Aaarrggh!! Parakeet tagged me!

I run away from taggings!!
But Parakeet had to hold my butt down by awarding me this honest scrap thing and tagging me to say 10 Honest things about myself.

Okay, here goes.

1. Started writing and drawing in primary school. Wrote a lot of storybooks and illustrated them, bound them with staplers or needle and thread, and had them thrown in the trash when my Mum got tired of me litering the house with them. 

2. I’m addicted to plantain. I’m also addicted to garri and anything that goes well with it!

3. Learnt how to drive by stealing my Dad’s car whenever he wasn’t around. I had two reasons for wanting to learn how to keep up with the joneses (guys who gained respect in high school for being able to cruise a car) and to get with chicks. 

4. Got excessively drunk for the first time in my life on palm wine and harassed a female teacher during my youth service. 

5. Almost died on 3 occassions in my life – in high school, on campus and during youth service. Could it be that my surname is a prophecy that’s been saving my life?

6. Faked commitment to some of my Ex-es just to have a relationship. 

7. My wife is eight months pregnant and I’m scared shitless and excited at the same time. How does it feel like to be a ‘Popsie’? Please share abeg.

8. Used to suck my finger up till my JSS in high school.

9. I have serious beef for blogs that write about nothing but sex. Isn’t it an overrated issue? 

10. I used to have a very serious crush on a particular blogger on blogsville. Want to know who she is? lol...I leave that for you to guess!

I guess these are honest enough?
So therefore, I tag the following people:


Ugandan Girl

Favoured Girl

Naughty Eyes




Here are the instructions for the above tagged folks!

1.You must brag about the award
2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger
3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. 4.Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. 
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

I hope I've done all I'm supposed to do.

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Parakeet said...

And am first...oohweeeeee.

Fake commitment so you were one of those men. Humm. I thank God for your life now sha.

Kush should we form finger sucking clubs for agbayas. lol

aloted said...

congrats to you and your wifey!!! i'll leave the tips to blackjamesbond and other fathers cuz i no get any...

i am with you on number 9

Afronuts said...

@Parakeet...LMAO!! fingers sucking clubs for agbayas? You and ur cartoon mind!

@aloted...I trust u. Convenant pikin no be maimai!

Afrobabe said...

Awww congrats on the coming baby....pretty cool, I want one too...
hm who were you lusting...sorry crushing after?

Azafi said...

Kush's gonna be a daddy, kush's gonna be a daddy, I almost cant believe it...amazing

LG said...

egbon congrats o jare'

Awww, congrats on impending fatherhood!

Parakeet said...

And oh congrats on the coming tiny one. Am sure you'll be a fab daddy.

JustDB said...

Congrats on the upcoming fatherhood thing.. Norrinn do u....

almost died 3 times????? ur life is a testimony.... im sure u'd make a great daddy

Vera Ezimora said...

Ahhhh! Come on, tell us who the blogger you had a crush on is. We wanna know abeg....

Your wife is preggers?? Awwww! Congrats!! You're gonna be a daddy pretty, pretty soon! You go!

I learnt to drive the same way - only it was my mother's car. I did it because I was desperate. I wanted to learn and no1 was taking me seriously.

#6 na wa oh, but I can't judge.

Congrats on your pregnancy. It is normal to be nervous, trust me. But just relax. No need to worry, save that for when your child comes because you will worry about even the littlest things like is his/her poop soft enough? Should it be that color? Did I burp the baby enough? And then imagine all the other more important things to worry about.

Relax, enjoy the rest of the time you guys have as a couple sans kids, though. =)

Tell your wife I am rooting for her. I'm rooting for you too, of course. You guys will be great parents!

Aww congratulations on being an almost-daddy! How could you leave us hanging and not say the blogger you used to have a crush on?! Spill.

Aww congratulations on being an almost-daddy! How could you leave us hanging and not say the blogger you used to have a crush on?! Spill.

Buttercup said...

@ eeya..

@ 2..OMG this is soooooooooooooo me! these r 2 of my favourite things!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh u r making me miss naija o!!!!!!!! garri with gnuts..oh my..DOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, buttercup, shut up now..

@ think most guys started this way..

@ 4..oh wow..

@ God for ur life o..He def has a huge purpose for u..

@ nawa o..

@ 7..awwww congratulations!!!! i wish her a safe delivery..eeya, im sure it'll come naturally to u, all those self-help books only tell us what we know already..

@ it was my mouth i used to suck..

@ that all they have to talk about?

@ 10..DO TELL US, PLEASE!!!!

Congrats Afronuts, you'll make a great Dad. At least your child will have a fun growing up with you for a Dada. So what blogger was that? and I can't stand eba. I love Plantain sha. My brother used to steal the car to teach me how to drive (yeah we were pretty dysfunctional) lol

Crush on a blogger b4 or after your wedding.

Hmmm @ no 6.

Thank God for saving your life 3ice.

Be excited wifey will deliver in peace and it will be a bouncing baby girl!

Afronuts said...

@Afrobabe…thanks boo. Lol. I know you want to know that one…

@Azafi…runaway. You blog only once a year. How u manage post this comment?

@LG…O se jare my sista.

@Good Naija Girl….thank you!

@Parakeet…you think so? Thanks!

@Just DB…thanks jare my guy.

@Funms…I’m telling you. God has this covering over my life and I thank him daily for it.

@Vera…You! I know it’s the blogger crush you go ask 1st.

@Solomonsydelle…lol. Don’t worry about #6. Its in my past b4 I became good. Thanks for the info on pregnancy and for rooting for us.

@NigeriaDramaQ…Thanks! As for the blogger crush…!

@Buttercup…you are so different when u comment. U deserve the award given you, honestly! Interesting that we share the same food interest. Thanks hon!

@Poeticallytinted…aaww that is so nice and warm of you. Thank you so much.

@Standtall….Before the wedding oh! Even before I met wifey. You think I’m that bad? Haba! Thanks for the goodwill

Lol. I cant even blame you if it's after your wedding. Having crush is one, allowing it to lead you astray is another. We all have to conrol our feelings at a point or the other in our lives ....

scomiss said...

heyyy...long time yea u used to fake eh? na wa o..

who was the crush..confess

and aww u are going to be a DADDY!!!...invite us for the naming o

Nice Anon said...

awww. I bet being a dad is going to be a wonderful experience.

Afronuts said...

@Standtall...yeah. Thank God I'm doing good job at that.

@Scomiss...once in a bluemoon
U wan k now who the crush was? Funny enough she's commented on here already.
I will invite u to the naming if u can vow to show face.

@Nice...thanks. are u one? care to share?

LOL. Heyyyy, we wanna know who your blogsville crush was.
Who gets drunk on palmwine??? Too funny.

i.rep.naija said...

haha, i first got drunk on palmwine too..very funny. congrats, for ur little cutie in the way

congratulations on the baby, its natural to be nervous.

archiwiz said...

Thanks for the award oh.. Sorry for my long silence. I was really busy with school. I've changed my blog url. The new one is Ohhh and congrats oh... Your little one has arrived by now abi?