The Chat City for Single Parents

You’re single and you have a kid. And you’d like to mingle again and stop being single or you just need to meet another like you, there’s always an answer or should I say solution to that.

You need to get on the web and log on to – the one stop chat site with loads of chat rooms where tons of single parents connect, share and relate with one another. You get to register for free and there’s an opportunity to chat via live webcam connectivity. 

I checked out the site and I think it’s cool. I mean, here’s a site that offers single parents the opportunity to find love again. One thing I’ll say I like about the site is that it offers you the opportunity to punch in the age range of people you’d like to meet and the results show you members that meet your search of whom are online at the moment.

Just a little search that I did and there was a display of a host of good looking single parents. The site seems to be having new members joining every minute because each time you do a search you get to see a fresh set of folks just joining!

There are definitely a lot of good-looking people out there waiting to connect!

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Afrobabe said...

Hmmmm and why exactly would you be interested in that site dear one???

Erh... is there a version for "valentineless" single peeps????

Buttercup said...

hmm this is a new one..

lol @ danny!

how r u afronutssssssssssssssssss???

Oyin said...

lol@ afrobabes.... I dont know but somebodies playing chuck woolery....

Berra complete the story you started. Thanks for the info though

HalfCrazy said...

Well I'm still a student so I guess I can't relate to that lol! But why would you be interested in it? Are you a single parent yourself?

I admire single parents and I have observed that they're blessed by wonderful children.

Much Love,

Afronuts said...

@Afrobabe…I’m not oh! Just helping to sell the site lol!

@Danny…Not that I know of.

@Buttercup…I’m fine my dear lively one. How have u been? Missed ur hopping around.

@Oyin….WTH does that mean?

@Standtall…Yes ma. Will still continue. Just needed to drop this quickly.

@Halfcarzy…lol! I aint a single parent. Just helping promote the site.

HalfCrazy said...

Hahaha, alright. So I guess you're doing a great person and doing it voluntarily or you're getting something from it LOL. Just kidding.

Much Love,

Afronuts said...

@half guessed right!