Blog Review for Today - LadyGuide (LG)

She calls herself LG, acronym for ‘Ladyguide’ which is also the name of her blog – and does a good deal of guiding you into a fit of mindless laughter from the way she dishes the yarns on her blog. Her blog is the type I’d refer to the ‘Fantabulously Sanguine Blog’.

Let’s start first of all with the look of her blog. It chocolate brown – a sweet color to the eyes with a welcoming masthead of the frothing seawater washing next to the drawing of a heart etched into the sand. The aesthetic look of her blog succeeds in its job of getting your attention because of its unique look; its single minded use of just one dull yet inviting color with a soft yet strong look is very striking and memorable. 

I think it would have been more interesting if LG had a tagline below her name that described her as the one to give you a tour guide into a world of hilarious moments. Nevertheless, LG’s blog is one BIG comic relief, anytime, anyday. 

Probably it’s LG’s content that actually takes your reactions to the climax. Her deliberate use of Naija pidgin in the most hilarious manner just blows your mind as you read through. The blog’s conversational manner is so apt that the simplest things she mentions such as observations can activate your sense of humour. For those stressed out folks, for those burned out peeps, for those depressed individuals and unhappy bogons (provided you’re Naija because of the pidgin and Naija references), I’ll recommend a dosage of LG’s blog. This girl is just off the hook. 

One other thing I like about her blog are her social commentaries. LG no doubt is a good observer of things happening around her from the nature of these entries. She takes time to detail happenstances that give you a vivid picture of a brief moment.
LG’s use of pidgin and well-known Naija lingos are elemets that give her blog that desirable appeal; these are the elements that generate that enjoyable nostalgia of our motherland, Nigeria. Despite the wahala in the country, there’s so much material to generate humour from and she achieves that on her blog. 

LG stands out as a good blogger. Her blog is original and has a style of its own. I’ll accord her as one of the most interesting ‘Naijacentric’ blogs I’ve ever read. 

Rating for LG
I'm digging it!

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ibiluv said...

i love her too

Nice review. I like LG, she definitely cracks me up.

Afro, how you been dey na?

Buttercup said...

hehehehe lg crazy woman! love her to bits!

lovely review!

aloted said...

lol..i totally agree with this review...

give it up for our own LG ;)

Jaycee said...

I totally agree...its as if you downloaded my thoughts about LG's blog...LOLLLLLLL. Love it!

Kafo said...

hmmmm thanks for this review, u r right the way she intertwins pidgin in her blog makes mii laugh and remember home

LG said...

aaaahhhhh mo'gbe *hold's head*
i just say make i carry my leg come do gbeboru for here...naim i see Lg weds Lg :)
*clears throat*
Eyin temi' unu nagode o'
bros kafo' u sef gba ti'e :)
ur own no go spoil lailai, Amii :)
Guys Thanx for the endorsement' i rily appreciate it

Standtall said...

Hmmm ma norrin do you LG. I so love her

badderchic said...

first time here, I'm wondering why the hell why

Pretty spot on with the review, LG has a good blog going