Butt Crack & Fashion

Each time I ‘accidentally’ watch a Fashion show, I’m always amused. 
Skinny chicks parading outrageous outfits and being applauded by an audience that seems to appreciate the bizarre.

Okay, I’ll honestly say that some designers have some real good stuff that get paraded but at the same time you need to check out the crazy stuff some designers come up with all in the name of making you look good. Check out the hilarious moments of fashion in the video below…

Modeling Show Funny Video - The funniest videos clips are here

There’s a pair of jeans and pant types that are either designed to sit on ladies hips and expose their G-strings in a rather supposedly ‘sexually appealing’ way or just expose the size of the cracks of their asses.

Courtesy www.pbase.com

Okay, I’m beating about several bushes but what I mean to say is this: 
Have you noticed that a lot of clothes designed for women nowadays is meant to exploit their gender?  (I think this may be an interesting topic for Standtall!)

I once caught sight of a chick that must have ‘accidentally’ worn a low-hip jeans ‘cause the crack of her butt was smiling at everyone who accidentally looked in her direction. She was attending to me at an eatery and each time she turned round to pick stuff from a fridge I had to stifle the laughter that wanted to force itself out. Her butt cheeks were so nastily squeezed into a low-hip jeans, violently exposing a crack almost big enough to hold a small plastic bottle. 

What about the chick I saw riding on an okada. Her jeans was so low I could see the first half of her sanitary pad sticking out like it had come up for air.

Oh did I mention ladies only? What about the ‘sagging’ phenomenon? It seems we now have all manner of pants and jeans that are meant to sit on men’s hips and in most cases expose the boxers. And they are supposed to look cool right?

Courtesy www.wehaitians.com

So, why would you show off your boxers or sag anyway? To look cool?

I think it’s a self-esteem perception issue.

I don’t believe you need to be all boxers-out for the society to think you’re all that.

And the society's becoming somewhat aware

Nope. I don’t believe so.

What you do, stand for, who you are should speak for you. masqueraded attitudes are just child’s play. But hey, we were all children once (I also once did all that ‘yanga’ too). However, there’s a time to grow up. Those who grow up on time turn out to be stars.

It’s a crazy world when we all dress up to impress people all at the expense of being comfortable. I see people do it a lot: 
A lady pulling down her top again and again to cover a partially exposed crack…
A lady watching her steps because of the orthopaedic monsters she’s wearing on her foot… 
A ‘saggingly’ dressed dude from time to time stylishly grabbing his crotch in a cool fashion when what he’s actually doing is drawing them up from getting under his shoes…
I could go on. But I leave the rest to your imagination.

Like I said…it’s a crazy world when we all dress up to impress people all at the expense of being comfortable. I don’t think I wanna do that anymore. If I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing, I’m not wearing it. 

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Afrobabe said...

I particularly hate the low cut jean one....u see really nasty bums with stretchmarks and celulite and fat cracks showing in the name of fashion..

Ok, I am seriously guilty of watching my steps...almost sumersaulted from a pair yesterday!!!Fine girl no easy...

doug said...

Afro beat me to it!!!! Arrrrrghhhh!!!!

My brother, those things are abominable. I dont know if they dont realize that any man who is turned on by that simple wants to shag them.

tsk [shakes head]

Those butt cracks are frankly disgusting
especially coz its normally people who are fat who flaunt them
not appealing at all

Danny B said...

LOL.. Saw a dude who was showing some arse crack today on campus.. Crazy!

RocNaija said...

I don't think that many women wear these kinda clothes anymore though..

Or maybe I just hang out with the wrong type of crowd.. :)

@ doug.. isn't that the point exactly?!

wordmerchant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wordmerchant said...

ewww to butt cracks..nasty.

Buttercup said...

"it’s a crazy world when we all dress up to impress people all at the expense of being comfortable."

u said it all right there..

how r u and the Missus???

i get so pissed off when i see butt cracks or guys who sag...... and the lady on the okada? ewwwwwwww
like u said, if im not comfy, i aint wearing

I've never been able to get it. Some of those arses are so ugly you are scarred for life. lol at sanitary pad coming up for air. Terrible picture dat.

