Worth having - The Water Maker

It looks like a water dispenser but you can’t help noticing the striking difference. This is simply because it has no water refill or replacement bottle which most dispensers happen to have. 
This amazing contraption not only dispenses water, it also MAKES water. Yes you heard me. That’s why it’s called the Water Maker. 
Using the technology similar to the way Air conditioners work, it takes in air and condenses it into water. Then it filters and purifiers it before it’s dispensed in either hot or cold variants.

Some of the folks in my office are a bit afraid to use it. I don’t blame them. Most of them are too used to normal refillable dispensers and are trying to fathom how a dispenser that doesn’t need water refills can make water out of the air. I guess that’s what happens when you’re not much of a science and technology person. Questions have been raised, what if one farts? What if the air around it is smelly? Blah…blah…blah

What they fail to realize that this recycled water is the purest form of water because the water refills they get in normal dispensers are usually treated and not all that fresh. The water maker just recycles natural air into natural water and filters and purifies it using elements similar to those found in the soil which help purifying water. 

I’ve been drinking from the Water Maker and I tell you - the water is really FRESH. 
It’s a great gadget that’s going to change a lot of things.
It’s going to help utilize our natural resources in way that the earth won’t loose out. 
Imagine this machine being purchased for places where water is scarce. As long as there is AIR, it has what it needs to make water!

Isn’t that Awesome?

I’ll recommend the water maker anytime, any day, anywhere. That’s some real good earth friendly tech you could use!

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30+ said...

I dunno about that water maker, surely the air in the office becomes dry after a while. It is basically squeezing water from the air.

aloted said...

lol..i think we have one in the office as well..me i drink from it o...don't really want to know how the water is made

nothing go happen! ;-)

hope u r good?

It produces very clean water, we have some of these in my office too. But it is somewhat frustrating, it takes forever to collect a pool of water and almost another lifetime to make HOT water and for chronic early-morning coffee addicts such as me, you know what this means... Maybe it's the brand but I still prefer the good old traditionally buy-your-water-bottle-refill dispenser.

archiwiz said...

LOL... Perhaps they leave "deposits" in the air (like mess) that they are afraid are too powerful for the thing to purify/filter...:)

Naapali said...

de ting get winch?

Dawnie said...

i might be alittle skeptical of it also, BUT I would surely try it.

Buttercup said...

Wow...and yet again, im blown away by technology...

Buttercup said...

Wow...and yet again, im blown away by technology...