The Homosexual Brainwashing of Kids

I'm posting these videos for Standtall and those who don't know to see. It's a film that documents how children are being indoctrinated into the homosexual culture by making it seem a normal thing.

Its not a normal thing! Homosexuality is evil and nobody was ever born that way!

Leviticus 18:22 22 "`Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

Leviticus 20:13. "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

Genesis 19:1-29 says God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality. It stinks in the nostrils of God. Genesis 18:24-33 shows that God could not find even 10 righteous souls in Sodom. The perverts who inhabited Sodom, even wanted to rape God's Angels who had come to Sodom to rescue Lot!

The homosexual agenda not only includes Same Sex Marriage but they have successfully pushed forward their lifestyles to the public over the television sets conditioning the public to accept their perversion and depravity.

TV shows like “ Queer Eye For The Straight Guy ”, “ The L Word ” , “ Queer Folks ” , MTV Videos, and even cartoons such as “ The Simpsons ” , and “ Southpark ” portray Christians who take a stand against homosexuality as evil, hateful, and wacky, while portraying the homosexual lifestyle as normal.

The movie below, 'Donkey Xote' is an example of cartoons which promote homosexuality among other evils. It features in it's plot a homosexual transvestite horse that has a relationship with another male horse.

As if there wasn't enough shows on TV promoting homosexuality, MTV is preparing to launch a “24-Hour All-Gay All Day Channel ” which will include programming geared at teaching kids that it is cool to be a homosexual and perfectly normal. They will even include a homosexual dating game.


You can always find more on this issue all over youtube.

Standtall, I hope this clears and spells it all out well for you.

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Omosi T said...
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Jaycee said...

There's nothing healthy about this kind of education (re: the first video). This is the reason why younger kids these days are claiming they are gay, it's not because they were born that way, but because they've been taught that the homosexual lifestyle is okay and they are being "open-minded." They don't even know what being open-minded or prejudiced means.

LusciousRon said...

Speechless. I guess one has to be more censored in the TV time allowed kids.

LucidLilith said...

Silly propaganda. No one is brainwashing the kids. If everyone had this kind of open discussion with children about how other people are different and why they are different, YOU would not be writing stuff like this and quoting the Bible.

FYI- anyone can quote the bible to support their beliefs. Slave owners did it.

And- do you know that the same chapter that denounces homosexuality also denounces eating shell fish. Why are we not throwing stones at Red Lobster patrons.

Hypocrisy. Like we don;t have serious social issues to deal with like poverty and health care. Shio.

Sting said...

You cannot brainwash anyone to become homosexual. I dont care what anyone tells u, nobody can force u to be attracted to anything u r not naturally attracted to.

I do believe that being homosexual is biological. People don't chose to be homosexual. It's not a choice or a life style.

NoLimit said...

Jesus wept! This is horrible...fine...there are lesbians and gays(and it is not right!period!)...but do you need to shove it down pple's throat?I thought pple were entitled to their opinion...
This is really sad and damaging.

blogoratti said...

Jesus take the wheel...SMH

Dee! said...

WHAT?!!! This is outrageous! Preposterous! Totally absurd! Totally unacceptable! Why would anyone attempt to brainwash little children into accepting homosexuality?! God help us!

In as much as I agree that no one can force an adult to accept or do what is wrong, it is not the same for children. These kids are so innocent, they would accept anything their parents and teachers tell them. I think is is not right to introduce little children to such heinous acts!

"If" they choose to be gay when they grow, then that is their own palava. But a child who has been brought up the right way will definately continue in the right way, no matter the peer presure!

God help us!

Afronuts said...

@Jaycee…Thanks for the elaboration Jaycee.

@LuciousRon…I guess so. You’ll be alarmed by the rate of filth being pumped into the minds of our children.

@Lucililith…Are you gay? Because from the tone of your harsh comment, you sound offended, like I out rightly condemned you.
No one’s shoving it down your throat. If you feel offended by hearing bible quotes, then I guess you must hate the truth.
Sure, poverty and health are important issues but this is also a very dire one…
And it makes no sense referencing the Bible if you hate it so much.
No offense but the truth is bitter and you just can’t stomach it.

@Sting…lol. That’s what you think. You got research to prove that? Cause there’s tons of info on the internet.

@blogoratti…shey? I feel you bro.

@Dee!...Well said Dee. I agree with you on that. These kids are not even within the age of responsibility to themselves.

Parakeet said...

I've always had a problem with that phrase 'No one is made that way'. By that you're saying homosexuality is not biological, well I'm not sure I agree with that. I detest homosexuality and everything it stands for. I feel if caught early 'some' people can be cured of it but I dont think that by all means all pple who exhibit the traits can necessarily be cured. I also believe some people become homosexuals simply because they are exposed to the ideas not because they are like that inherently in nature. But alongside schizophrenia and other psychological diseases, I see it as a disease of the mind.

Videos like these and those shows you mentioned are a danger to our kids and even to some adults who are weak in mind. But at the same time this is a free world and what we must do is guide our kids aright and gird ourselves with the word of God.

