Valentine Blues

So many times I wanted to post an entry this february but I kept postponing it. It must be my recent obsession with NaijaStories, a networking site for budding authors and writers.

Anyhows...Valentine came and it buzzed all over the place...we were told to dress with a touch of red to work and get ready for a small party after early close of work blah blah blah...

Normally I always run from things like this but when I got home yesterday to learn that my little Timi was going to school in mufti with splashes of red along with a gift for her teacher and a selected friend, I had no choice but to fall in.

Timi all dressed for Val

Now the problem was that I didn't have anything with a splash or touch of red. Wifey had colonised all my shirts or polos with a touch of red so i just decided, what the hell...I'll go to work normally. Na by force to wear red?

Then Wifey went shopping and used the opportunity to see if she could help me get something. Eventually she found one -a striped polo from 'Bend-down-boutique'! She actually wanted to get me something from a shop but her eyes caught this polo and decided to go for it.

I had worn it and liked it before she told me where she had gotten it.
Then it was too late for me to start disagreeing with the choice of how she got it.
And so that's how I got a red striped polo for the Valentine office event. And it sure didn't look bad.

Happy Valentines Day to you all..most especially to the married couples!

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2cute4u said...

How are you? It's been a while..
Take care..

Afronuts said...

@2cute4u...I'm fabulous thank you! How have you been? You've been scarce too...

jhazmyn said...

Lol, well, throw a dash of perfume and no one wud know the source...hehehe.

Timi luks so adorable and innocent, almost like she cant even hurt a fly...awww :)