LASTMA Drives Bus Driver Nuts (NSFW!)

If you've ever lived in Lagos and driven round the city,
chances are you've encountered road forces such as
the Nigerian Police, LASTMA, FRSC, VIOs amongst others.

Falling into the hands of these people can be hell, especially when
they ask you for unecessary and irrelevant documents all with the 
aim of making you part with some cash. To the corrupt ones, 
every offender guilty or not is an opportunity. 

 I'm not saying Naija motorists don't break laws, infact we are notorious
for breaking them, especially those crazy drivers of yellow commuter buses.
But even when we wise up and decide to be law-abiding,
these road forces will always be there to drive you nuts!

Bus drivers have suffered a lot in their hands. This bus driver lost it
when he encountered LASTMA after loosing cash to FRSC officials
who stopped him earlier. I don't know if he broke the rules
but after going nuts over being pulled over and displaying raw vexation 
by shedding his clothes in rage and planting his big butt before his bus,
you can't help but pity the poor guy.

WARNING!: Graphic Video

This is definitely a proven fact that LASTMA can drive you NUTS!

Welcome to Lagos - the home of traffic madness!

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'Lara said... must have been really provoked to strip himself, I miss Lasgidi madness.

Myne Whitman said...

I am screaming o! E never reach that level now?

Lord Have Mercy?!!!!!
WTH? I mean, whaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt??

That's someone's son, uncle, husband/boyfriend, father?

I know these officials are ruthless but this is sheer frustration!!!! Now you know why some people commit suicide!

I can imagine that he's probably lost a lot of money recently either from settling these traffic officials or from repairing the vehicle; combine that with the thought of all the debts accruing and many mouths to feed and this is what you get!

Ugandan girl said...


This is a shame! May God help Nigeria!


Afronuts said... Na people goin nuts make u miss Las gidi?

@Myne...My sister na so we see am oh!

@PET projects...You got that spot on right! Thats enuff reason to strip urself and go nuts!

@Ugandan Girl...Yes oh!

@LDP...Amen oh!

BSNC said...

My goodness!! na wa oh.

Muse Origins said...

Literarilly drive you nuts. But that dude sef, eee too much naaa

Muse Origins FB

Shar said...

I dont live in lagos but I do know the craziness of the driving. I really feel bad for this guy and he must really be pissed to take all his clothes off to show off his small

Afronuts said... serious wah oh.

@Muse Origins...At least its better than getting depressed and commiting

@Shar...I knew you notice the 'size' naughty girl.

Anonymous said...

cant stop laughing.submit this to more people will see it there.

Anonymous said...

whao...nawa o..d dude is frustrated..this video should be submitted to other Battabox,