LG said...

lolllllllllll@..orthopaedic monsters she’s wearing on her foot
des dayz u hear conductors calling out to dem.......o gal cover ur ENGINE!!!! :-)

Afronuts said...

@Afrobabe…LMAO! I hope nobody was watching you move oh…fine girl like u can’t afford to mess up shey?

@Doug…lol…U better subscribe to the feed. No be only that sef…How about getting raped?

@Miss Maybe…Do fat peeps really flaunt them? Or they’re just accidental dress hazards?

@Danny B…As if I was confirming it..hahaha!

@RocNaija…exactly. You must checking out the wrong crowd. These things are still everywhere!

@Wordmerchant…lol. Yukkitty yuck!

@Buttercup…U got the drift right there. Ma missay is cool oh. Thanks dearie..

@Funms…you know, I’m still wondering how that girl managed to feel comfy despite wearing a pad…

@Poeticallytintd…lol. You know, the thought of butt cracks is giving me shitty ideas…eewww!

@LG…Bwhahahaha!! You said it right thurrr! LG…u and ur molue jumping adventures sef…

Shubby Doo said...

i agree with u...maybe it's my age but there are some things i do not want to see...those hanging low showing their butt cracks... boxers shorts...it's all a no no for me!!!

Shubby Doo said...

i blame beyonce...she can wear those low rise jeans/trousers soooooo low and from the back nothing...all u see from the back is bootylicious... people forget that!

doug said...

I'm already on your followers list. Is there some other feed aside from that?

rayo said...

sumtyms i feel lyk walkin to a girl nd yankin her jeans up. jeez it is mostly downryt pissing. esp wn its some fat ass stickin out

Afronuts said...

@Shubby…lol. Bad boys wey wan toast you go see pepper! Beyounce is an influence? Hmm…

@Doug…Oh snap, that’s true. My bad, I 4got. Lol

@Rayo…do you know that I sometimes feel that way too? Except that I might get bish-slapped if I dare it…lol

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine them being made in my size....hahahaha

Afronuts said...

@Oyin...LMAO..i don wanna imagine ur butt in one of those. That would be a kinsharr abuse!

I agree, Muthafucka sag to hard with tiny Tees and shit.

Olufunke said...

I agree with you, I believe dressing has to be for 'OUR' comfort,
but sometimes esp for ladies...we need to do something that shows that we are in tune with the current fashion......its not our fault now? LOL, so for ladies we generally inconvinience ourselves to be fashionable. I still believe in moderation when it come to fashion/dressing anyway.

but seriously, butt cracks showing , boxers and all.....are really an eye-sore, I always feel ashamed for the people that dress like that.
and i am LOL at the description of the sanitary towel....gasping for oxygen.
Interesting pictures

Buttercup said...

Afronuts, Afronuts! just saying hi!!

I can't stand the exposed butt cracks too, gosh it's so annoying. I think it started way back when that Sisqo guy sang "Thong Song" and suddenly exposing your thong to the worlld became fashionable. I thought it would have gone out of vogue by now...

Afronuts said...

@bOSSmACK...nuff said.

@Olufunke...lol, the things u women do to impress us.

@Buttercup...my dear random comment spammer, how u dey?

@FG...Na sisqo start am? Goodness. That is not soo cool!

Omo Oba said...

lol @ orthopaedic monsters. I am stealing d phrase.

Naughty Eyes said...

Afro, when I did my "sagging" post, I was afraid to go all out with my pictures so I posted only the half-decent ones. I no get liver for bish-slapping abeg!

@ Rayo: Tell the truth, you dey sag small-small sometimes, abi?

Afronuts said...

@Omo Oba... U go pay royalties oh

@Naughty eyes...are u serious? Man, lemme go see!

LOLA said...

AS a female i cant stand males sagging their pants and i also hate butt cracks that why you wear clothes to cover those deficiencies.

Anonymous said...

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