British Comedy predicted Gadaffi's Death in 1987

It definitely looks like a coincidence but I seriously doubt it. This is not the first time that a movie or sitcom would predict something that would happen later on in the annals of history. There have been many instances of these 'strange coincidences' like the TV action drama titled 'The Lone Gunmen' which predicted the World Trade Centre bombing, a 50 year old cartoon which predicted the economic depression that happened a few years back, Stanley Kubrick's 1968 movie '2001, A Space Odyssey' which showcased the Ipad years before Steve Jobs made it happen, the 1989 sci-fi blockbuster 'Back to the Future 2' amazingly predicted a vast number of things currently existing today.

That Moammar Gadaffi is dead today is no longer news and everywhere people are talking about it. Strangely, an old British Sitcom in 1987 predicted Gadaffi's death! Though it missed the month, it still got the year - 2011! Another strange coincidence. And from the way St. Peter spoke, it sounded as if there was a plan to eliminate him at the arranged date...'Colonel Gadaffi...dead at last!'

Check it out in the video below...

Creepy isn't it?

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