The Facebook Menace

I'm contemplating about Facebook.

It sounds like a good social networking site that could help connect you with long lost friends among other things.

But some people are begining to see the dark side of this powerfully famous site.

Facebook has cost some people their jobs. Their bosses found incriminating info or pictures of them on facebook.

Marriages have broken because of facebook. I came across this shocking story of how far facebook could affect a married couple. Click here to view the story.

A lesson could be learnt or rather a warning served to all of us of the dark sides of social networking sites from the Megan Meier story whose case occurred thru MySpace.

A friend of mine recently removed all his data from facebook because it was about putting him in trouble.

Some companies are now configuring their internet connection to disallow the facebook url ever showing up on their internet because it was a distraction to many employees.

I've come to prefer blogging to facebooking. Its safer and I'm in control - and i can also make some good income.

I don't frequent facebook that much. (Thank goodness for that.) I only use it when Ineed to reach some people. 

And I'm developing a new habit now...doing more reading than staying at a PC!

Like the Ad above says, lets try reading more books and not just stay glued to PCs shey? lol!

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Buttercup said...


Buttercup said...

personally, i dont believe facebook itself is the problem..the problem is with the PEOPLE. if u dont want ur business out there, u can limit the info u put on facebook..if u dont want to get into trouble of any sort, dont do anything incriminating and expect it wudnt come out eventually! yes, i admit its quite addictive thereby causing employees to slack at work or whatever..this is where discipline comes in.

lol @ faceabook..

@ButterCup -- Its easier said than done....Sometimes the thrill of putting up a comment and having people respond far outweighs the nagging feeling at the back of our minds that there could be an issue with having the info out there in the first place...

I do have a facebook account but cant be bothered with it. The people i want to chat to are already on my messenger. Dont really have time to ogle at other peoples photos and the stuff they have been up to, but i can see why others would classify that as 'fun'

Dabizniz said...

Used to like facebook but not any more since my it was the instrument of an affair that nearly broke my marriage

Afrobabe said...

I agree with Buttercup..I think it depends on how much information u put out there...but having said that, I deactivated my personal face book profile and left the afrobabe one open....

Got stalker that scared the living daylights out of me..Every night I worry about whether or not he copied my pictures and what he could do with them...

mizchif said...

I totally agree with u.
And d day i saw d movie eagle eye, i almost deactivated my fb account, but i guess i'm somewhat addicted.

Plus i don't think there's a way to deactivate the "right-click" and "save as" function, so i sometimes wonder how many ppl have my pictures and what they cld do with them.

Oh, and i hate it when ppl tag me in stupid ugly pictures dat i didnt eve know when they were taken!

faceAbook....very good idea!

LG said...

facebook is a winchhhhh :)

LG said...
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webround said...

apart from controlling the info you put out on facebook, you can also control what people see about you on facebook. you can control who can browse through your friend list, who can see your updates etc.

another way to control how much time you spend on facebook is to install the facebook for blackberry application. when you have that on your phone, you automatically get notified when people write on your wall, and send you a message. that reduces how often you have to actually sign on to the website and normally when you sign onto the website, you spend hours browsing people's pictures, checking out upcoming birthdays, who wrote on whose wall, etc - all the things you don't have access to via the blackberry or application.

Enkay said...

As a matter of fact, Facebook is reviewing some of their 'Terms of Use' documents. I just have the sneaky feeling that they are up to something not very good.

My company's one of those that have blocked access to that site. Somehow, it's helped me wean my self from it. Guessing it's a good thing!

joicee said...

ditto @lg..facebook na winchhhh

But seriously though I think people should be responsible and be careful with the amount of info they put out there ...

Rita said...

Hardly on facebook and it has created enemies for me (since they can't find me there).

My manager was talking about how he wants to fire people because he often finds them on facebook.

I think people should not get too addicted to it. Plan/manage your time well.

@Afrobabe: now you mentioned the fact that someone can download pictures, i think this is something we should be careful about.

AlooFar said...

Yeah, I agree with you. Facebook is getting too intrusive. I really don't understand some people's obsession with it.

Well, maybe it has to do with our "genetic" need for community and narcisstic exhibition (spare the words abeg).

But generally, every preoccupation on cyberspace seems to condition people do all sort of things.

Maybe we're already in the future once predicted... that humans will replace face-to-face contact with cyber communication. Blogging somewhat has the quality too.

Anyways, I saw that ad on AoTW and couldn't marvel less at its simplicity and ingenuity.

How u dey?

Afronuts said...

@Buttercup…well said my sister, well said!!

@Doug…well countered bros, well countered!!

@Miss Maybe…I feel you on that. I’ve always thought that way too, most times.

@Dabizniz…Ha-ha…now this is the type of thing I was talking about

@Afrobabe…ooooh! That’s scary. A stalker? That’s terrible!

@Mizchif…’eagle eye’? whats that movie about? And I feel u on being tagged in ugly pics..LOL!

@LG…why do I just love the way you drop your own comments? LMAO!

@Webround…hmm. I think you should make this a post for all to read.

@Enkay…Ha! I thot so too! Something fishy seems to be going on with that site truly.

@joicee…abi? I feel you oh!

@Rita…that’s serious! It just gets scarier and scarier! Loose your job over a silly social network site? Kai…

@Aloofar…Wow! That was a well detailed insight bro! Very true! We are getting sucked into the vortex of cyberspace…or has the ‘matrix’ finally gotten us?

I’m cool oh my bros.

seye said...

same here same here! I find reading blogs more creative than hooking out gist!

Ugandan girl said...

this lent period i am fasting facebook.

Anonymous said...

You are soooooo right...some girl left a comment on dammys page and I went straight to him about it....facebook is not for couples. Then I made a comment on someone elses page and his wife asked him who I was....

you know it is really something, hey where are you...hit me up!!

Im at Shar battle on facebook

Afronuts said...

@Seye…we dey the same club!

@Ugandan Girl…LMAO! By that u imply you’re hooked on Facebook.

@Oyin…wow. This is the kind of palava I’m talking about. Risky. And I’m Lolu Kush on Facebook.

Parakeet said...

Yea true talk about facebook. The thing get as e be but hey pple must learn to differentiate their real life from the virtual.

My lovely bor how are you? Thanks for your advice o.

doug said...

I feel you bruv! Personally I think facebook sucks, FULL STOP! Having said that I thing people also need to learn restraint. I'm still learning it too.

The thing about books reminds me of a quote:

"I find the Television to be a very educating appliance. When one is turned on, I walk into an adjoining room and read a book"


SimpleeMe said...

I just came across your blog write really well...I'm addicted to your chronicles...more please lol...yes o, facebook = major AMEBO site I would say!!!

LoloBloggs said...

I just came across your blog today, funny how the anti-FB movement is moving! Like SolomonSydelleI just did a post on it!Facebook.

I'm working on my addiction!

Afronuts said...

@Parakeet…that’s true…most people have synced real life with the virtual

@Doug…lol. Its crazy that people don’t seem to learn restraint. Abi na evil spirit? Nice quote, I dig!

@Solomonsydelle…Ha! I dey sista mi. I’m gonna check out what u wrote on it.

@SimpleeMe…Correct major amebo for real! Thanks for the hint on the chronicles. Still getting some together.

@Lolobloggs…Ha…I’ll check that out. Thanks for the info!

Well, I know that people can control their settings and the content they put on facebook...

Whether blog or facebook, it's good to decide what you want to tell or withold