Some call it instinct. Some call it conscience. Others call it the sixth sense.
But I know it is as the spirit. It’s divine and God put it there in us that we may be able to connect to His, which is known as the Holy Spirit. 

Many have taken it for granted. Many have ignored its relevance or doubted its existence.
Some who happen to know about it just conclude that it’s a psychic thing.

Everybody has it. But many don’t know, and many have suppressed it. Many are too busy to even notice that it’s there. But some have raised it and connected through it to the Almighty God through His Holy Spirit.

December last year, I was driving with my wife to go see my parents for a family get-together. It had rained earlier in the day and the streets were still wet from the heavy showers that had hit the entire city of Lagos. My wife, Choco (pet name) was already about four months pregnant and was eagerly looking towards meeting her in-laws. We cruised steadily through the traffic which progressed at a slow pace due to on-going construction being done on the road. 
I spent time watching the cars lined up next to me move gradually. Of the two lanes formed on our side of the road, one seemed to be moving better than the other. So there was need for us to change from the static lane to the moving one.
I edged the Nissan out of my lane, trafficating for allowance into the moving lane. A white Toyota Corolla was alongside me. I decided to get behind it if the car behind it would let me.
Eventually, I was allowed in and soon we were moving.

I branched off a Y-junction that entered into the interiors of the neighbourhood. I wanted to take a short cut and cut off the rest of the hold-up. As I drove down the road, I noticed the Corolla was ahead of me, going the same way. 

Suddenly Choco jumped and gasped in fright. I looked at her and asked what the matter was.

‘I don’t know. I suddenly had this quick feeling of fear, like my heart jumped in panic.’

‘Sure it’s not the baby?’

‘I don’t think so. I just had this quick feeling about something dreadful’

‘You’re covered by the blood of Jesus.’ I answered prayerfully.

We were almost reaching our destination. What could go wrong? All the same I slowed down as I drove. There was no need to be in a hurry.

As I turned round a street corner, I saw the Corolla screech to a halt and the doors fling open. Next three men armed with machine guns came down. Immediately people around the nieghbourhood took off in panic.

‘Oh my God. Choco…armed robbers!’

‘Blood of Jesus!’

Just as one of the robbers was about turning to face us, my hand hit the auto gear shift to reverse instantly. My foot hit the gas pedal and the car shot backwards. I skidded round the corner, turned the car in a near 180 degrees and sped back the way I came screaming at other oncoming cars that robbers were attacking on the street. Choco was muttering prayers and speaking in tongues under her breath while I gassed the car through the streets dodging careless pedestrians and okada riders.

It was not until I had turned into the major road at the Y-junction that I relaxed and drove steadily. A throbbing headache suddenly sounded through my head – the after effects of the adrenaline that had surged through me the instance I reacted to what I saw.

I called my parents and told them what happened and that we’d come around tomorrow instead.

I was never going to forget one fact. Choco had the premonition…sudden fear that something was wrong. And she was right.

I don’t want to imagine what would have happened to us – me, my wife and our unborn child. Thank God we had a warning from a divine presence…

Some call it instinct. Some call it conscience. Others call it the sixth sense.
I call it The Holy Spirit

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Rita said...

Thank God for premonition...I can't begin to imagine what would have happened if you both had no idea that something was not right.

Like you said, everyone has premonition but most times it is surpressed.

Thank God for your lives and this testimony you've just shared

bumight said...

it is definitely the Holy Spirit. yeah, when a lot of people say they are psychic - i just laugh.

thank God for your lives!

hm! Na wa oh.
Some madazz driving skills oh! lol @ choco.

LusciousRon said...

Na wah o! Thank God for his mercies.

NoLimit said...

Wow! that is major testimony there!!!
Glad you guys left unscathed!
The Holy Spirit sure alerts us of danger(s) around all the time...just like the Radio station, it keeps broadcasting, but it is up to us to actually listen...or not!
glad you listened in this particular instance!

simeone said...

wow..blessed be God..
he knew we would be very vulnurable without this companion ..he just had to send is holyspirit..

Nice Anon said...

I cannot even begin to imagine how scared both of you were. Who says God doesn't look out for us? Yes i believe it was the holy spirit as well.

blogoratti said...

Great thing you overcame that situation...
All in all,one ought to be thankful for everything.

Afrobabe said...

I call it the holy spirit too...

I got into big trouble late last year...funny enough my spirit told me something was not right plus I felt drunk when I hadn't had anything, still went ahead and thats when it hppened..Now I listen to it...

Thank God for your lives...

Wow! I call it the holy spirit too. I am so thankful to God for the lives of you, Choco and your unborn child.
God is good!

Buttercup said...

Oh wow....I thank God on ur family's behalf..

I wish I listened to the Holy Spirit more..

RocNaija said...

I get that premonition thing as well.. Usually I just shrug it off and keep it moving..
Na when kasala burst I go remember..

Now I try to listen a bit better..

Thank God for you & your family..

aloted said...

wow..thank God for his mercies...

it is indeed the Holy Spirit

Wow...praise God! I'm glad your lives were spared and that your wife shared her premonition with you (and not only that but I'm glad you asked her about it).

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

wow...I know the traffic in lagos and I cant even imagine the dodging you had to do to get away. You sure you didnt hit someone.

Its nice to know that you took charge and not let them robbers attack you. Im surprise they didnt shoot at you!
Take care hun!!

You know what they said about God sending warning signs to us when we are about to be in danger? May we have God's understandint to always dicern these premonitions

doll said...

Thank God....

Naughty Eyes said...

Thank God oh! By the way, I've finally done the meme...

eh! Thank God oh!

ScoopsNija said...

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Retinna Bell said...

This almost caused me to cry. I thank God for His goodness and protection. I LOVE your writing. You have developed your own sense of style, like a literary accent that is totally your own. Bless you.

Ugandan girl said...

Hey i just did my bit of the honesty award and i justed to say thxs for tagging me...hows the wife hope she's good

Omo Oba said...

wow! praise Jesus for your lives!

Dammy said...

Men, that was really close!

Thank God for the Holy Spirit.

Kush, I am curious when and where did we meet? Please send me an e-mail.

How's your family doing?

I get premonitions too but sometimes its hard to distinguish between a premonition and just ordinary fear or dread. Thank God you guys are safe but that was a narrow escape

Wow, that is a testimony! Thank God for the warning and also for the way you were able to escape.

Baba God dey your side... He that keeps Isreal neither sleep nor slumber. Praise God forever! Greetings to Coco. Lemme know when baby arrive. Bless.

Tairebabs said...

I call it the Holy Spirit. Thank God for your wife's premonition. I believe God sometimes warns us of impending danger.

Anonymous said...

That is what we call the Holy Spirit revelation, thank God it all turned out well.