Nigerian News Spoof - funny

Forgive me all for the long break and absence. You know how things are once you begin to approach the end of the year here in Naija; most especially when you work in an industry like mine.

Lately, I've been trying to decide which of the stuff I've come up with presently to upload on the blog this month. I hate it when I go on a hiatus by acciedent and leave my blogosphere hanging, even about 5 of my Chronicle X stories are still in the cooler, awaiting final draft before I feature it either here or on Naija Stories.

In the meantime before I load the next entry which I'm doing on '5 popular naija internet sensations' (It may increase to more than 5 if I end up discovering more. However, suggestions on some I could look into are welcome. I love the research), you can enjoy this hilarious yet not too definite spoof of Nigerian News I found on youtube.

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histreasure said...

Naija for's not that bad now..but eh, that was tres funny.

jhazmyn said...

lol..i liked the song title..."i'll walk miles for water but even further for your daughter", has a nice ring to it...hehehe

2cute4u said...

Stress won't kill someone!
Glad to see you here though..
Glad you good..

Myne Whitman said...
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Myne Whitman said...

very lazy comedy material, I didn't find it, not the canned laughter funny.

How are you dear? Hope the public holidays were restful.

Anonymous said...

My bros, i understand is madam & baby nah?..have a lovely weekend.