Lagos - Soaked like garri...And a Happy Birthday to Kimson!

They always say it’s raining cats and dogs when we experience a heavy downpour. But with the unmerciful and massive rainfall that took place yesterday (Sunday) and today, I think it would make sense to say it rained cows and elephants.

For the first time in my life living through the rainy seasons in Lagos, I saw serious flooding. I saw cars submerge in water, houses being held hostage by rivers of rushing rain water; pedestrians no longer walking but swimming. In fact vehicles were being rendered useless and the best option would have been to use a canoe.

A message even circulated via blackberry was informing guys who were thinking of patronizing ‘take-aways’ not to look for them on a popular street as the flood had forced them to abandon the place for another location. Hmmm…even ‘ashawo business’ was affected by the flood.

Everybody has a crazy story to tell like this tweet I caught on another blogger's site:

And finally!
A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my main man KIMSON MASTERS! case you're wondering who he is, he's the artsy dude behind almost all the illustrations you find on my blog; especially the ones on The Chronicles X series. He's done a lot of stints with Nigerian comics, illustrated for storybooks and a lot more that has to do with design and colors. He's the one behind the drawing and animation of the Orobo cartoon we experimented with. We're currently working on a project together. I felt he deserved to be honored on my blog for the important part he's played on the chronicles and on the project we're working on.

Many Happy Returns Pal!!!

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Jaycee said...

He's certainly talented. Oh, crazy news (about the flooding).

Ugandan girl said...

i thought floods in kla were bad....this is bad ...

i like the two ladies at the end..i kind found the

Myne Whitman said...

I saw the flood pictures, and heard they called a No-school day. Good.

Happy birthday to Kimson, you guys are great together. All the best on the project.

Breeze said...

This one no be small thing at all. I happy say water no carry you go jam Mami-water for inside

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your friend Kimson, no doubt he is gifted :D

lol @ cows & elephnats... & the tweet..overheat????..hahhahaa.. ha ashawo biz no go boom during this period o! dem go swim go there??

Happy Birthday to Kimson o... sincerely, the guy is good :) | I wan learn trade o.. lol

May God help us in Nigeria. Still loling at the 'take aways' lol


@ilola said...

The flood showed me oo. I might just blog about my experience later

Afronuts said...

@Jaycee…Most definitely. You should see his portfolio.

@Ugandan Girl…Forgive my naivety…where or what is kla? Lol @ two ladies. I thot so too.

@Myne…Yeah, that’s true. It became a holiday by force – for schools mainly. Thanks for the holla at Kimson. Hope he’s reading!

@Breeze…lol! Even Mami water go run for dis kain flood!

@Ibhade…lol! Never thot about that – ashawo swimming to sell market!

@Le Dynamique…Which trade u wan learn? Illustration or being ‘taken away’?

@ilola…I hope it didn’t enta ur house sha?

'Lara said...

Kimson is really talented...I hope he had a wonderful day.

The flood, is just another thing, even darling India has not experienced such this year.