Strong Face for Wedding - What happen?

I was watching a VIP wedding on one of these TV magazine programmes a few years ago. The couple was obviously highly placed because of the caliber of individuals at the wedding ceremony. Their wedding ride was a Hummer owned by Dayo ‘D-One’ Adeneye, a popular TV show host. The wedding was lavish and you could see the bride all in smiles and so happy. But the groom wore a straight face and contrasted all the happiness blowing about him.

Was that his nature? I found it hard to believe.

Why do many grooms ‘bone’ on their wedding day? Are they pissed they finally got caught and tied down by their bride? Are they just scared of what lies ahead?

Then I watched Bridal Plasty – the reality show where brides are selected for a complete makeover. This fat bride underwent a complete makeover that included liposuction and tummy tuck. Eventually, she came out looking shapely and beautiful…

Still the groom wore a flat face as his super gorgeous bride walked down the aisle towards him. It was as if he was scared shitless about taking that big step, as if someone had told him to get married at gunpoint.

With all the money, with all the make-over for a better looking bride, these guys still don’t muster a smile or seem that happy.

And I’ve attended many weddings were I see the same scenario.

This is not to say that there aren’t men who are happy on their wedding days. I’ve seen weddings where the groom is so excited, it dwarfs his brides happiness. I once attended one where the groom did a street dance which included headspin, moonwalk and the split. He wowed the guests and made his bride blush with pride.

In my own case I was in the happy category, because my overly-careful parents who didn’t agree so easily eventually agreed to my choice of wife.


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Myne Whitman said...

I often think they are thinking of all the money spent on the wedding. More reason for couples to watch how they spend on the big day.

aloted said...

lol..i really wonder why men found on their wedding day...
no be by force naaa

pls i sent you an email. hope to get a response from you soon.


Toinlicious said...

Ok, guys should come answer this one. by the way, i know a couple of guys who also got tipsy 4 their wedding. I guess it was to take the edge off or somthing

Ginger said...

Could also be poor dentition lolss

I have noticed the same trend oh and God knows I can't even guess why.

Shar said...

Sigh, I hope to get married soon. Mine would be less settle, not spending much. We spend to much money for a short time celebration. When I say we I mean "us" Americans. Africans know how to do up a

Anyways, Ill send you my invite, hope to see you. (smiles)

Afronuts said...

@Myne … I used to think that was the issue when I heard one particular comedian hint it. But there’s more to it now.

@aloted …pls resend that email. I accidentally delete am.

@Toinlicious….They got drunk for the day? Ha! It’s worse than I thought.

@Ginger…LMAO!! Teeth ke?

@Coy Introvert …shey?

@Shar…Eeyaa…odikwa serious. If only you had naija wedding planners…wheres the wedding happening?

aloted said...

Email resent


aloted said...

frown* not found