How To Catch a Housegirl That Has Yapa!

I was reading one of Sisi Yemi's blog entries titled 'How to tell when your housegirl is about to Yapa!' (For those of you who don't what 'Yapa' means, it means 'Go haywire' or 'dominate the whole place' ) and I suddenly remembered a video one of my colleagues showed me at work.

It was a video taken by her brother who suspected that his trusted housemaid was actually stealing stuff around the house. What he did was to hide a camera somewhere about the room before he and his wife went on an outing. From the result in the video below it sure was a good idea!

So for you who's thinking of risking having a house maid, get a hidden camera stuffed around the house. Getting back from work, just grab a popcorn and sit down to watch how the day went. You might want to keep her or sack her depending on what you see.

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Myne Whitman said...

Hidden cameras are a good idea if you suspect someone. But did the girl in the video take anything? I didn't notice that.

Sugabelly said...

So having a housemaid gives you the right to invade her privacy? Is she an object?

Maybe your housemaid is stealing because you don't pay her enough. Maybe she's stealing because she's working under unfair or inhuman conditions.

Your housemaid stealing is a sign you need to pay her more not film her and distribute it on the Internet without her permission.

A housemaid is a person not an object. What if the housemaid had turned the tables and filmed her employers secretly through the day and put it on YouTube?

So as you would be done by.

jhazmyn said...

Nice tip, coming at the right time too, since i'd be getting a help any time soon :)

Afronuts said...

@Myne...She didn't see anything to take because no money was in the places she searched. But why would she enter the room and start searching wallets and drawers where money is sometimes kept?

@Sugabelly...Sorry you feel that way about this but you're entitled to your own opinion. However if you feel a hidden camera in a place where you work is a violation of privacy, then all offices or workplaces where they are installed must be sued.

Besides where on earth is her so-called privacy in her employers room? And if her pay is not enough, whats bad in asking for a raise and making her point?
I don't think bad pay is an excuse for stealing. I've been bothered about getting one myself. But this idea might make me take the risk...especially when I'm suspecting the help in question

seye said...

LMHO!!!!!!!!! You never see Hi-Tech Househelp. They would freeze the frames.

But on the real, there would have been a cleaner way. There should have been money in the wallet...probably marked.

Nice one.

BIGshot said...

Noted!! Thanks. Please can you add me on facebook-OLANIYI SOYINKA is the name or give me yours. I also seek to ask for your permission to re-post your note, BLACKBERRY ZOOMBIES with full acknowledgement. Please keep me posted

Afronuts said...

@seye...marked naira ke? we don reach dat level for Naija? lol...I dont think so oh! have my permission as long as you acknowledge it to me.

That is the problem with having strangers in your house oh!!!


Loving your blog

Anonymous said...

Sugabelly, you have said it all, my thoughts exactly!!

Afronuts said...

@Anonymous...and since when did a thief deserve the privacy to steel from you?