Gala Seller from the US?

LOL...okay this news hit the PM News tabloid like 3 days ago and it got me wondering...At least the headline did b4 I read the details. Click on the image to get a wind of what this dude was up to selling Gala on the streets of Lagos.

The voice audition is still on and it seems only SCOMISS is bold enough to dare it. Seems every other person's scared to try. lol.

Hey SCOMISS, I'm feeling ur rendition of 'tracy'! Seems you might be the one for the part since I haven't gotten any competitors on it.

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LG said...


Enkay said...

Na wa o! What will these people not research about?

Interesting indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, he doesn't stray into the NigerDelta and then gets picked up for ransom...

what what, what voice audition. Drat! where have i been? :(

Make dem no kidnap am oh! Research on hawking, how funny. I am sure there is some earthshaking use for this research? A whole Fulbright scholar. lol.

Afronuts said...

@LG...u will chop cane oh!


@Trust me, he wont!

@Poetically...the voice audition is still on. Check the entry b4 this one for details. I hope theres use for his research too. This thing no be joke oh.

Tigeress said...

lol! I look forward to reading/watching his research. Thanks for sharing. :)

Please check out my new post on

Lmao! Gala seller from the US ke?! LWKM Oh!
Kai I remember when gala first came out. All the sellers on the street would yell "gala, gala, gala, fresh gala meat!", with a speed that never ceased to awe me!

PS: I see your currently reading The Prophet by Frank Peretti. Great book! I read it a few years ago and couldn't put it down!

doug said...

Lol. Oyinbo hawker.

'Prophet' is an awesome book.

Favourite line from the book:

'when the image crumbles, what will the people see'

Have a blast man!

Ise ni se nje jare

Parakeet said...

Tigress was telling me abt this one. 1daful! me I like some oyinbos sha. Anything will be done in order to gain knowledge.

How u dey bro? Long time. And how's my baby doing?

O'Dee said...

I wonder why he chose to sell gala, n not something else.

Congrats on the baby girl.
Does her bed, fold up, so u can carry it about? Saw something similar.

yinkuslolo said...

gala is one of the best options he can hawk to experience the entire hawking business. oh well. funny

Afronuts said...

@Standtall...LOL. thats all i can say

@Parakeet...if only Naija get livr like this dude

@O'Dee...I guess gala has a much more intriguing story around it. And yeah, the bed folds up and it has a carrier bag like a portable travelling bag.

@yinkus...i guess u answered O'Dee's question

Afronuts said...

@Tigeress…ok. Will do.

@NDQ…Peretti rocks my sista. Studying his kind of writing

@doug…right said dough

Lol. I learnt he is doing it for research.