The Chronicles X - Boomerang 2

Tuesday. 11pm
A big diesel-powered generating plant sounded into the night as it powered the Chief’s big mansion with electricity. There had been a power cut that evening which had thrown the estate into darkness. But within minutes, many houses became lit as generators burst into life. In a high brow estate like this, almost everyone had a generating set or plant.

Chief Osagie was seated in his living room watching a satellite news broadcast when the deadly looking trio walked in all dressed in black casual outfits like they were from some fraternity. Only the leader wore a jacket. This time however, they were without their sunshades.

Apart from the bushy eye-browed leader, the other two had deadlier looking eyes; one had a small scar below his left eye which looked slightly faded in the pupil; no doubt, a testimony to a violent lifestyle.

‘Gentlemen welcome. So how did it go? Do take a seat. What do I offer you?’ The Chief was so eager to hear the gory details.

The leader of the trio smiled and shook his head.

‘No thank you, Chief.’

Chief Osagie gave a hearty laugh.

‘You men are the most business strict persons I've ever met. At least you’ve done the job. Why not get down to a bit of pleasure, eh?’

‘We're not done yet with our job.’

Osagie dropped the TV remote, a nasty frown settled on his face. His jovial and expectant mood instantly gave way to an enraged one.

‘What on earth are you.., you said two days!’

The leader ignoring the Chief’s outburst, slipped his hand into the inner lapel of his -jacket, drew out a gun with a silencer device attached to it and caressed its glittering nozzle.

‘Actually Chief, we did get to Alfred Osindele but he was a higher bidder and offered 6 million for your own head.’

‘Whaaat!’ screamed Chief Osagie and within a micro second after his outburst watched as the leader pointed the pistol at him and squeeze the trigger thrice.


© Story - Afronuts
© Illustrations - Sean Baronie
                     Kimson Masters

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Dee! said...

Chei! Na wa o! Heavy 'self set up' I'd say! What a waste!

Jaycee said...


Wow. Rather unexpected. Money rules, I guess!

histreasure said...

i just knew it!! it feels good to see it written down..

you know what they say, that thing you think you have, someone else has it and more!

sosexy said...

Why did you have to end it so abruptly na?
Not fair oh..
Kai! tit for tat..
Nice one.
He fell in to a pit he dug for someone else..

Myne Whitman said...

Money is god as they say, proper boomerang. Wish our politicians will off each other like that.

2cute4u said...

Kai! too bad!..He was bested at his game. Sad..
Lesson needs to be learnt from this.
I enjoyed your writeup..

BSNC said...

i missed your stories. What goes around come back around and shoots you in the head.

loved! just loved the ending! *clapping*...yeah!

Afronuts said...

@Dee! shey?

@Jaycee…money does the darndest things

@histreasure…you said it right there!

@sosexy…No vex. The story was aimed to get this exact reaction from you…lol

@Myne…I seriously wish too!

@2cute4u…Exactly. I hoped to pass a lesson via the story. And thanks, your enjoying it is rewarding enuff.

@BSNC…And I missed your blogging. U been awol.

@Nitty Gritty…I knew you would! Thank you *takes a bow*

jhazmyn said...

I know the man died and all but ... yay!!!lol....what goes around comes around :)

Retinna Bell said...

Hey! I've missed you! I was so happy to see that, not only were you still writing and illustrating, but that you've even renovated your site. It's really nice. Hopefully, now that I have time to do things like sleep and go to the bathroom, I'll be able to catch up on you a little more. :-)

Afronuts said..., i understand the feeling. Its the type u get when the bad dude gets in like in a Tyler Perry movie.

@Retinna Bell...Oh my gosh! Its Retinna! Have I missed you! What's been happening to you? i've missed reading your stuff. Are you back to blogging?