I know what I did last Xmas

Its January 2009 and here's my first post for the year.

I'm still trying to adjust to the work mood and get out of the holiday mood - its almost like adapting to Naija's weather after you've spent months out of the country.

How was the holiday for you? For many it was dry, for others it was fun. I had fun with wifey and family.

Since I'm not making any serious entry, I'll leave you with a few shots I captured during the holidays.

Shots from Shiloh 2008 @ Canaanland. Families Camping and having fun with Baba God.

Delegates from other African Nations

I know what I ate last christmas. One of them is the delicacey yorubas call 'Ifokore'

Check for more pixs at the gallery

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MissLove said...

wow you had so much to eat! happy new yr!

Ifokore the Ijebu delicacy.

Happy nu yr Neye

how dar u post pics of suya!!!!!!!!!!!! now i have some serious craving...:( i always thot it was ikokore.......

Buttercup said...

aww nice..

like funms, i always thought it was 'ikokore'!

aww u r also a leftie!

happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ewww. looked like throw up...lol

but looks like everyone enjoyed. Umm, how come you didnt ask me to accompany you!!!???

** Enough of the insults on my page, cant help that Im cute...lol

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOO and Happy New Year

Teeee said...

Isn't that beans, stew and gari mixed (boiled or just cooked) together? I'm sure I've eaten that before, everything Naija finds its way to my kitchen. What's the English name for it please?

Happy New Year!!

LG said...

'ifokore kinda sounds like 'fokasibe :)
happy new year bro' may ur home be filled with laughter 2009 n beyond

OluwaDee said...

Is it ifokore or ikokore???
I love the dish I must say. I always eat it with dodo or fresh agege bread (weird, i no).

Happy new year.

What is that meal called again?

happy new year!

aloted said...

happy new year!

i also thot it was ikokore...afronuts...is that a typo..or have we all got it wrong over the years??

Maxi said...

Happy new year Afronuts!!!

Afronuts said...

Happy Nu year y'all!

Ifokore or Ikokore...they're both the same. I think its a dialect thing.

In fact it should be Ikokore! I concur to Oluwadee.

Which dialect is yours ore?

LG says it sounded like Ofokasibe ah ah

Afronuts said...

Agree...thats what I used to call it b4 they brainwashed me.
But I'm not sure which one belonged to my dialect.

Hahaha! Ofokasibe ke? Okay I know I've been slack for some time on Lagos slangs but what in the world does that mean?

Sinc I know where you are from, it's Ikokore that is more suitable

Hmmm the "Ofokasibe" as I understand it has to do with sex and the endlessness of it. I may be wrong

Afronuts said...

*Gasps* @ Ofokasibe
For real??

Who was behind this? Pasuma or Obesere?

Neither of them. My hubby said na DJ C. How e take know, I no no

lunaticg said...

Is that yarubas same as scrambble egg?

Afronuts said...

@Lunaticg...lol. I see you're mixing it up. Its called 'Ifokore' and its a delicacey eaten by the yoruba tribe in Nigeria.

And its made from water yam...not eggs.