Segun’s mobile phone rang and vibrated violently against Ada’s legs. 

She shrieked and jumped off the bed in fright.

It took five seconds for her senses to comprehend what was actually happening. 
The phone had been lying next to her on the bed. Segun must have absent mindedly dropped it there when he was ripping her clothes off.

She strutted angrily round to the side of the bed where Segun lay, face down, asleep, butt naked; his face hidden behind the pillow, part of his arms and legs entangled in the sheets. The only thing in full view was his big black ass which glowed under the dimmed lights of the hotel room like the outer part of a well oiled calabash.

She picked the still ringing mobile phone and wedged it in-between the cracks of his big fat butt.

That was all Segun needed to snap him out of the dream he had been deeply entranced in.

He jumped up in shock, fell off the bed and hit the floor. The phone slid out of his butt on impact and rolled to one side of the room.

‘What the hell…’ He gasped trailing off as he looked up to Ada for an explanation. He couldn’t fathom what just happened.

‘What kind of a nasty phone is that? Its got a cacophonous ring tone and vibrates like an electric chair!’ Ada yelled at him.

‘Huh? What did my phone do to you…?’ a confused Segun spoke in a slurred voice, his eyes still clouded and drunken with sleep.

By now the phone had stopped ringing. Ada hissed, picked her underwear and clothes, and made for the bathroom.

He got up from the floor, stretched out, yawned loudly and walked over to where the phone lay. He picked it up and checked out who had been calling.

His eyes flew wide open and he froze at the caller’s ID.

It was Shola - his wife. 

Why did she call? What did she want? Didn’t he tell her that he would be out of town for two days on ‘official assignment’?

Minutes later he stepped out of the Hotel with Ada and made for the car park. As he searched his pocket for his bunch of keys, a handsome young man in white African lace fabric walked up to him smiling.
‘Good day sir. I’d like you to have this’, the man said handing a small leaflet over to him. He also gave one to Ada.
‘May God bless you as you read it’. And without waiting for any response, he walked away.

Segun looked at the tract. It had a message that talked about the marriage and fidelity and a bunch of stuff that hinted on the unpredictability of one’s death.
He looked up and around quickly for the man who had dropped the tract but he was no where to be found.
He felt uneasy. The guilty conscience of his infidelity had been suppressed over time but this little piece of paper had just re-ignited it on a grand scale. 
The man who had given him this paper…did he know something?

Ada hissed, crumpled hers, threw it in a nearby gutter, opened the front passenger side of the car and got in. Segun looked at her. She didn’t seem to have any conscience at all. She seemed so content sleeping with another woman’s husband.
He looked across the street hoping he would catch a glimpse of the mystery man but there was no sign of him anywhere.

To be continued....

© Lolu Kush (Afronuts) - Story
© Kimson Masters - Illustrations

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I can't wait too but y leave us in suspense like this now ehn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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awww..i love the cartoon..abi wat do u call it...

wait o..whats up with this part-
"Segun looked at her. She didn’t seem to have any conscience at all. She seemed so content sleeping with another woman’s husband."

Segun is not ok o, what does he mean, he does he have conscience...nonsense and ingredient!

looking forward to part two :)

Anonymous said...

God go punish that Segun! If him know say him gat a wife, why him go still sleep with another woman. Man go always blame woman for his misdeeds. ahn ahn, please finish the story o. I dey wait impatiently.

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Eww @ placing a ringing phone in between his butt crack...some women can be so crass. Love the illustration!

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No fair... why stop here!. Ada has a terrible atitude.. ehyah! can't wait for the update!

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Oya Afro short fire the rest biko!
by the way can u change the name of my like to "THE SEXY PICTURES ARE TALKING" Thanks

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Kin'Shar, ur comment is one sided o. What do we do to the married men sleeping around too? It's despicable!

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love the at putting the fone in btw his butt cheeks!!

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Nice story.

Regarding your question on my blog, it is just a figment of my real individuals involved.

How u dey?

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Ada is one of those women I dont want my husband to ever come across.

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What does Segun mean by 'she doesn't like sleeping with another man's husband'? Did she fall and slip on his d*ck? It takes two to tango.

Kush, i like your style (blog that is) so i'm now officially a follower. Check mine out on Just started 2 weeks ago so i'm still a newbie.

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