Shine your eyes...and your ears!! 1

I thought it didn't go as far as what I said in my last post until a friend of mine read what I wrote and referred me to a site called Vigilant Citizen. When I got to the site I was shocked at the amount and level of truth and secrets of the music industry that was exposed. What I saw further cemented the fact that 'what you don't know can kill you'.

Some of the music we listen to are actually more than meets the ears. I went through this website and read so many shocking articles on some artistes with strong damning evidences. There was just so much being revealed on that site which was not limited to music alone that I wasn't surprised when the next day I tried to log onto the site and it never came up again. obviously some of the powers that be had gotten hold of the site and prevented it from ever surfacing on the web again. However, I went there today and it was back on. 

Click on the following links below to get the low down on some of the well known artistes.

Warning: Please do not read these articles if you don't have an open mind because the truth may be too bitter for you to stomach all at once. And for those of you who can swallow it well, good luck knowing the bitter truth! 

Beyonce case study 1

Beyonce case study 2

Rihanna case study 1

Rihanna case study 2

Omarion case study 

Lady Gaga case study

MTV's VMA case study

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Myne Whitman said...

I saw that website before and I have been thinking about the music and occult more and more. But really, what you know can't kill you abi?

Dee! said...

Hmmmmmmm!!!! This is getting too weird! Na wa o! I will make a conscious effort to filter what kind of music I listen to.

May the Almighty God continually protect us! Amen.

Anonymous said...

Of course music has subliminal messaging but all in all, the only harm I see it doing to anyone is how people are portrayed, gender, age, body type. I am more worried about rap videos that show black women and bitches and hos rather than whether or not Beyonce or Rihanna are demonic. It's all about money - and sex sells. Bold sexy women sell. Wonder why Beyonce is more famous than those other two? Cus she is bolder and sexier. There are more demons in my head (anxiety, stress, negativity) than in those videos.

HYAW said...

well since what you don't know can kill you, then the enemy you know is better than (in this case) the enemy you don't know.

Debbie said...

Loving this blog, I haven't click on the link yet, but will be doing so, to enlighten myself.

ifeoluwa said...

check out G. Craige Lewis on google or you tube. He is a pastor that analyzes some of these things and sheds light on the music industry.
Knowledge is Power

simeone said...

surely theres no way these are cooked up insinuations ..
thanks for sharing.. not to sound judgemental ..but christians is music and thats all there is to it..
thanks for sharing..

mike said...

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. What can i say? Thanks for the message though! fear dey catch me

Parakeet said...

But Kush you know these are studies, right? Symbolism and what not. Is that now how Dan Brown made his money through this so-called decoding? Did he not allege that Mary Magdalene was present in the Leonardo Davinci's painting of the last supper? And the V shape of the space between Jesus and Mary at the table represented the chalice meaning that they had a sexual relationship? That's Christianity under scrutiny right there? Does it mean he is right just cos he presented a brilliant argument? I am not saying he's wrong either but I can question cant I? Just as I can question aspects of the bible and christianity even as a practising Christian. Does it make me blastphemous? Let God judge me.

When you look at these things too hard one begins to think they have a point. Who says they dont but what does your heart tell you? What do you choose to believe? How do you want to consume religion and music for instance? Whichever way you choose to consume and interprete them is the way it will affect your life.

My 2 pence.

Enkay said...

Why am I not surprised?

We just need to be more selective of the stuff we listen to.

Rose said...

I guess that serves as a kind of reminder not to become overly attached to some stuff we listen to.

Interesting articles, thanks for sharing..

I had seen the link to that website on facebook some months ago and it definitely opened my eyes. Not just about the music industry but also other stuff like the key monuments in the world.
May God continue to help us discern what we feed into our minds.

Afronuts said...

@Myne Whitman…exactly. Knowing the truth sets you free and you can’t be brainwashed anylonger.

@Dee…Girl, I was shocked to discover it myself. I have downloaded over a hundred videos from different sources with proofs that cant be coincidences

@lucidlilith…Didn’t I warn you not to read if you haven’t got an open mind?

@Hyaw….lol. And your point is?

@Debbie…Thanks. waiting for you!

@Ifeoluwa….Thanks for the info Ife. I had just finished watching his message. The guy’s the bomb!

@simeone…the thot that music is music is a dangerous and misleading thot. Remember…’my people perish for the lack of knowledge’

@mike…bros, na like so I see am too oh!

@Parakeet…You haven’t seen it all yet dear. Wait till I show you more stuff that will blow your mind b4 u conclude!

@Enkay….we need to! Pass the message!

@Rose…thanks for reading. Pass the message.

@Favoured Girl….Amen oh! Wait till I upload more damning evidence that there’s more to it than meets our eyes and ears.

Gee said...

true talk o....I listened to that craig guy a while back and I became careful...mehn God thru Jesus is just the way cuz the things of this world r just crafty!
Thanx 4 sharing!