Spitting Image?

Ever since my daughter was born, there has always been the argument of whom she bares a striking resemblance to. At a time she looked like my Dad whenever she sulked; at another time she looked like my Mum; especially when she sprouted gapped teeth (my Mum is gap toothed). Then one of the days I was giving her a bath I noticed her ass looked just like my wife’s. I can’t forget the look on her face when I told her; she had been whining that the girl didn’t resemble her much but I tried to comfort that at least she’s got your ass.

Then one day I came across my baby photos and I couldn’t help noticing that my baby and I looked kinda alike…amazing. Or what do you think?

Daddy's Baby Girl

Daddy's Baby Self

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lol...she does look strikingly like u...except the butt

Hmmm..she does look like you

BSNC said...

aww she is so precious. This one na photocopy. Its so clear..

Jaycee said...

LOL. It's true, such a spitting image. So u looked like a girl. Lol.

Dee! said...

Your daughter is truly mini you! She does look like you, at least for now. She will look like her Mum eventually, trust me! LOL!

I think I know how your wife feels! I felt like that too, but now, the case is different! hehehe!

Anonymous said...

hahaha..@ the ass part...she is DEFINITELY YOU!...first daughter huh?...they always look like their father's...mine is a carbon copy of her dad, upto the birthmark on his stomach...the same spot!...i look like my dad...tell wifey not to worry, GOD would compensate her soon for the labor with a child that would be her replica. have a nice week.
p.s..you look cute as a baby o!

Afronuts said...

@Sisi Yemmie…Oh you can see the butt? Dint notice.


@BSNC…lol. I heard people say that.

@Jaycee…lol! Very funny! Abeg na girl look like me jo!

@Dee!...Hmmm…I believe you. I told my wife something like that too.

@nitty gritty…your case is unique oh. Copycat up till the birthmark? Wow…and thanks!

this one na carbon copy oh, asides from the but like Sisi Yemmie pointed out

histreasure said...

Awwww, isn't she a cutie..she so looks like you even upto the pose..lol

Parakeet said...

Kush it's like you read minds. I was gisting Afrobabe about your post on scents and she asked if you had uploaded a picture of your baby lately and I said no. Voila! Am here and her pic is uploaded. She looks so cute and oh what an uncanny semblance with her daddy.

She def looks like you!

LucidLilith said...

LOL...u sure say u no use photoshop take style redo your pikin foto?????

LucidLilith said...

btw- am feeling this your theme oh.

Ms.O said...

CUTEST THING EVER!!!! She is a spitting image!

jhazmyn said...

She so looks like u...plus even the pose is similar (i suspect u had sumthing to do wit that...lol).

I'm still trying to see how one can know from childhood whose butt the baby's but bears semblance to ooo, that one is JAMB question for me...hehehehe!!

Myne Whitman said...

She def looks like you, I assume you look like your mum and the trait continues...

LG said...

lol@daddy baby sef
me i tink she looks like ur wife o, na she born am na :)
*bawo ise

AlooFar said...

Adman, you've started casting your daughter? lol

Nice pics.

Olufunke said...

True, true na her papa born her.
End of discussion.

2cute4u said...

Hmmmm,Lil Cutie! This is nice..
She sure looks like you..
Tabi you wan double check?
Lol.. Take care

Retinna Bell said...

She's beautiful! You're truly blessed.

Afronuts said...

@Girl wit Red hair…yes she is!

@histreasure…believe me, that pose was a coincidence!

@Parakeet…wow…could it be that Afrobabe is my long lost twin sista? We even bear afro in our names sef! Lol!

@Blowing blessings…mirror image!

@Lucidlilith…LMAO! Haba…Lucid, how I wan take do that kain job? Good suspicion. But this one na real foto. On lovin the theme-thanks. I trip every time I log on.

@Ms O….Muchos Gracious!

@Jhazmyn…God is my witness! No be arrange the pose oh. I was shocked when I saw it myself. Not also surprising that I take a lot of my baby’s pictures.

@Myne…funny enuf I’m a spitting image of my Dad!

@LG…Praise da Lord Oh!! LG is alive and back! I know say ur own go different! U don see im mama before? lol!

@Aloofar…Fellow copycat, if your guys need to cast her make una holla me oh!

@Olufunke…no contest!

@2cute4u…I no need double check oh…otherwise I for no post am! Lol

@Retinna…I am. Thanks!