Voice Auditions! - Who Do You Sound Like?

Recently, I’ve been working on a project with Kimson and would like to feature blogville folk on an experiment. What we need now are voices so we’d like to audition for voices.

So all you gotta do is check out these characters: Ganz, Peter, Shedrach, Tracy, Sandra and Azeez, pick one or two or all, and try to sound like them judging by their looks.

All you have to say is: ‘Hi I’m (Name of character) and I’m representing on the Kush Chronicles!’ then sign off with your blog name or real identity.

To record your voice is simple. Just do it on the Snapvine recorder on this blog or record and upload. You can click on the ‘Get your own’ button on on the Snapvine player on this blog as shown below in circle to go to the Snapvine page.

You can voice-imitate as much as you like. Recording is simple as long as you've got a phone, recordable MP3 player or a Laptop that records directly. 

Y’all better take part in this ‘cause there’s a surprise coming at the end of it when the review of each voice imitation comes out.

So don’t just comment, drop a voice for as many of these characters you can imitate.

We're waiting!

17 Screamer(s):

LG said...

Hi, i'm tracy' u like my hair???

Afronuts said...

Very funny LG. I said ur voice not just ur comment!

Anonymous said...

hey you got my voice already...I wanna be tracy...lol

hmm interesting...let me go practice and come back

Afronuts said...

@Oyin...yeah I got ur voice but I need a fresh one for the characters saying those lines!

@Funms...You berra come back oh.

Anonymous said...

ok ...let me think on that one..haha

Vera Ezimora said...

But I'm shy now!! Okay, ehm... do the characters have Naija accents?

Afronuts!! Its been a while! I'm here to pay tithe! Lol! I've never really been able to figure out the snapvine thing...I tried too for blogville idol. I'm such a technology retard,lol! I can't wait to hear the voices though! How's wifey btw? R u a daddy yet?

ah, this is a difficult assignment o...

Afronuts said...

@Oyin…lol, I’m waiting!

@Vera…Any accent will do Vera!

@NaijaDramaQ…Send it to kushmond@yahoo.com then. Did u just ask whether I’m a daddy yet? Where da hell have u been?? Dint u see my last post?

@Standtall…It’s not that hard. Okay send it to my mail then kushmond@yahoo.com

oh my goodness...this is going to be fun. Let me do a practice run and send you an MP3. Will send you an email...


BTW, any other characters in the works?

Afronuts said...

@Solomonsydelle...yeah. We're considering more later on.

ah okay o, I will let you knw if I am up for it sha.

scomiss said...

ok i left a comment....lol

Anonymous said...

unfortunately only the artist resembles a raz9ijaboi.. which is the only thing i can sound like..... {erhaps, if liver gum me I go try am!

Afronuts said...

@Standtall...lol.I wonder how long that will take.

@Scomiss...I heard urs. It was cool. and it did fit the character!

Afronuts said...

@Bagucci...lol. U beta try am cuz Im waiting!