How Much Are You Aware??? - 2

Are you aware that the ECONOMIC MELTDOWN WAS DELIBERATE? And that they created a huge problem and offered solutions that would make them rich? Didn’t you notice something suspicious about the European Union, the African Union and the coming North American Union? Are you aware that they are trying to form a world government which they call the NEW WORLD ORDER? Are you aware that this is the platform that will usher in the ANTICHRIST? Have you heard of the RFID chip? 


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Do you know that it’s going to become the platform for making cashlesss payments worldwide? And that if you don’t have it you will be denied priviledges? And that it’s a form of control over your freedom? Have you seen its TV commercial?

Are you aware that all American presidents are just puppets in the hands of a powerful elite? Do you know some presidents stood against them and paid dearly for it? Do you know that Abraham Lincoln and J.F Kennedy were against them and paid dearly for it as a result? Are you aware that Kennedy told the truth? 

Do you know that President Obama is a strategy to deceive the world into thinking that ‘change’ has really come? And that they put him there because they knew everyone would fall for the plan and listen to whatever Obama says? Have you noticed that Obama is also calling for a New World Order? Have you noticed that Obama has started breaking the promises he made during his presidential campaigns? 

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Do you know the people behind all this? Have you heard of the illuminati? What about the Freemasons? Do you know their history? Are you aware that their history has so much to do with the coming of the ANTICHRIST? Are you aware that these people serve the devil through satanic worship? Are you aware of the secret meetings they’ve been having? Have you heard of the Bildeberg group and The Trilateral Commission?

Do you know people are being deceived everyday on TV, in magazines and newspapers? Are you aware that they keep distracting you away from the truth with some of the pointless rubbish we watch on TV and read in magazines? And that it’s all part of the programming of our minds?


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Do you know that the moment you realize this truth, you have broken away from the programming and it has no effect on you? And do you know that REAL truth lies in that awesome book called the BIBLE? Do you know that the Bible predicted all these happenings, even the meltdown? Are you aware that the Bible might have given us the name of the Antichrist?


Do you know that numerous information about these truths have been passing before your eyes everyday but you may have failed to notice because they have distracted and deceived you from the truth?


Have you tried googling about all I’m telling you before? Have you tried Youtubing all I’m telling you before? Are you aware that they are being exposed all over the Internet? Have you done your research? Have you ever tried for ONCE to suspend all you've ever come to believe and check all this out? Or have you been totally brainwashed and don't believe any of all this and like that dude in Matrix believed that ignorance is bliss?


Remember this! Knowledge is power, and the truth will set you free. We’re being distracted from thinking, reading or searching out information everyday by these agents of Satan who are working hard to fulfill what was predicted in the Bible by the saints. The truth is waiting for you to discover it on the internet and the REALEST of all truth is waiting for you in the pages of the HOLY BIBLE.

Are you aware there's more out there? Just google and Youtube some of the things I've mentioned in both posts...the results will shock you!

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Doja 2.0 said...

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aloted said...

u are right about us being distracted with some many things...and the bible did predict all of these..
hmm the obama bit is scary sha!
May God help us all

ochuko said...

Hmm, a lot of things are happening in this world. Maybe that's why the bible say we perish becos we lack knowledge. Anyways, may God protect us. On a lighter note, that chip looks like a condom LOL.. culd that have other meanings? :)

sunnyside said...

still digesting it all

m1ke said...

hmmmmmmmmm.baba na wa! God dey sha. make i do ma assignment too

Enkay said...

One thing I do know for sure is that the BIBLE holds all truth and that most of the world is being distracted from it.

HYAW said...

these things scare me

all these things and more will happen before God comes... the key is for us not to be distracted, but prepare so that we are ready on that faithful day

Olufunke said...

I am learning, quite some information here'
The bible is true.
God help us all

More power you bros

My World said...

Yep,a lotta scary things out there!

Afronuts said...

@aloted…Yeah. I know the Obama bit might scare you ‘cause he looks like a cream come true. But truth is stranger than fiction…

@ochuko…That’s the word…we perish for our ignorance. Lol…condom the size of a grain of rice?

@sunnyside…lol…take ur time.

@mike…you too take ur time.

@Enkay…exactly. There’s a video on youtube titled ‘Satan’s Plan’. It totally describes it.

@Remi…True. We shouldn’t also forget that it makes sense to know what ur enemy is capable of doing. That’s why Apostle Paul mentioned that we’re not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices.

@Olufunke…I am also learning my sister. And I’ll keep sharing what I’ve learned.

@My World…yeah…real scary. But you can survive it with God

"youtubing", well you are a professor of English. I don't know for a fact if all you mentioned here are accurate but I am starting soul searching and answer gathering this moment!