KAI causes accident on Sanitation day

Day before yesterday was the last saturday of the month which in Lagos was supposed to be environmental sanitation day. But it had been announced on news that sanitation would not hold. Despite that, people did not come out and the streets were kind of deserted. However, the paramilitary group know as KAI (Kick Against Indiscipline), stationed between Obanikoro and Savoil bus stop still came out to enforce the rule for people not to go out. 

Ikorodu Road on Sanitation day

KAI officials harrassing a street trader.
Image courtesy: sharpedgenews.com

They went about placing sticks and tires to block the Ikorodu expressway despite the fact that sanitation had been called off and that some cars had started moving.

Along comes this Lexus driven by a young Naval officer in mufti along the expressway. The man failed to notice the iron rod placed across the road...his car climbs it...it bursts his tyre and the car goes into multiple sommersault!
It eventually came to rest across the BRT lane. Instantly the KAI guys beat a hasty retreat and quickly disappeared from the spot. Fortunately, the driver was unhurt but badly shaken.

Navy colleagues who heard of what happened reacted and attacked the nearby office of KAI. They smashed the windscreen of the KAI truck and set one of the staff's cars on fire. All the KAI personnel had already vamoosed from the scene so the office was empty.

I was able to capture footage of the aftermath of the accident on camera phone...sorry for the bad quality.  

This is not the first time KAI people would be the cause of some crisis. There have been several incidents of which the most recent involved a clash at Yaba market forcing the government to close it down.

Are the KAI guys getting out of hand?

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Myne Whitman said...

They're mostly just untrained and over zealous touts. SMH.

Which kind rubbish? Why didn't they know it had been called off?

doll said...

na wa

this KAI self!

This paramilitary group just like many others is made up of untrained men and women whose major focus is to get money out of 'offenders' unjustly. The officials of KAI are mostly ex-danfo drivers and NURTW/agbero boys im not surpriised that they werent aware the sanitation exercise had been called off. Lagos stage govt must curtail their excesses before they take over the state