Photo Tales - Timi & A.Y.

You know, one amazing thing about little children is the way they yak about in baby language, expressing themselves in a language adults struggle to understand. When Timi's in her element, she likes to gist; 70% of which I can't figure out what she's saying except for a few - like she says 'Eat!' when she's hungry, 'Wata' when she's thirsty and just points at anything she wants you to get for her. But surprisingly, she understands me and her Mum when we give her some simple instructions.
Then there are times when she's with her brother, Ayomide and she banters along with him in 'babynese' making me wonder what the heck they're yakking about. Well, my imagination got carried away and thus I imagined something like this transpiring between them.

(click each pic for larger view if its too small to read)

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@ilola said...

I am so lolling at this. Your imagination runs wild

Ugandan girl said...

you have beautiful kids...omg they are gorgouse..hehehe

Myne Whitman said...

The boy still dey bone o, lol...

I love the banter in your commentary, lovely pictures too.

Hahhaa... beautiful! lol

Oh, I love kids. Can't wait to have mine. I like the 'conversation' lol


dosh said...

aaawwwww...this is so sweet, i love how A.Y is just boning, are you sure he's not yabbing you while Timi is laughing at you? haha :p

Ibhade said...

#LAUGHING#.....and you sir, a comedian!

p.s,,,awww so cute..just look at those cheeks....macho??..really?... hahahaha..emmmm..maybe i should go for baby NO5???...i want a baby to cuddle :D

Omoregee said...

Awwwwwww, cute!.....n funny.....hahahaha! Lovely kids uve got.

Spit breastmilk in her face ke? Daddy's so cheesy.

AY's colour has finally toned out and Timi's smile is infectious.
Im sure AY was probably fascinated by the flash from the camera thats why he refused to smile.

I had a good time reading it. Looks like AY's communications were more telepathic than anything else..

Afronuts said...

@ilola….thanksee! There r so many Im thinking now.

@Ugandan girl…Thanks UG.

@Myne…lol…I was wondering too. He must be a very strong man

@Le Dynamique…Make sure u put up pics when u have urs

@dosh…Ha! Now…I never thot of that!

@ibhade…LOL! Are you SURE you want no. 5? Raising kids no be small work oh.


@P.E.T…I see you’re quite observant. That means you still remember the first pic.

@Natural Nigerian…lol…talk about SciFi baby stuff!