The Obese and The Plus Sized

I burst into a fit of rabid laughter.
My mentor had just related something that’s so funny yet seriously shocking.

He said while he was in the US he had never in his life come across such massive and huge human beings as the variety of fat people you have in America. 

Why did he raise this point?
He was talking about trying to meet Naija’s needs. One of such needs is food. If the we can totally solve the problem of hunger in Nigeria then we’ll have fewer cases of poor nutrition and living below the poverty line in terms of feeding. The common man in Nigerian is struggling to put food on the table and feed a family - That’s a need that has to be met across the nation.

In comparism, the US has solved that problem. In fact, the need has been met too much such that it’s become a problem.

The proof? Obese people all over the place!


According to Ron Taylor in his article, Obesity - an American Epidemic:  

An epidemic of obesity and its health related complications are sweeping America.
Unfortunately, one out of three of us are part of this plague, and the number appears to grow daily. 
Despite an abundance of diet books, diet plans, home exercise equipment, and dire warnings from the medical community, less than one percent of dieters achieve sustained weight loss and many fail to produce measurable results in health improvements.
 In fact, research suggests dieting may be part of the obesity problem, rather than the solution.

The root of the obesity problem lies in our eating habits. Simply put, we eat too much saturated fat and refined sugar, and too little fiber-most of this brought on by spending over half of our food budget on fast food in the form of greasy burgers and fries, gulped down with syrup-laden sodas…

Read the rest of the article

Eddie Murphy's 'Femme FATale' in Norbit bares the (Uurrgh!) flesh.

Naija has its own share of fat folks too but there are more cases of massive potbellies in Naija than obese people. Thanks to excessive starchy food consumption and absence of balanced diet. 
I’ve come across some cases where fat people try to justify their being large as a feature that should be appreciated and not ridiculed.

Well, my point would be that there’s a difference between an Obese person and a Plus-sized person. Obese people usually have a record of excessive intake of junk food and had a way they looked before they became how they are.

 Plus sized folks are just naturally big. And you’ll find out that such people can still look ‘flabulous’ because they were made that way.

Monique - plus sized thats big and beautiful

So if you’re naturally plus-sized, then you’re big and can be beautiful. As for being obese, I don’t see anything beautiful in that.

Plus-Sized can still be beautiful 

Obese people should stop comforting themselves by classing themselves among the plus-sized folk, they should get medical help!

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Blog Review For Today - Vera Ezimora

If I said Vera’s blogs are dope in terms of its aesthetics, I’d be lying because in actual fact there’s nothing quite extra-ordinary about them. I could have passed it over for just another ordinary blog but I did otherwise because I believe in every blog there has to be something good hidden in there. 
I read through her blogs and at the end I was glad I didn’t pass them by! The remarkable thing is that what the blog never gave you in aesthetics, it complimented for it in the content – and it did it very well.

Without mincing words Vera manages to get your attention even when it looks like you wouldn’t give it. The magic of these blogs is such that you are carried by her writings and eventually forget whether there’s any aesthetic value or not. 

No doubt Vera is a gifted writer and I won’t be surprised if she took it as a profession (that is if her profile is saying the truth). 
As you might have noted I have been referring to two blogs which she runs – 

  • The first one titled Word of Mine deals with articles she writes about observations she makes around her and life in general. What’s very striking about this blog is that she picks outrageous stuff to analyse in such a funny way that gets you smiling if not laughing and picking some really good well reasoned facts about the subject at hand. If you’re looking for articles to read on issues concerning life that won’t keep you bored but giggling from ear to ear, this first blog achieves that aim.

  • The second blog, Verastically Livin’ is a journal that details her personal day to day accounts. This blog has some about it that is quite intricate to explain. It’s a mixture of crazy outrageous humour with thought provoking issues. Its more laid back and free-minding unlike the first blog which carries a twinge of seriousness in it. Either way you have no choice but to like one of these blogs, they’re an impressive lot.

