Fooling Ourselves Over the Truth

I was watching a TV program on one of our local stations in Nigeria titled 'Views and Tunes' - a program that accesses artistes and music videos by their lyrics, message, beat sequence, video creativity and impact, and gives them ratings. Those who judged were just a cross section of the public at random met on the streets and in the society by reporters who presented the case.  I was watching an episode one day over a particular ariste's video and was surprised when it came to accessing the lyrics of his song and about 85% of the accessors didn't think checking out the lyrics mattered; that as long as the beat was tight it was okay.

The accessment of the music video did not end there. When it came to the 'message' of the song the accessors started saying the song's message was 'this' and 'that', yada yada yada.... Please tell me how on earth you got the message when you didn't give a hoot about the lyrics? Besides, everyone of the accessors just concoted some mumbo jumbo of what they thought about the message of the music.

And to be honest, the lyrics of the song actually had no message. One dude did however try to psychoanalyze it and did a good job. I guess he was just good and creating something out of nothing. But when the artiste himself explained what the music was about, I had to conclude he just made music because he wanted to be heard singing; there was no message in the song.

That set my thoughts racing over an observation I've been trying to fathom over time - people love being ignorant!
They like the idea of just knowing some harsh truths. And I wonder...if ignorance is bliss for most people then God disagrees because he states it in Hosea 4:6:  'My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge...' Sadly, common human beings seem to disagree with God. Lack of knowledge is a bad thing, and there are many things around us to prove it.

I digress a bit to another sudden observation. How many of you are fans of Kanye West? I'm not but please take a look at this video and tell me what you think. I would have given an introductory expose but I'll just let you form your own opinions. You might want to reject this bit of information but I'll pleade with you to just take a look. Watch this shocking videos (especially the 2nd one) and let me know what you think.

Hmm...maybe someone should tell M.I. to stop trying to be a Nigerian Kanye West. Or is only me that noticed he's leaning towards a Kanye West style, look and mannerisms? Does he know what that hand sign really stands for?

I leave it all to your guess. I would have said a lot more but not everybody actually wants to hear the truth!

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Anonymous said...

I have heard so much about Kanye's new video, & the TRUTH my dear Afronuts, is that, I DON'T waste my time & energy in watching such musicals....infact i can't remember when last i did!..over a decade ago....if not for internet, i don't believe i would have heard of him & the others!..SERIOUSLY O! more into films & gospel music. Well, from all what i have read, i concluded that; THERE IS MORE THAT MEETS THE EYES..people should just be very careful.

Myne Whitman said...

One thing I can say for Kanye is one mad talented guy. I don't know about the illuminati stuff. I wish him the best and pray he's not lost.

LG said...

na dem sabi *walks away*

egbon, kilode? pesin nor dey see ya brake-lite at all, Ogini??????

2cute4u said...

Some people still care.
At least I do..
I trully see your point and would agree with you in a minute , but I'd love to add that it goes both ways..
The world is filled with loads of bad things and people just want de-stress and not listening t the lyrics but the rhythm would be all that concerns them, I'm just saying, more often than, unless you're really relaxed before you start paying attention to the lyrics.

Olufunke said...

I am still wondering about this Illuminati thing.

lol@ people like to make something out of nothing

Your posts are usually enlightening

Parakeet said...

With all due respect Kush, I think you're getting a bit obsessed with the illuminati business. Horror movies have been around for years and no one accuses the Director or Producers of devil worshipping. An artist makes a a couple of songs that represents the darkside and they're part of illuminati? Common mahn, no be today things like this dey happen. Besides most of these artists often sing about love, money and women because they know these are subjects that capture the imagination of Listeners more. And for me Kanye is just trying to do something different but remain relevant and singing about the darkside is something that fascinates people as well.

Another thing you didn't think about in the first video is when Kanye said he sold his soul to the devil and he's not scared to say it. As far as am concerned what he means is that the music execs want him to make a commercial kind of music and he makes it because he loves money. It's common knowledge that a lot of Artists are handicapped in the creative industries because the guys with the money want things that are different from what the creatives think is actually creative. It happens in Advertising as well. An advertiser gives you a brief, you come up with a good campaign and they say no, dumb it down and you go away fuming but there's really nothing much you can do about it.

Anyway that's just my thots.

Afronuts said...

@Nitty gritty…My sister you make a lot of sense.

@Myne…Yeah, he’s really talented. I only hope the best for him.

@LG…My brake light ke? Na u scarce pass Oh aburo!

@2cute4u…hmmm..good point! Good point!

@Olufunke…abi oh? Maybe its because talk is cheap.

@Parakeet…lol! Parakeet, I didn’t say anything. Why do you sound offended? Please don't get me wrong, and I believe an observation is not the same thing as an obsession.

Parakeet said... not offended o. Ma binu.