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From the info page to the blog pages, Naapali struck me as some shaman or internet sage of some sort.
His blog is simple but has this look that strikes you with the feeling that you are about to go into the depths of a deep spiritual and philosophical mind. The Mysticism is interesting and engaging.
Naapali’s interest and use of rich art murals which adorn his page and avatar space are elements that reflect the nature of the blog’s owner: a lover and devotee of the arts.

But those are not the only things you’ll notice when reading Naapali’s blog.

The depth of knowledge, the artistic virtuoso of narration, the powerful metaphoric allusions, the richness in choice of words and strength of entertaining semantics makes Naapali’s blog a delightful read.
The strong sense of intellectual reasoning is unmistakable. When Naapali narrates a story, you are compelled not to only be entertained but to also look for a take-away message because you’ll somehow sense that there’s much more between the lines than what you see and read.
When you read Naapali’s entry, you are taken into the depths of an unusual mind. Its always very possible to be both entertained and educated on Naapali’s entries with all the allusions he makes now and then to historical facts, biological facts, and all manner of educative facts and references.

I would have gone ahead to say Naapali’s blog only appeals to the intellectual mind but that would be a misnomer because even a non-intellectual mind can be carried along as well. It’s a classic example of intellectualism rendered with simplicity (I hope you get what I mean). The creativity and thinking is outstanding (check out his Second Floor Macy's series). I’m inspired by this blog to fully resurrect my writer’s skills into full swing.

Undeniably. Naapali’s blog is a blog I will always enjoy reading. That’s why it made my list.

Rating for Naapali
This Blog Rocks!

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Great review!

I couldnt agree with u more. Naapali is a fantastic writer. His blog is the first i check on my blogroll...i still wonder how undacovasista and afrobabe always seem to beat me to the comments page.

I always leave his place 'edutained'.

Ollay said...

Very well written and on point review right there. Naapali's blog is indeed very uplifting. How you dey?

AlooFar said...


I'm tired of being a passerby on this blog.
One I'm feeling your writing. Two, thanks for the b'tful comment on "what if"

And now... you've been tagged. Details on my blog ;)

OluwaDee said...

naph's blog is really cool. 9c review.

lol @ u no watchn football. kinda strange.
Wetin nollywood do u?

I lik dt u don't do sx b4 marriage. very rear.

Charizard said...

I agree...ur very concise and analytical with your reviews impressive one yet again...

soupasexy said...

hmmph, ok i'll go and read nap's blog and i also like this, maybe i 'll become a blog critic abt that..

i also read ur post a comment illustration, just wanna say it's still urs gotta be different from every

Ollay said...

Mr Kush where you dey?

NikkiSab said...

hmm.... neva been dere b4. U keep leading me to new exciting blogs. Dere i run.

Jaycee said...

I cannot even underestimate my love for Naapali's blog. I was hooked from the first day I saw it. I wondered how someone could be so artistic in his expression, and yet so simplistic at the same time. I'm truly loving it...don't think I can get tired of it too..lolll...

He's on 14th and Serenity...

Standtall said...

Ogbeni, pls update jooooooooooo. Check out mi-blog, u will hardly be able to recgonise it.

Afronuts! where u dey?