MBGN - Bordello of Deceit?

Warning: If you're a fan, devotee or lover of MBGN, you might find this article disconcerting!

Got home late a few days ago and turned on the TV. The station on air was Silverbird and the programme being shown was the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant. I’m usually not a sucker for shows like these because I’ve always believed that there’s a lot of deceit going on there. The only segment that I usually look forward to watching in most cases would be the question and answer session where you’d get to know who the beauty without brains is.

But then, how do you know if some of the questions haven’t been sneaked out to some favored contestants? (Like the popularly known cheating arrangements you get when it comes to Jamb, WAEC or NECO exams).

Methinks the MBGN is a bucket load of lies and just a sensational claptrap to get money spent, free ‘bushmeat’ and build credibility for the outfit behind it.

I’ll never forget an old MBGN pageant that took place sometime in the late 1990s or thereabout where almost all the contestants could barely speak English! It was a shocking barrage of total annihilation of the English language; majority of the girls fumbled on the mic with more confidence than that of Rita of Koko mansion fame. At the end, we were forced to conclude that they had gone to the villages to harvest these girls to ‘fill in the gaps’.

It was the most hilarious pageant I had ever watched and its memory never eludes me.

I never bothered to watch much of the other MBGNs enough to spot more hanky panky until this last one.

It’s 2010 and MBGN hits the limelight again and once again, they played another fast one. And what is it this time? Fake contestants or as they call them - ‘delegates’. About 80% of these contestants were Igbo girls scattered to represent states they probably knew nothing about. The mismatching was alarming; Igbo girls representing Yoruba and Hausa states, Yoruba girls representing Hausa states – did I mention that there were only about 2 or 3 Yoruba girls there? At least those are the ones I recognized. Igbo girls just full everywhere. Please tell me, does this mismatching make any sense?

It gets me thinking that there’s more to it than meets your eyes when you watch this show – did some people play showbiz politics? Did ‘congos get shined’ to get favored? What criteria did they use in judging the winner? I heard the host talking about votes gathered from judges - Wetin dem judge? Was it the best ‘performer’? (Don’t ask me in what).

And again looking very well I sooo much doubt those girls were bearing their real ages! You’ll see one passed as 18 year old, yet you see cellulite of a twenty something year old playing all over her thighs or faces that have seen better days than a past-pubescent youngster. The swimsuit session burnt their cables; majority of the body textures looked ‘very experienced’. Don’t ask me how I knew that; just take it that I’m very observant.

Sorry if this article hurts any feelings but this MBGN pageant was a farce; an entertainment stunt and not a real contest to find out the best in the true sense. Maybe it used to be good before but now its lost it’s real aim. No vex; I no dey see wayo make I no spit my opinion, period!

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Anonymous said...

E tire me my brother! It has lost it's credibility! I was once a fan,until i lost interest..it is purely for entertainment purpose! Before, preliminaries would be held in different states to get a winner each who would come for the grand finale...the daily times newspaper who were the first pioneer of MISS NIGERIA & Ben Bruce MBGN was their contender had closed shop.....infact, it is not as GLAMOROUS as it is done in abroad...which i prefer to watch.. why so-so Igbo gals sef?...hehehehe

Evee said...

This is just a sign that we now live in a world where mediocrity rules. People dont want to do things right anymore. The end they say justifies the means. Come up with a beauty queen, we can do that even if the queen is not beautiful. I used to watch it for the laughs before but now I cant even afford it.

doll said...

i think igbo girls are representing northern states because the hausa people being the more conservative people that they are dont encourage their daughters to participate in pageants...what are the organizers to do? they have to make do with those available.

jhazmyn said...

Lol...ur mean dude...for some reason, this post cracked me up...on the age part though...that is a recurring theme in our country, wouldn't u say?

Hav a great weekend

2cute4u said...

Never attached importance to the beauty pageant parole.. Definitely there's gotta be every level of cheating and .....
Well, just consider it a badly produced t.v show.

Naijalines said...

Or you mean the cellulite of a 30 something yr old? ;)

I think beauty pageants should be banned. Don't see the point in them. It perpetuates stereotypes as in women are good for only one thing.

Dee! said...

The whole thing is FAKE! It is so unreal and Nigerians know it is fake! Some time ago, a girl who was "marked" for a beauty crown actually sued the organisers for the PR she dropped when someone else was declared winner! TRUE.

How can an aspiring "Beauty Queen" not have some form of poise? Why parade ladies in their 30s and say they are in their 20s? PULEASE!

I wish i could have watched this.

Hope all is well Afronuts?

leggy said...

of course MBGN is purely for entertainment purposes whatever else reason is there for it?and i havent heard them say otherwise that it was meant to be anything else. anybody can represent a place as long as they can prove that they live there.you should really read the rules before making assumptions.

Afronuts said...


@Nitty Gritty…e tire me too oh.

@Evee…That’s a good one – mediocrity. As long as people ascribe to it, it rules!

@Doll…You’ve got a point there. But I wonder, must they lie about it? And they don’t even do a good job about it.

@jhazmyn…It is oh!

@2cute4u…definitely there’s a lotta cheating going on.

@Naijalines…lol@30s. U no even pity dem. Ha! Did you say stereotyping?

@Dee…For real? Now that’s a real pointer on how fake the whole shindig is!

@Solomonsydelle…lol. My sister I dey kampe oh.

@leggy…lol. Thanks for being objective but I don’t believe that sha. They never claimed they were entertaining when they were doing the selection and all the razzmatazz behind it. They said they had a sole purpose for the pageant and it was stated all over the place in interviews and all manner of PR stunts. But like you said…na entertainment in the end sha-as long as we all know say na fake!

Lara said...

A friend contested twice on the pagent in the 1st she was in top ten and the 2nd she was no where. She came back both times to tell us that thye give them the questions and answers in camp but still the girls fumble when they come on stage. Also before the d-day they all already know the winner. When she told us, we all felt it was because she did not win that she was bad-mouthing the show.

But this year, I can't jelp but agree with what she told us back thn. This year's show is a mess, as in is it only igbo girls that are left in the country. 98% of them are all igbo. Even entertainment wise, the show was least entertaining. But na them sabi as i would say, they get to make a girl's dream come true in the end

Anonymous said...

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