The Scary Price of Fame?

Check out the lyrics of this song by Jojo.
What do understand by this song and what do you think??
I'd ike to get people's opinion on this.

Recently a colleague was telling me of the rumoured story of a popular Nigerian gospel artiste who was said to have sacrificed his beloved mum for fame.

Another of a popular Nigerian rapper who involved himself in occultic moves to stay ahead in the rap game.

Is this happening everywhere? If so, I wonder how many Naija artistes have ventured into the dark side...

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Anonymous said...

hmmm. i no fit shout o. na wa sha. honestly what people will do for fame. and this coming from an artist who's popular. so its really true then

BaldBlackBoy said...

It's the truth. She just told us all that happens in Hollywood

Muse Origins said...

Hollywood is crazy nau! Def. The video is going pretty slow so i've not seen all of it, but i'm surprised about the juju stuff even in the entertainment industry. mehn!!

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Muse Origins

Shar said...

Gotta love Hollywood. Hey hun!