Suru said...

Homosexuality should be justified with science and not with the bible. The bible is a a guide for some people on how to live where as homosexuality is something that naturally happens to the mind and body.

Enkay said...

But you see, homosexuality isn't biological at all! It's a state of the mind where humans develop inordinate affection for other members of the same sex.

I don't care what anyone says but no one was created homosexual. Our very physical characteristics make that clear enough doesn't it?

If not, why do homosexual couples have to have one partner playing the role of a 'man' and the other playing the role of a 'woman'. Why can't they just be two guys or two girls being themselves? Totally messed up huh?

Ask those who have been cured and they'll tell you. I have a close relationship with someone who says she thought she was a lesbian because of the environment she grew up in where these things were permitted but she soon saw that this wasn't true at all!

I'm not saying homosexual people are bad people, merely misguided and struck with a 'disease' (so to speak) that can be cured. Simple as that!!

loveall said...

We all must understand what the word of God says about this matter. Homosexuality is an abomination rather you want to believe it or not, it is what it is.

People can choose to do whatever they want, but when it comes down to teaching children that homosexuality is ok and not taking the time to give them the full picture (the consequences)of what it means is unfair.

Parents and to anyone that reads this please take the time to research the scriptures to see for yourself what God says about homosexuality/sin and where it leads to. There is always hope for change for all that live that life style if they want it.

We all will stand before a Holy and Just God and have to give an account for all that we have done and there will not be any excuse. We all have a chance NOW!

leggy said...

on your last post..i specifically asked you if you have read harry potter and from the fact that you avoided the question..i can now see that you have never read harry potter, so id love to know...what exactly gives you the right to call it evil if you have never read it before?
if you have never read it how the heck do you know that it is evil and demonic as you said?
until you actually read something dont just go on to the web and talk thrash about it.mschewww,

Afronuts said...

@Parakeet…you’re absolutely right. I couldn’t have said it better.

@Suru…lol! You just discredited the bible. I guess its just another piece of literature to you.

@Enkay…Youknowwhatamsayin! Tell it let dem hear, abeg! Well explained.

@loveall…Thanks for the input. You understand the issue.

@leggy…lol! You sound offended. Did I ruin the essence of your childhood? Cause all of a sudden you’re sort of defensive. For your info, I have read Harry potter and seen the movie and I know what it’s about. Know the fact before you jump to conclusions. Obviously all you know about Harry Potter doesn’t go beyond what you read in the book because you’ve never researched anything on it. I do my research, so quit babbling about putting stuff on the web. It’s you who should read something before you go confrontational on the web. Assumption is a lazy man’s excuse for not finding out facts!

The "FYI Standtall" made it look like this is intended solely for me- common! I am not sure I am happy about this "FYI Standtall" business. You can send the link to my inbox if it is intended for me.

That said, I know you are passionate about issue that has to do with God's way and it's commands and I am fine with that.

Just like Leggy, I don't know how Harry Potter a mere fiction is promoting witchcraft. I don't have to watch Harry Potter to believe that witchcraft exist or not. Many people in Nigeria that have not in anyway seen Harry Potter are busy beheading people for rituals.

I am sure you remember Dapo in O.A.U and how he believed he is a woman, he dressed as such and he never even stopped depsite all insult hauled at him. Don't be so sure that no one is born to have desire for same sex. though I never dated or have sex with a woman but I have fancied one before. And I felt a strong emotional connection at the time.And at the time I knew little or nothing about homosexuality. You can call this evil but it happened.

You have made your point about homosexuality teaching or brainwashing in schools which I found absurd myself as I think it is fine with those adult that believe that is what they want and how they want to leave even if it means going to hell if they believe in God and His punishment. And even at that remember FREEWILL but not to brainwash the kids.

I am not overly religious or overly spiritual and I so much believe in open mindedness and not afraid to share with you what I think even if it means disagreeing with every comments on your blog.

Let me give you a true account of what is going on in some Arabic countries and I have met some lesbians from these countries, despite the segregation of men and women to avoid sexual sins, boys in boys schools and girls in girls schools indulge in same sex for pleasure and some still live as partners till date. Even though it is so illegal in thier countries but they do all these underground.

I will still reitrate what I said to you before about some so called men of God that sleep with boys. I am sure they know what they are doing and they can choose to have a female lovers even if it is a sin but they chose boys.

Conclusively, we have got religion, we have got freewill and we have got secular laws. And with all these conflicting interests, it is proper to respect each others space and choice.

Afronuts said...

@Standtall...Hmmm...well,like I said, if you never knew how Harry Potter is promoting witchcraft, then I guess there's soo much you don't know. If I was to start telling you how, we would probably never finish. But the internet is there, there are tons of documentaries, articles and research findings on this ish, and people still don't get it?
That's unfortunate. Unless you also love Harry Potter then you probably shouldn't bother about wanting to know 'cause it will hurt real bad.

