Shine your eyes...and your ears!! 2

Well, I warned folks not to read my last post if they don’t have an open mind and unfortunately someone who didn’t have an open mind read it. And so I have to go further to showcase what all the stuff I've been saying is all about.


Many of us don't know that there’s a reason subliminal messages are being put into the music we hear. We shouldn't just take everything we hear hook line and sinker and go with the flow. 

If you say sex sells, should we in the first place be selling sex? Don’t forget that violence sells too and we see it being sold everywhere too. Its because people don’t stop to think that they feel its normal to sensationalize stuff like sex on the media.


Haven’t you noticed that most mainstream music is either talking about sex, perversion or violence? People think mainstream music is harmless and are more concerned with the fact that women are being portrayed as whores in the music videos. Well, to understand the genesis of that, you need to get to the root of it; and the root is far deeper than we think it is.


The truth is the music industry is becoming or has become FRATERNAL. Once you become a celebrity, there are people waiting to buy you off with delicious deals and all you have to do is do as they say.


Many famous artistes today don’t write the music they sing. SOMEBODY else does it for them. If you doubt me, check it out. Many artistes have dark secrets and some of them are hiding it in their music (try playing Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ backwards!), while others are letting it all out in what they say in their music (listen carefully to recent lyrics from rappers like Eminem, 50 cent, Lil Wayne). Still, people don’t seem to hear jack in what they say. The only thing they hear is the rhythm and melody.


‘Nuff said. Watch the following videos carefully to get a lowdown on what I mean. And please be warned that what you’re about to watch may not be pleasing to you who is a fan of just ‘anything that sounds good and danceable’. So unless you’ve got an OPEN mind, just save yourself the hassle! I have over a hundred videos from different sources that explored the subject, so understand that I’m not only basing my conclusions on one video or article.











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Parakeet said...

Unable to watch the video at work so will do when I get home. Kush I see your point and I know there are wider issues that lyrics and subliminal messages in these music cause but the world is a very evil place. There's little we can do on a bigger level but we can decide how it affects us individually. Which is why I maintain that whichever way one chooses to consume and interprete them is the way it will affect the person's life.

Anonymous said...

i really dont care about any of im just going to skip the videos.

Myne Whitman said...

Afronuts, thanks for the wake-up call.

I just want to first say, I agree with you suggestion that people should be as concerned (if not more) with what is said in songs as opposed to the videos.

Now off to watch the vids above.

actually, let me go read the last post first.


HYAW said...

how do you define an open mind, if you dont mind

Ugandan girl said...

well this is some deep stuff though i must say. i do believe the satanic bit but then there is all this 'they poisoned our food' kinda thing which is abit not my cup of tea.

Tatababe said...

I've always believed in minding the kinda lyrics & songs one listens to. The clips definitely gives one reason to pause...Nice blog.

I agree totally with you that people should be mindful of what they listen to. There is no gain saying the fact that people are mostly interested in the beats than in the lyrics of songs.

sweetness said...

people need to know about this!
thanx for the eye opener

Anonymous said...

Love sells. Its really that simple but of course we don't want to hear that, we want something else and we will do anything to justify/ validate what we believe to be right .... even when we are wrong.

Parakeet said...

Ok Kush I finally got time to see the video which as it goes I've watched before. I do have a few Illuminati collections especially the one the 9/11 one and that of skulls and bone society. And you know what my opinion hasn't changed.

I urge you to get Religulous and watch it.

Anonymous said...

Hey hun.....I get your point. We as individuals can sell whaever it is that we want. But first things sells, but mine aint for sell...haha!

Afronuts said...

@Parakeet…I’m not sure I get what you mean by getting religious ‘cause I’m already a spirit-filled believer. And how much have u seen or read about the illuminati? Okay, just wait for my next post, that will push my point across further.

@leggy….This is my fault. I should have warned that only those with an open should read this. Not everyone can be brainwashed.

@Myne Whitman….You’re welcome. I know being a writer makes you a thinker, thus you have an open mind.

@Solomonsydelle…lol. Tell dem my sister.

@Hyaw…one that’s not biased; one that’s embraces the search for the truth.

@Ugandan girl…I’m sorry to shock you but that bit is also true. Do you know why they are poisoning our food? Wait for my next post.

@Tatababe….Thanks! Please check out information on these things.

@Emeka Amakeze….Tell dem, bros.

@Sweetness….Please tell others and search for more info on google and youtube. You’ll be shocked.

@Anonymous….and your point is?

@Oyin…lol. Sure it does. But sit down and think for a moment, isn’t there something wrong somewhere?

Eden said...

I get your point and can see exactly why you feel strongly about lyrical contents but at the same time we live in a society that advocates freedom of speech and democracy. As much as we would like the world to be rid of lurid materials and down right exploitative contents it will never be. Truth is you can never have the two - you can't want freedom of speech without offensive comments and the minute you start restricting people's comments then why have democracy? Things like this blog for example will not exist if it wasn't for democracy because it is all your opinion which could eaily be viewed as persuasive. It is really down to us as individuals to decide what we allow to influence us. Some people are fibble and easily led so certain lyrical contents could well influence them negatively.

The point i'm trying to make is that whatever people choose to see and listen to is down to them, the problem occurs when they can't decipher between what should be confined to 'just a song' and they allow the information they see or hear to dominate their lives.

Dee! said...

Hmmmmmm! Since I read your last post, and visited the links in it, I have learnt to shine my eyes and my ears! I am taking extra steps in ensuring that I do not watch, sing or dance to any suspicious musical video. I even take extra step to ensure that my kids do not watch any strange cartoon.

It is true that God has given us the power of choice. We have a right to choose what we do; we are responsible for our decisions.

This is a wake up call to all believers!

sunnyside said...

i believe that the kind of thing information music etc we let into our mind affects us positively and otherwise... yet it doesnt stop us from doing it. i dont sing or dance to songs i dont understand especially ones i suspect might be cursing me but if i understand wat the song says then ill sing and whine to it anytime no matter how good bad or sexual it might be.. hope thats open minded to ya

Afronuts said...

@Eden…I totally understand what you mean. I’m not against freedom to do what you want. We are all free to choose between right and wrong. But when it comes to ignorance and not knowing that what you are doing is destroying you, then I guess it makes sense to speak out.
Imagine you walking into a trap and I see it but you don’t. If you survived, wouldn’t ur question to me be – ‘why didn’t u tell me it was a trap?’

@Dee!... Hang on my sister, there’s more coming. I’ve been doing some research and digging up some horrible truths. Read my next post first. Thank God u understand.

@Sunnyside…you’re right. But sometimes, we think we actually understand what we see or hear. That’s why subliminal messaging is used.