Acid Rain And The Mystery Fog


A few days ago, I got a forwarded email from a yahoogroup of which I was a member. The topic caught my attention. It was a mail warning of a forthcoming Acid rain that would soon hit the streets.

I was incensed on getting this mail. In all my webtime spent on the internet, I’ve come to realize the myriads of fake alarms circulated via the internet by some scare junkies. So coming across a mail like this got me really skeptical about the whole issue.

But then a number of happenings got me wondering whether there could be some truth in this matter.

First of all, the controversy surrounding Chemtrails.

If you happen to be outdoor at anytime of the day and you saw an aircraft flying across the sky and leaving behind a long trail of smoke which doesn’t fade away easily, chances are that you’ve just spotted a Chemtrail. What it’s supposed to have been is a Contrail. But while Contrails are just a matter of smoking planes of which the trail of smoke doesn’t stay long in the air, Chemtrails stay longer in the air and still get to be vividly noticed than a Contrail.

And Chemtrails are known to be chemicals sprayed in the air for some diabolic reason. It’s equally a method used for biological warfare too. And then some evil people who probably want to create an artificial disease so that they can sell the cure and make money or just reduce population would consider doing it this way.

Here in Lagos, I happened to notice a Chemtrail once and wondered what on earth it was being sprayed for. But that was nothing compared the numerous ones reported in different places in the US. (Google and see for reference).

A couple of years ago, Lagosians awoke to discover that the whole of Lagos was foggy. The problem was that it was not yet Harmattan season and this particular fog had a peppery sensation to the eyes. It was a scary situation but later it was discovered that a chemical from somewhere had leaked into the atmosphere. Till today, no one can really pinpoint the genesis of that strange mist.

Now I woke up this morning to discover that everywhere had suddenly gone foggy and Harmattan was still far off. The Rainy season which came before Harmattan had not even started fully. The cars in our compound had gone dusty overnight. I thought it was because of something that got burnt somewhere and smoked through the atmosphere.

It was not until midday while at work that everybody noticed that it was still foggy and word was beginning to go round that the rumoured Acid rain would soon hit.
I had to question whether it was that easy.
I went online searching information on Acid Rain and came across stuff that debunked the whole rumour.
According to an article from a citizen focused NGO:

The so-called “acid rain” issue has been used for many years to press for more regulations and restrictions on the activities of citizens throughout America. Alarmists claim that acid rain has wiped out fish in many lakes and streams, destroyed forests, ruined crops and buildings, and that it poses a serious threat to human health. What is referred to as “acid rain” is simply rain that has absorbed airborne particles from both natural and manmade sources. Although some groups continue to try to scare Americans with stories of acid rain, scientific evidence shows that these stories are greatly exaggerated.
The truth is that after a decade of research, scientists have concluded that the so-called threat of acid rain is largely nonexistent.

With that, I could conclude that the acid rain theory was just another cock and bull scare tactic.
But what about the strange fog that’s currently pervading Lagos as at the time of this post?
Is the weather going crazy, has there been another chemical accident or somebody is just playing diabolic games?

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aloted said...

hmmmm...strange isn't it?

interested in what others have to say

Atinuke (LIRS) said...

dnt get d hazy atmosphere either... noticed it yday (sunday), tot it ws smoke frm burning... then my mind went to wat occured in china a few weeks ago i.e. sand storm and i became scared.
i hope its just harmattan and nothing more. i dnt belv d acid rain gist.

Jaycee said...

The acid rain theory isn't true? My mother-in-law told me to warn my family in Lagos on Sunday...I was like, "wow."

Anyhow, what about the fog? Interesting!

Jaycee said...

Oh, forgot to say I liked the template :)

2cute4u said...

Hmm, really?As soon as I heard,I called my family and friends.. I just don't know what to believe at this point.. Thanks for bringing this to light..
would you like to have a WE ARE JOS BANNER on your blog?will be so honoured .. if yes please visit
Thank you..

Myne Whitman said...

Heard about the fog but not the acid rain theory. It is strange though..

LovePaprika said...

This is why blogging sweet o! I didnt know about chemtrail or contrail!!! Thanks for educating me... However, the fog is everywhere, I guess because I am in Abuja and it is still foggy, dry and dusty...

Afronuts said...

@aloted…Yeah. Really strange

@Atinuke…You said that right. Acid rain is hocus pocus!

@Jaycee…lol. Well now you know. And thanks on the template.

@2cute4u…okay. Will do that. What’s it meant to do anyway?

@Myne…well, that’s the itty bitty news.

@Lovepaprika…lol! Its good to someone who knows the value of blogging. Glad to have been informative to you.

2cute4u said...

Its an awareness campaign.. it takes you to the site.
In preparation for the actual giving.
We'd be working with the redcross.... Thank you so much..

Rita said...

I have seen the has left me wondering but this post is rather enlightening.

Enkay said...

Yeah, as for that acid rain thing, I'm surprised that almost everyone I know has bought into the theory.

It's even more absurd to hear it comes once in 750 years and I was like What? Is it some kind of celestial body hurtling towards earth? Laughable indeed.

What isn't funny though is this fog all over the country.

SHE said...

I wonder how these alarmists come about their theories?

We're blaming the fog on global usual...

AlooFar said...

which one do we believe now?

Afronuts said...

@2cute4u...Oh ok. I’ll take note of that.

@Rita...Glad it helped

@Enkay...Yeah I think i heard of that 750 years thing or so too. But its all an overrated scare tactic

@SHE...and you’ll be shocked that global warming is a hoax. Just believe this – the earth can never destroy itself, neither can man. It will always regenerate somehow

It is time I hanged my blog template! this is lovely!

Acid rain hmmmm, I will make sure no part of my body is exposed if i happened to be around when it is raining, you know romour or not, it will be good to take a little precautions. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah! everybody was scared including me that when rain showered on thart 28th abi 27th sef? everybody scampered for safety, including sincerely yours! hehehehe.. later i was told it did happened at gbagada & alagbado true, i don't know o!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sir, i'm studying Environmental Science and Acid Rain does exist... Another name for it is 'Acid Precipitation.' it does exist, but not often...and it's also possible that it does happen often, but tests havn't been carried out to find out.

And, the fog u saw is called SMOG! There are two types, depending on the mode of formation. They are 'CLASSICAL SMOG' (caused by a combination of Sulphur iv Oxide, Particulate Matter and Thermal Inversion) and 'PHOTOCHEMICAL SMOG,' which u saw in Lagos (caused by a combination of Nitrogen Oxide, HydroCarbons from vehicular emmisions and Sunlight).

Nkem Ifeanyichukwu.