Nikola Tesla - Happy Birthday to a forgotten genius

Many people may not think of today as a day to remember except if its someone's personal birthday.

I choose to remember today and mark it on my blog because it's the day an unsung hero, the man who invented the 21st century was born.

I'm talking of Nikola Tesla.

Each time you switch on that light, fix a fluorescent bulb, do an X-ray, listen to a radio, use any wireless equipment and so many other things, you are enjoying the legacies of this extra-ordinary man.

Tesla saw ahead of his contemporaries, he had so many inventions that would have changed history if the likes of Thomas edison, J.P. Morgan and the scientific community had not stifled his efforts. There are many inventions that Tesla wanted to embark on that would change the way we harness electricity and use it that never saw the light of day. 

Tesla was a scientific wizard, an extra-ordinary genius. His discovery of the AC current made Edison's DC current almost unreliable. The AC current proved more superior and is what the world uses today to generate electricity.

If you don't know about this man, you need to. Almost every technology we use today has a reference point to a Tesla invention. Today, Tesla appears on the Serbian currency despite the fact that he died in poverty, forgotten by an ungrateful and wicked world.

Just watch this short touching clip below to get a quick knowledge of the man whom the world tried to steal his efforts but truth can never be hidden for long. You'll be shocked at what this man has really done.

Happy Birthday to a great man, Nikola Tesla!

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jhazmyn said...

This guy seemed to be a legend, thought its sad he was not recognized for his greatness earlier, I'd say, better late than never. So i join you in cheering to a life well lived, well lived because years after, we still reap the fruits of his ingenuity.

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Enkay said...

Interesting, Never heard of the guy before.
Real sad that he wasn't recognised while he was alive.
Somehow though, his name is rising from the ashes.

Sulihp said...

this is sad! to be forgotten after literally making the world a better place..... remembered him today:)...makes me feel better about the world

Tigeress said...

Nice one Afronuts! I've actually learnt something new and useful. hehehehe!

chayoma said...

Interesting and enlightening!

Anonymous said...

hey hun...long time. I dont know who this person is.

please change your links to my blog to

Afrobabe said...

How is little Afrobabe?

Afronuts said...

@Jhazmyn…yep he was. Do u know history afterall may not be as true as it seems? Many things have been hidden just like this guy.

@Enkay…Just google his name. You’ll be shocked what you’ll discover about him.

@Sulihp…yeah…very sad. The world is a wicked place.

@Tigeress…Im glad u did! Trust me to drop some knowledge.

@Chayoma….guess u learnt something new too.

@Afrobabe…lol. U make it sound like u’re the mother. She’s cool, and she’s gotten bigger with big cheeks like u.

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