I still stand my ground that homosexuality is not normal. If it was, why didn't God (or in the case of free-thinkers, Nature) design same sexes to procreate?
Why do homosexuals still decide that one plays a 'male' while the other plays a 'female'?

People say they are born that way. That's a load of crap. Do you know that if a person who was never a homosexual gets sodomised by force, he would suddenly get the inkling to do it again? I know two people who were like that - forced into doing what they never did before and all of a sudden, they begin to feel they could again.

Its always been a no-go area, a seriously forbidden fruit, but once its violated, it becomes a habit. Homosexuality is just a nasty habit one cultivates, and which is hard to break from.

Do you know what has become of Dapo lately? A friend of mine informed me recently that he has become a pathetic case now-getting sodomised for cash and living life on the edge as an oddball. Remember I interviewed him way back, and his reason for becoming a homosexual was very absurd!

You talked about meeting Arabians who talked about this thing happening in their countries despite religion, I've met many too, guys & girls - who became so by force from a senior, while I was in secondary school!
There was even a time seniors would attack juniors at night and sodomise them, bruising their sex perception for life.
Don't make it look as if religion has failed because as far as I'm concerned, Christianity has not. (Other religions can speak for themselves)

Of men of God sleeping with boys, its not new and its most rampant in catholic churches. And there are several reasons why its happening.

From my research (I do a lot of it, and you'll be shocked what I've found) I have discovered so many things that are responsible for the surge in this abominable thing. But that's another story, probably for those who are interested in the truth.

Oh...about the FYI, point taken. But you needn't be so harsh about it.

It is clear we all have our opinions on this issue. Dayo wont have become a pathetic case if he is in a society that empathise with him and not condemn him. And you are so one sided about thinking homosexuality is forced on people. Majority of these people choose these path.

And please do not qoute me wrongly in anyway that religious has failed, I did not say that and I am not implying that in anyway.

I am not a fan of Harry Potter, I am not just getting your point about the film promoting witchcraft. Come on Kush, people choose the path they wish to follow film or not. Well, that again is a matter of opinion.

And when do you become so touchy? I thought you used to be so open and all. I am not harsh in asking about "FYI Standtall" and I should ask you about why you thought or interpret it so. Anyways, I am humbly requesting that that "FYI Standtall" part be taking off please.

"...But that's another story, probably for those who are interested in the truth..." I am clear now that I belong to those that do not want to know the truth, but your truth might not be the only truth and might not be the truth at all.

I hope you are not about to dump me as a friend over different opinions.

Take care.

leggy said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ Leggy and Standtall you both spoke my mind accurately.

I do not condone homosexuality and the brainwashing of kids .That is major BS if you ask me.I am also positive that there are some people who are homosexuals/bisexual because their society allows it but I am also sure that there are people that are born that way. A lot of us can act as moral judges just because we are not personally dealing with this issue. If you have never walked in someone shoes you do not know what they are dealing with.

I know a guy who is only a guy physically… everything else about him is feminine. This was due to a hormonal problem he had from birth. You see his level of estrogen was way higher than his testosterone. Hence, he acted more like a girl. He was even forced to take male hormones to make him more masculine. However, it didn’t work and his feminine side overshadowed the masculine side .As a result of this he found himself always attracted to guys (because had more feminine charactersitics). This guy was a Christian and almost committed suicide because he couldn’t understand why he was that way and the bible he believed in was telling something else…he told me that he often wondered to himself that “Why did God make me like this ,when he knows it is a sin”.

So yes I believe some people are born that way,I personally think it is not normal and it is a disorder. But the condescending way with which so called Christians address this issue is appalling. These are people that are supposed to be Christ like, yet there is so much venom and hate spewing from their hearts as they quote their bible verses.These are probably the same Christian who ignore others parts of the bible that talks about pre-marital sex, lying and stealing. If Jesus was here he definitely would not act like that. When they were about to stone the adulterous woman, Jesus said “He without sin cast the first stone” that is what my Lord Jesus Christ said to the hypocritical and sinful self appointed moral judges. Basically he meant that all sins are the same and no one sin is greater than the other and you that are judging somebody, is a sinner as well.

If you hate homosexuality perhaps you should pray for the “lost souls” engaging in the act. Also, the fact is that not everyone follows the tenets of the bible, so all this quoting of bible passages applies to only those that believe in the bible..abi? Anyone being gay does not infringe on your fundamental human rights so really???? As long as no one is forcing you to sleep with them.... keep it moving…I tire o!

Afronuts said... Come on, I'm not dumping you as a friend over a small argument. I respect you and your opinion and I've removed the 'FYI'.
And when I said "probably for those who are interested in the truth..." I was referring to those interested in the truth, not singling you out. Note my semantics that I said 'Probably'.
Thanks for your thots though.

@Pink Satin...Thanks for the input Pink Satin. I respect your opinion too and I do appreciate the way you put your point across in a diplomatic way. If leggy had put it like you did, it would have been better.

Femme Lounge said...

whew! pretty hot in here!