The Truth Behind the Sunshade?

I once wrote a post a couple of years back on the bandwagon trend of Nigerian artistes sporting sunshades all the time such that majority of them have accidentally made it part of their look. It's supposedly an accessory to give you the cool look, no doubt. But I feel it may have made every artiste that wears it look no different from any other artiste. I also feel it's the laziest way to brand yourself. No wonder it's become a bandwagon affair; not many want to go through the trouble of standing out.


But then I keep asking why are most artistes so obsessed with wearing shades all the time? Even if the environment is a dark one that requires your natural eyes alone to focus?
I even discovered that foreign artistes don't sport shades that much; if you saw any of them without it, you'd know it was the same person. But here in Nigeria, our artistes wear shades so often that the day they 'accidentally' remove them, you hardly recognize them. So why are majority of Naija artistes always face-decked in shades? I went a-searching to find answers but still hit the conclusion I hit in my earlier article

 I still clung to that conclusion until I came across the picture below of Dbanj and Wande Coal - without their shades chilling in some vehicle. The picture was taken a couple of years ago but says quite a lot - that these guys are definitely high. Take a look at their eyes; dim, strained, bloodshot and in a perplexed or dazed state. This is the type of face you see on the streets; the type of eyes ogogoro and weed smokers sport in Lagos bus garages and bus stops. 

So...could this be another strong reason that some of our artistes sport sunshades? Well, this is a good opportunity to find out whenever you come across any of them. Imagine running into Dbanj or any other artiste one day and asking for an autograph as a 'fan' then begging him to remove his shades so you can see his full, that should work.

Any other reasons why they sport the shades? Let's hear it!



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Omoregee said...


Hmmmmn, you know that just could be it.....bit I'm guessing it's more of the 'follow the crowd' thing.

We are soooooo local. Sun shades are meant to protect the eyez from direct sun rays but what do we see? Our so called celebs donning them shades even at night!

P.S- I soooo love ur new blog look, it rocks!

Myne Whitman said...

I think it's a fashion thing, and it suits those of them that use drugs. Na wa o for that Dbanj picture, chai!

ps, what happened on 18th?

LOOL (rolling on the floor) Huge difference!


Afronuts said...

@omoregee...yeah. The follow the crowd thing is actually ruining it for the copycats. You can break through with the same of the same. And thanks for liking the new blog look!

@Myne...well said Myne. lol, The Dbanj pix was off shey?

LDP...yeah. U said it.

I think this is the best reason i've heard lol! It could also mean they want to hide from crazy fans so that people hardly recognize them without their glasses? lol


doll said...

hmm, you might just have a point.

Hi... that was great stuff.. I really like reading on this subject Could you tell me more on that... I love to explore