The Chronicles X - Dead Men 3

Tola’s eyes seemed to burn as her gaze settled on the unsettled men surrounding her. She stopped laughing just as abruptly as she had started.

Ike was rattled by her strange outburst but he wasn’t going to give in to what he thought was a reverse psychology trick.

‘What’s funny?’ he barked, fondling the pistol more tightly and threateningly.

‘Nothing. I just felt sorry for you all.’ Her voice had suddenly gone from being confident to being deadly cold and menacing.

She began to undress.

They watched her; each one of them beginning to doubt if this was really a good idea. There was just something unnerving about the way she was going about it.

Tola finished undressing and lay down on her bed, her face brazen and emotionless.

‘Who’s first?’ She asked.

Emma looked at the others. Nobody moved. He hissed and began to pull off his jeans. If these guys were too mesmerized by this whore, they can stand there for all he cared.

Soon he was on her panting like a he-goat. He tried to look into her eyes but he couldn’t. Emma could be senseless at times but in this instance, he couldn’t help notice that there was something strange about the way the whole episode was going.

His initiative to make the first move encouraged the others and one by one, they had their turns on Tola.
By the time they had all had their turns on her, they sat about the room, trying to regain back their strength.

Tola sat up and hissed.

‘Is that all you can do? You’re a bunch of weaklings!’

Ike gasped, Jide’s mouth fell open behind his bandana, Emma farted accidentally.
This was supposed to be a rape scene but she didn’t look like she was being raped. It looked more like they were being raped.

She lay there like nothing had happened and they sat there, all out of breath, wondering if they had accomplished the task they came for.

Her taunt was just too much for Ike. He got up and raped her again. The others followed suit; all desperate to defend their manhood.

By the time they were finished, all of them were out of breath and very exhausted.
Tola sat up once again and berated them as weaklings.

This was too much for Emma who had a short fuse and serious complex. He got up and smacked her across the face once.

‘That’s for opening your big mouth.’ he snarled.

Then he smacked her again.

‘That’s for the knife cut you gave me!’

Jide held him before he could do more damage.

Tola held one side of her face in pain. There were tears in her eyes but it wasn’t for the pain, it was for rage.

Again she suddenly remembered what had happened earlier in the day and brightened up.

She watched her exhausted assailants as they gathered their strength back and prepared to leave.
Jide searched round the flat to make sure they didn’t leave behind anything that could incriminate them. His eye caught her bag lying on the floor with its contents spilled out.

He picked it up and began to put all the content back in. He stopped at a rolled piece of paper and out of curiosity glanced at it.

The men heard him gasp as the bag dropped from his hand and hit the floor.

‘What is it?’ Ike asked walking over to him.

Tola suddenly began to chuckle.

Jide’s trembling hand stretched out the paper to Ike.

Ike grabbed it and looked the content.

It was a hospital lab report addressed to Tola. She had been diagnosed with the HIV virus and two other STDs.

Tola’s burst into laughter again and it echoed in his ears as he fainted out of shock.

One by one they all saw the report and were instantly reduced to ghosts of themselves.
Emma sat down exasperatedly on the floor, the huge dude put his two beefy arms on his head in woe, one guy bit his finger as his life rushed past him in fast forward while the other guy paced to and fro in heated anxiety. Jide stood frozen on the spot, looking with dread at the woman that had passed the death sentence on them.

Some years later, I met Tola. She was looking healthy but was no longer the same Tola I knew in my department back in school. She was now a born again Christian and took God seriously. I don’t know the state of her health now but all I can say is that she keeps looking healthier each passing day. God must have been merciful on her.

As for Ike and his gang, to this day no one knows what became of them.

The End

© Lolu Kush (Afronuts) - Story

© Kimson Masters - Illustrations

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BSNC said...

lol yea funny thing i haven't seen any naija movie recently.
That was a good one kush, you know how to captivate your audience. I want to be like you when and if i write my

jhazmyn said...

We sure were on the same page...but if its a true story, its must have been tough for Tola and all the guys involved....the guys should have known better...

Afronuts said...

@BSNC...Aww come on, you're making me blush. I'm flustered and flattered!

@Jhazmyn...You hit it right there, Jhazz. I hope there's a lesson that can be learned here.

Olufunke said...

I enjoyed reading the whole story, nicely written.
I feel for Tola, nothing ever justifies 'rape'. Good that she is looking better.

I dont know if the guys contacting HIV from Tola was good for them or not.

Nice one

Nogo Blogs said...

Sad it's over but great story :) xx

Myne Whitman said...

What an unexpected ending. I don't know whether I should say good for them. Maybe she could have saved everyone the heartache by revealing her status earlier? Nice writing and illustration as always.

2cute4u said...

This is really nice.. I really liked the storyline..Hmmm, First time here though, I'd be back..
please also visit

Afrobabe said...

I had a feeling it was HIV when she laughed in the last edition...

Lovely lovely writeup...

Me thinks "Emma sat down exasperatedly on the floor" Should be "Emma sat down lifelessly on the floor,...

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Afronuts said...

@Olufunke…Well, I leave that up to you to decide.

@Nogo Blogs…hope u dint have high hopes?

@Myne…True. She might do that. But she chose not to. And thanks!

@2cute4u…thanks for popping in. Will definitely check u out too.

@Afrobabe…you did? Hmm…I didn’t succeed in keeping u completely under the suspense.
And as for the correction u made…not a bad idea. No mind me, I get carried away by grammar at