number appears to grow daily. 
Despite an abundance of diet books, diet plans, home exercise equipment, and dire warnings from the medical community, less than one percent of dieters achieve sustained weight loss and many fail to produce measurable results in health improvements.
 In fact, research suggests dieting may be part of the obesity problem, rather than the solution.

The root of the obesity problem lies in our eating habits. Simply put, we eat too much saturated fat and refined sugar, and too little fiber-most of this brought on by spending over half of our food budget on fast food in the form of greasy burgers and fries, gulped down with syrup-laden sodas…

Read the rest of the article

Eddie Murphy's 'Femme FATale' in Norbit bares the (Uurrgh!) flesh.

Naija has its own share of fat folks too but there are more cases of massive potbellies in Naija than obese people. Thanks to excessive starchy food consumption and absence of balanced diet. 
I’ve come across some cases where fat people try to justify their being large as a feature that should be appreciated and not ridiculed.

Well, my point would be that there’s a difference between an Obese person and a Plus-sized person. Obese people usually have a record of excessive intake of junk food and had a way they looked before they became how they are.

 Plus sized folks are just naturally big. And you’ll find out that such people can still look ‘flabulous’ because they were made that way.

Monique - plus sized thats big and beautiful

So if you’re naturally plus-sized, then you’re big and can be beautiful. As for being obese, I don’t see anything beautiful in that.

Plus-Sized can still be beautiful 

Obese people should stop comforting themselves by classing themselves among the plus-sized folk, they should get medical help!

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Sha said...


now lemme read
some nasty pics tho

Sha said...

ewwwwh i wanna throw up oh..
nuttin beautiful in those pics.. i'm sorry

AlooFar said...

Mr Kush, these pictures, minus the last one, are disturbing.

Standtall said...

Nothing is good with obesity. It's a disease. Kai, a kinda bad one sef

Vera Ezimora said...

I, too think Monique is a beautiful woman. And you know who else I love? Jennifer Hudson. I really think she's HAWT. She has so many outfits that I just wanna peel off her body.

Sadly, obesity really is an epidemic in America. I dunno what is happening 2 us, but I am scared for us. Those women's stomachs are so huge that they don't look real. God help us all.

Omosewa said...

Monique has lost weight.

lol@web insect and yahoo yahoo

archiwiz said...

Yee!!!! Wahala ohh...The last lady on the right (in the 1st pic) looks pregnant.

Parakeet said...

Preach it brotha...but really its true...obesity is wack!

I dey o Kush. Long time!

Jaycee said...

I really love the blatant honesty and truthfulness of this post.

When obese people start to classify themselves as "plus-sized and beautiful" then "Houston, we have a problem."

I am particularly tripped with the statement "...In fact, the need has been met too much such that it’s become a problem..." I once saw an obese woman in an airport and coming behind her was her young daughter who was twice her size. I wondered why the mother would allow such! There are so many ways to watch ones weight from improved diet to exercises.

Plus sized women are beautiful. I just like Queen Latifah.

NikkiSab said...

If u av time google 'Half ton Mom' Its really scary dat pple become dat large. It is hard work sometimes for dese ladies and guys (also google half ton dad) Some can do all de can but will still end up on d big side eg Oprah. Its disgusting and annoying wen de dress inappropriately or some dont help swallowing heavy meals n snacks.

princesa said...

I guess am one of the naturally big boned ones but God forbid i end up like those women in the pics!

I adore Monique.

I ope u will be at the SBR o!Would love to meet you.

LG said...

lolllllllllllllllllll i confess,
i confess i nor read anything o,
d pics just dey confuse me, chai!!!
i reject it, i reject it....
lolllllllllllll i ll be back


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Whenever my mum and I watch reality and talk shows and the people start acting up, she always says:
"Sun chi, sun koshi". Meaning they have eaten and are full. According to her, they dont have real problems.LOL
My aunt just came to visit me from 9ja, and it was her first time in the states. She was in shock from the airport, because of all the obese poeple she saw...

please tell me the first picture is some photoshop miracle....

on one of those rare moments that ets me watching discovering channel, there was a documentary on obese folks. most of them bring it upon themselves consciously. the just cant help but eat and eat and eat greasy unhealthy meals...urggg

bumight said...

there is increasing evidence that obesity might be genetic. meaning that some people who are obese are genetically programmed to keep eating and they can't feel "full". however, that is not an excuse sha, but it just shows how serious the problem is.
I think even if you have that defec in naija, you wont even find food to eat so you might not get that big.

Shubby Doo said...

The pics are scary...i've never able 2 understand the extremes easily found in the's either this or size 0

Dammy said...

I think we are better left with the problem of poverty than to face the horror of obesity.

Maybe we should administer some dose of "Opa-eyin" with three months dry fasting... if symptoms persist after three month, try visiting Sudan for some military intervention.

My 2 cent.

Hi Afronut.

Lady Koko said...

thank you Lord for my slender genes....for although i eat like monster.....the fat always somehow manage to come out as shit!

Afronuts said...

@ Sha…U don’t believe plus sized can be beauriful?

@Aloofar…The last one I agree. But Monique is not bad either don’t u think?

@Standtall…tell dem


@Archiwiz…u sef, na the unusual u go notice!

@Parakeet…Halleluyah sista! The truth is bitter but it shall set ‘em free!

@Omosewa…Haba. She’s not sufferin oh!

@Jaycee…thanks. LOL @ ‘Houston we have a problem’ – very hilarious analogy!

@Nikkisab…I googled it and I got scared shitless. I cant believe a human being could turn out looking like that!

@Princesa…you are big? Wow. But ur pics don’t show it. That means u’re frigging beautiful!

@LG…I know the feelin’. U were scared by the pics u lost the guts to read!

@NaijaDramaQ…LMAO!! Your mum had that same experience as my Pastor. He couldn’t believe such peeps existed.

@Bumight…I think the fact that obesity is genetic is because one generation decided to be careless with diet and such a habit was passed onto coming generations. Good point sha.

@Shubby doo…yeah, it’s a case of serious extremes.

@dammy…LMAO!!! Nnaa men! That was some hilarious prescription!

@Lady Koko…’Stay thick and curvy’ I like that line. LMAO!! Ur fat comes out as shit? U berra write a book about how u do it. LOL!

Buttercup said...

wow...i actually feel sorry for them...

Anonymous said...

Hey big is beautiful.......where is my previous post??

Afronuts said...

@buttercup...share moments of silence for them please

@kin'shar...Yeah, big is beautiful, Obese is not. And I know u're big as well as beautiful. Seen ya pics. previous post? Im not aware!

That first pic is rather disturbing... I wouldn't want to be seated next to people like that in a plane or something. But you are right, most obese people bring it on themselves. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

ok I noticed that when i send my first comment it doesnt go I have to send it again... anyway thanks, take care.

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