I’ll have to summarily say that Vera is a humorous as well as intelligent writer (a power and impactful mix!). you’ll laugh at her issues but at the same time you are made to think and follow her lead. Her topics can be soo out of the ordinary with write-ups like I'm Having Twins!!! and Enigma, I’m wondering how her mind just popped the idea to do write-ups from things people wouldn’t normally notice. It made me conclude that vera is not just humorous and creative, she damn creative! Creating a blog topic out of something that looks like it don’t matter and turning it into an issue that matters (and you’re compelled to agree), now that’s the power of a real good writer!

Rating for Vera Ezimora

I'm digging it!

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Much Ado About Mac


Apple has always been known for coming up with outstanding technololgical razzmatazz. They've got products that look like the technology for the future. Maybe they'll end up being the numero uno, who knows.

I like the looks, designs and all that sleek feel they got but I got beef for a number of  things about them...

The Mac Desktop Computer : Beautiful, stylish graphic interfaces and rich color display -stuff that has made many graphic artists fall in love with this computer. But in my brief relationship with a Mac Desktop I've come to find issues:

  1. The system is heavy! Yet when you look at it, you're decieved to feel it's light.
  2. When you tap the volume key on the keyboard, the sound effects sounds like an old woman's fart progressing to a louder crescendo.
  3. The CD drive seems to always have a lifespan that's limited than expected.
  4. It's too selective when it comes to detecting external hardware plugged to it.
  5. The sound it makes at startup aint musical at all. Not ear-friendly.  
  6. The Mac feels good to use but I don't think its user friendly.

As for the Mac Laptop, its just a smaller version of the big wahala. Portable beauty with equal wahala and same mannerisms.

The iPhone is the sensation and rave of the moment but unfortunately, a lot of ladies are gonna beef this phone because according what I read about it, it works with finger sentivity. So if you're wearing fashionably adorned nails, you aint gonna be able to tap that screen like you want to. Makes it look like a phone meant for men only!

Eermm...but on the real sha, if you dash me any Mac product I go collect!

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Unique Preg Shirt

I love this write-up on my pregnant colleague's blouse, I had to just snap it.

Just in case you can't see it, it reads: 

Coming Soon to a Hospital near you

PC: Pregnant And Cranky. Mood swings may not be suitable for anyone

Very Creative!

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Blog Review for Today - ARCHIWIZ

I have a younger brother who is an architect and one thing I've noticed about him and many other architects is the fact that their profession (just like mine) has to do with a lot of creativity, and there's the tendency for that creativity to spark off on other areas of their lives. That probably explains why Archiwiz's blog is the way it looks (She's an architect, actually).

Archiwiz's blog is something different to your eyes. Apart from the fact that she made her entries brief, simple and precise, (which according to certain principles makes reading a blog interesting) she makes her entry in a way not too common on blogospshere...she writes her blog rather than type them!

For those who probably can't guess how that's done, its with the Lenovo tablet PC which enables her to write on the screen rather than type it.

But then anybody could decide to pick one up and start tablet-blogging so that's not the only reason why I find her blog interesting. Actually it's because she does these interesting cute little illustrations in her entries and she mixes ink colors in such a way that your eyes get a lot of eye-candy instead of a monotonous bland font type. Another plus is the fact that she's got a legible handwriting which is a refreshing departure from the stiff fonts you get from the computer.

Archiwiz'z blog is reader friendly and not busy like some other blogs. Simplicity is the most friendly status that could make a blog pleasant to read and this blog achieves that.

Archiwiz employs a lot of creativity when making most of her entries, especially the ones with photo's attached to them. She literarily 'designs' the entry (a spark from the profession?) and it turns out to be beautiful. And she's got an advantage because of this habit - she can make a boring post a delightful read! Someone is definitely thinking out of the box as per blogging.

I like archiwiz's blog. Its like a refreshing 'something' for my eyes.

Rating for Archiwiz:

I'm Digging it!

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